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the rhetoric of the technological sublime comprises a contradictory impulse that elevates technology with an almost religious fervor, while simultaneously overlooking some of the consequences of industrialism, as well as ignoring the necessity of social, economic, and governmental infrastructures necessary to the. I want to suggest that this rhetoric of the technological sublime also characterized much of the 1960s, in which a growing ecology movement paradoxically coexisted with a sometimes utopian, sometimes cynical belief in technology as a pragmatic or aesthetic solution to the problems of the day. The 1960s appearance of the technological sublime.

Rhetoric of the electrical sublime long-standing, naive, and utopian expectations Carey & Quirk Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising The Technological Sublime. Jos de Mul July 17th 2011. The sublime is an aesthetic concept of 'the exalted,' of beauty that is grand and dangerous. Through 17th and 18th century European intellectual tradition, the sublime became intimately associated with nature. Only in the 20th century, did the technological sublime replace the natural sublime Bonhomme | Human scale and the technological sublime 3 technology inasmuch as they betray common rhetorical devices. I propose to identify a body of both visual and verbal images, characterized by the use of the same stylistic tropes. But images also possess specifically visual rhetorical means, typically used for communication or propaganda.

The Jungle: An Exposition of the Rhetoric of the Technological Sublime Sherwood Anderson's Commentary on Production and Reproduction III. The Sublime of Destruction: World War One and the Military Machine . . . . . . . . . . 75 The Emergence of the Military Machine The Sublime Technology of Destruction in World War Enter the Technological Sublime: a term perhaps most closely associated with the works of David Nye and Mario Costa, who considered technology as the latest incarnation of the sublime, following the rhetoric sublime of ancient philosophies, the natural sublime of the eighteenth century, the industrial/metropolitan sublime of the modern era. The powerful rhetoric of the technological sublime will continue to be instrumentalized by the powers that profit from its uncritical reception. Hence, recognizing this recurring strategy and identifying the controlled parameters which allow the sublime object to electrify, not terrify, is key for a sensible engagement with such imagined.

Porter is refiguring Leo Marx's account of the rhetoric of the technological sublime in terms of a liberal hegemony over labor and the future. 208 boundary 2 / Spring 1992 This discourse of the American sublime materialized national power into credible forms and shared terms that, in effect, conscripted citizens into. By the 1840's, as Webster's rhetoric suggests, the idea of progress was already being dissociated from the Enlightenment vision of political liberation. He invests the railroad with a quasi-religious inevitability that lends force to the characterization of his language as the rhetoric of the technological sublime For him, the new technologies are creating conditions for a new kind of sublime: the technological sublime. The traditional categories of aesthetics (beauty, meaning, expression, feeling) are being replaced by the notion of the sublime, which after being natural in the 18th century, and metropolitan-industrial in the modern era, has now.

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  1. The concept of the 'technological sublime' provides a theoretical context for interpreting underlying motivations, optimism, and rhetoric of political leaders and participants advocating for not only a mega-project, but a 'mega-landmark.' The basis for the analysis is the results of in-depth interviews with approximately 45 key participants and.
  2. The word sublime may seem rather outmoded — etymologically it comes from the Latin sublimis (elevated; lofty; sublime) derived from the preposition sub, here meaning up to, and, some sources state, limen, the threshold, surround or lintel of a doorway, while others refer to limes, a boundary or limit.In the Middle Ages sublimis was modified into a verb, sublimare (to elevate.
  3. The technological sublime inspires feelings of awe and wonder, often tinged with an element of terror, which people have had when confronted with particular natural sites, architectural forms, and technological achievements, like the Grand Canyon, the Empire State Building, and the first transcontinental railroad
  4. g, however, such easy alternation has been replaced by polarized intransigence
  5. The metamorphosis from the rhetoric sublime of ancient philosophy, the romantic sublime of the 17th and 18th centuries, the industrial-metropolitan sublime and most recently, the technological sublime, tracks a shift of preoccupation, with the grandness of nature to that of technology and man- made phenomena
  6. sublime self-representations of their own national and global mission, in such works as Song of Myself, Self-Reliance, and Moby-Dick, into a world leader of spectacle production. What Leo Marx analyzed as the rhetoric of the technological sub- lime had emerged to displace pastoral images of a receding agricultural community

Many writers have looked at the rhetorical strategies associated with forecasting the future, the technological sublime, and technocultural myths. According to Daniel Bell, in The Coming of Post-Industrial Society: A Venture in Social Forecasting (1976), forecasting is a critical part of the post-industrial society rhetoric of the technological sublime, because of its close association with the iconic railroad, and also because of its invention at the high point of enthusiasm for republican technology and for the conquest of the frontier (Thompson 1947). The telegraph also quickly attracted positive associa The technological sublime is more akin to the 'objectified' realisation proposed by Kant and to a lesser degree Longinus. Slack and Wise in Culture and Technology demonstrate how the machine has with almost religious like reverence (18) supplanted nature. During the Industrial Revolution, machines were monstrous, ubiquitous and were equally as dangerous as the forces of nature The first ideological development that the word technology would eventually ratify, as indicated by Webster's exemplary dis-play of the rhetoric of the technological sublime, has to do with the perceived relation between innovations in science, the mechanic arts, and the prevailing belief in progress.5 When Web In this paper I present and discuss the relationship between the technological sublime, panoramic realism and American identity, as represented in some of the most remarkable space films produced by IMAX: Hail Columbia (1982), The Dream Is Alive (1985) and Destiny in Space (1994). just as the natural sublime once undergirded the rhetoric of.

the sublime the rhetoric of the technological sublime Leo Marx, The Machine in the Garden, 1964 28 Westward the course of empire takes its way. HofI Technological Determinism - America sublime Objects of exalted power and grandeur elevate the mind that seriously dwells on them, an The 'technological sublime' was not just an American mode, however, and the imagery and rhetoric of the sublime was also used to articulate the experience of the industrialised landscape in Europe. In British art of the late eighteenth century, Ironbridge Gorge, the site of the first mass production of iron, in particular became a privileged. He traced the history of the sublime and of its metamorphosis: the rhetoric sublime of the ancient philosophy, the natural sublime of the 18th century, the industrial-metropolitan sublime of modernity, and finally what he considers to be the latest form of the sublime, namely the technological sublime

Postmodern Sublime Technology And American Writing From Mailer To AMPLIFYING REFLECTIONS ON THE RHETORIC OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL SUBLIME IN MARX LEO S THE MACHINE IN THE GARDEN TECHNOLOGY AND THE PASTORAL IDEAL IN AMERICA NEW YORK OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS 1964 AN 65. I am implicitly building upon (and amplifying) reflections on the rhetoric of the technological sublime in Marx, Leo 's The Machine in the Garden: Technology and the Pastoral Ideal in America (New York: Oxford University Press, 1964)Google Scholar; and the mythopoesis of technology in Trachtenberg, Alan, Brooklyn Bridge: Fact and Symbol (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1965.

The author attributes some of the motivation and rhetoric behind the major design decisions to pursuit of the technological sublime, which involves feelings of wonder and awe when people are confronted with particular architectural forms or technological achievements. Lessons for policy makers include recognition that pursuing the. Enter the Technological Sublime: a term perhaps most closely associated with the works of David Nye and Mario Costa, who considered technology as the latest incarnation of the sublime, following the rhetoric sublime of ancient philosophies, the natural sublime of the eighteenth century, the industrial/metropolitan sublime of the modern era. 3. The Rhetoric of the Electronic Sublime The technological sublime (cf. Carey 1989: 113-141; Inkinen 1995, 1999) appears to be a standard part of our culture, and it seems to be a particularly strong part of our language usage concerning technology. According to Carey and Quirk, the problem is a way o

This study explores the relationship between Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the various publics it serves. Through the use of textual analysis and interviewing, this study examines how rhetoric of the sublime is used to communicate the worth and specific nature of particle physics research to non-scientists. The results of the study indicate that the general public does not respond. Text editors such as Sublime Text allows an author to leverage multimodels and a site's layout as a form of digital rhetoric speaking towards a target audience. writing were already pretty well tuned. Of course, I later became cognizant of the typically overinflated confidence that tends to plague college students in their twenties because I.

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  1. of the sublime can create unpredictable and chaotic processes, turning projects into megaprojects. This article is adapted from The Cost of the Technological Sublime: Daring Ingenuity and the New San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, originally published in Decision-Making in Mega-Projects, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Planning and Innovation
  2. writers of their time were preoccupied with the rhetoric of the technological sublime, in Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, Mel-ville, and Whitman there was an extraordinarily pervasive sense of both the promise and the danger . . . and exaltation and power on the one hand, alienation and powerlessness on th
  3. Abstract. In this paper I present and discuss the relationship between the technological sublime, panoramic realism and American identity, as represented in some of the most remarkable space films produced by IMAX: Hail Columbia (), The Dream Is Alive and Destiny in Space ().While continuing the U.S. science documentary traditions of visualizing space-related concepts, the productions depict.
  4. 'Sublime' begins to acquire its modern resonances in the seventeenth century when it appears in the translation of a fragmentary Greek text on rhetoric by the anonymous Roman-era author known as Longinus. The first translation of this work, Du Sublime (1674), by Nicolas Boileau, signalled a ne

Introduction. Longinus is the conventional name of the author of the treatise, On the Sublime (Περὶ ὕψους), a work which focuses on the effect of good writing (Russell xlii). Longinus, sometimes referred to as pseudo-Longinus because his real name is unknown, was a Greek teacher of rhetoric or a literary critic who may have lived in the first or third century AD We argue that through a variety of multimedia representations, the rhetoric of contemporary telepathic devices invokes sublime predictive visions that become instantiated in popular media, news. This article argues that the literature describing the internet revolution in the 1990s was characterized by the rhetoric of the technological sublime. This rhetoric suffered from three fatal. Using Lowell National Historical Park, I identify how industrial heritage sites root their rhetoric in the technological sublime. Using the National Museum of Industrial History, I describe how.

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Technology as a cultural force lends itself to rhetorical investigation through the concept of ethos. Ethos, in discourse, is the expression of character, or consciousness, which in turn has been. We argue that through a variety of multimedia representations, the rhetoric of contemporary telepathic devices invokes sublime predictive visions that become instantiated in popular media, news organizations, and disclosures of technology advancement

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The apocalyptic sublime is then used to explain the rhetorical dimensions of the project for a Critical Rhetoric begun by Raymie McKerrow in the late 1980s. Discover the world's research 20. This essay presents Dwight D. Eisenhower's presidential rhetoric as an iteration of an American synecdochal sublime. Eisenhower's rhetoric sought to re-aim civic sight beyond corporeal objects to the nation's transcendental essence. This rhetoric is intimately connected to prevailing political anxieties and exigencies, especially the problem of the Bomb and the related philosophy of.

Technology is business, and dealing with the media, the public, financiers, and government agencies can be as important to an invention's success as effective product development. To understand how rhetoric works in technology, one cannot do better than to start with the American inventor Thomas Alva Edison and the incandescent light bulb. Charles Bazerman tells the story of the emergence of. Images of the Technological Sublime Oliver Gaycken . participated in a rhetoric of penetrating vision, offering images that ran the risk of showing too much. 3 Indeed, the fantasies surrounding X rays clustered around fears about privacy, from such peculiar artifacts as laws forbidding the use of X-ray opera glasses and manufacturers. The sublime is an ability of the imagination, and the fact that technology, notably through visual media, can widen our oversight of natural and technical objects is likely to affect the limits of representation. The very term technological sublime seems to denote a difference from the natural sublime. Driverless automobility presents a technological sublime (Marx 1964; Nye 1994, 1997) encompassing both promises and perils. The light side of the emerging transportation future lies, for instance, in the newly gained freedom from driving. The dark side of this sublime includes ethical challenges and potential harm resulting from the required socio-technical transformations of mobility. American Technological Sublime 297). Perhaps the American character helps explain a part of the question expressly concerned with the utopian receptivity to technological progress, but the ideological forces at work in the public consideration of the Internet, and technology generally, are far older and more complex

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  1. dimension to the sublime, as the self sees itself in relation to mighty nature. Half of the book is a history of the concept of the sublime from its origins as a type of rhetoric to the Romantic Sublime of the Transcendentalists and the North American wilderness aesthetic. Particular emphasis (two chapters) is placed on Kant'
  2. to dispel the algorithmic sublime by attending closely to the grounded material implications of algorithms, with more and more critical social scientists with strong technical skills assessing the rhetoric and the realities of algorithms (see e.g., Gillespie and Seaver, 2016). Applying many of the same methods and theorie
  3. In The Digital Sublime, Vincent Mosco goes beyond the usual stories of technological breakthrough and economic meltdown to explore the myths constructed around the new digital technology and why we feel compelled to believe in them. He tells us that what kept enthusiastic investors in the dotcom era bidding up stocks even after the crash had.
  4. texts reject the contemporaneous rhetoric of the technological sublime and simultaneously reaffirm the boundaries established by philosophical discourse on the sublime. v Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction prohibited without permission
  5. Although optimistic rhetoric often attends the rise of new technologies, worries and fears about the power of television pervaded coverage of the hearings. The popular press expressed concern that Edward R. Murrow and Joseph McCarthy exercised unrivaled control over television viewers. 1990); and David E. Nye, American Technological Sublime.

sublime . The sublime is a concept central to aesthetics.As such, it describes how a wide range of sensory mediations impact observers, both emotionally and cognitively. The Oxford English Dictionary defines sublime-when it applies to things in nature and art-as affecting the mind with a sense of overwhelming grandeur or irresistible power; calculated to inspire awe, deep reverence, or. In The Rhetoric of Religion, Kenneth Burke writes, '[T]echnologism' is a 'religion' to the extent that technology is viewed as an intrinsic good, so that its underlying, unspoken. According to this definition, technology is the totality of human-created objects with the intention of some socially related utility. In media theory technology is the medium through which and upon which ideas, images [See IMAGE ], signs [See SIGN ], symbols [See SYMBOL ], artistic endeavors and information [See INFORMATION] is transferred or. Newman's sublime minimalism finds a contemporary resonance in video art works through their deployment of a technological absence—the technology of blue and green screen, the phantom luminosities of layered and collaged imagery - offering in turn a direct challenge to the spiritual debilitations of late capitalism. In the. rhetorical concept of the sublime as a form of overwhelming persuasion, Gross points out the effects of his chosen writers' visionary descriptions and theorizing. In doing so he creates a new critical term, the scientific sublime, that will inform future assessments of the science writing of any era

Sublime (philosophy) In aesthetics, the sublime (from the Latin sublīmis) is the quality of greatness, whether physical, moral, intellectual, metaphysical, aesthetic, spiritual, or artistic. The term especially refers to a greatness beyond all possibility of calculation, measurement, or imitation Rhetorical Analysis Paper Today in our society, people are inventing new technology every day to make us more comfortable, such as T.Vs, vehicle, cell phones and even robots. But the other side of the problem is people are getting separated with nature Rhetoric - Rhetoric - Rhetorical traditions: Although knowledge of rhetorical traditions is essential to the modern student's work, it must be borne in mind that he is nonetheless divorced from those traditions in two important ways. First, there is an almost exclusive emphasis upon the speaker or writer in traditional rhetoric; and, second, there is an implicit belief that the truth can be. Later objections saw an association between Kaiser Friedrich der Zweite and fascist historical consciousness, one which also employed a rhetoric of the sublime in its understanding of German history. The implication of this is that the sublime as an aesthetic ideal necessarily gives rise to a totalitarian and barbaric politics representations, the rhetoric of contemporary telepathic devices invokes sublime predictive visions that become instantiated in popular media, news organizations, and disclosures of technology advancement. We discuss the theoretical grounds for a collection of technological forecasts, at

I show how the 'auditory sublime' is constructed through varying combinations of technological, musical and rhetorical strategies. Rather than maintain a singular conception of the auditory sublime, practitioners draw on many scientific and artistic repertoires Chris Foss and the Technological Sublime. Chris Foss, Travelling Cities, Esquire and Sunday Times Magazine, 1981. Science fiction artist Chris Foss 's new monograph is an amazingly obsessive piece of cataloguing. At first it seems almost too relentless, with every painting precision welded into the grid, all the pictures equidistant, and no. An Edward Abbey or Ted Kaczynski notwithstanding, the technological sublime still typically grips the national imagination. And if we now recognize that the project of conquering nature is both an illusion and self-defeating, we can look back to 1870 to witness one of the moments in our history when that fever dream took deep root

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The Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful 34 Importance of Burke's Aesthetic Theory 40 4. THE MORAL EQUILIBRIUM OF THE SUBLIME AND BEAUTIFUL 42 Summary 55 5. THE SUBLIME AND THE BEAUTIFUL IN THE ANCIEN REGIME 57 Introduction 57 Background of the Reflections 62 The Sublime in the Ancien Regime 65 The Beautiful in the Ancien Regime . . 7 The new rhetoric thus appropriated as a central document concerning the sublime style a text which, in fact, in its preoccupation with control, 'describes not a manner of writing but an effect'. 19 The nature and origin of the sublime itself remained obscure, but Longinus covered over this problem by performing his own principles: both the. Following the traditional rhetorical opposition virtue / vice, Longino explains how the sublime resides in the elevation, the amplification in abundance (15.12, ed esp. García López). In a technical sense, sublime is a qualification that the ancient Rhetoric established within the framework of its Theory of Styles as the. The colonizers deployed a rhetoric of effeminacy against the colonized. The British 'cult of manliness' had been an essential component of the creed of Empire, Chandra writes

American Technological Sublime Paper By David E Nye Cfp call for papers. Nationalist rhetoric and technological development The. The Technological Element of The Sublime Electronic. The Future of the Magazine Form Digital Transformation. Sublime philosophy. Culture Thomas Leslie Technological Sublime 1945 to 1975. On the Sublime Transfer Dionysius Longinus on the Sublime: Translated from the Greek, with Notes and Observations, by Longinus, William Smith, Cassius Longinus. This article investigates the concept of hupsos (the sublime) and its religious aspects in Longinus and Dionysius, and reveals a remarkable continuity between The Rhetoric of Science and Technology series of Parlor Press will publish works that address these and related topics: The role of photographs, graphs, diagrams, and equations in the communication of science and technology. The methods used in rhetorical studies of science and technology, especially the predominance of case studies

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The sublime evokes our awe, our terror, and our wonder. Applied first in ancient Greece to the heights of literary expression, in the 18th-century the sublime was extended to nature and to the sciences, enterprises that viewed the natural world as a manifestation of God's goodness, power, and wisdom. In The Scientific Sublime, Alan Gross reveals the modern-day sublime in popular science If the technological sublime could generate the astonishment that man had once only felt at the works of nature, then reaching into space ought to be the ultimate triumph. Any yet, in a way, it was exactly the space race that showed the technological sublime to be what it had always been: a trick upon the emotions

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The keynote speaker for the conference will be Dr. David E. Nye, Professor of History at the University of Southern Denmark and author of numerous books, including the renown American Technological Sublime, Narratives and Spaces: Technology and the Construction of American Culture, Technology Matters: Questions to Live With This paper provides a close narratological and comparative analysis of Rachel Carson's short story A Fable for Tomorrow (1962) and Susanne Antonetta's memoir Body Toxic: An Environmental Memoir (2001), which both highlight the pragmatic and ecocritical potential of literature as a source of cultural responses to the Anthropocene challenge Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Teslapunk, Dieselpunk, Salvagepunk: Metahistorical Romance and/vs the Technological Sublime. Metahistorical Narratives and Scientific Metafictions: A Critical Insight into the Twentieth-Century Poetic s. Ed. Giuseppe Episcopo Kirby's depiction of technology is linked by Charles Hatfield to Leo Marx's idea of the technological sublime, specifically utilising Edmund Burke's definition of the Sublime. Jack Kirby - Wikipedia John Dryden , an early enthusiast, in 1677 began the trend of describing Milton as the poet of the sublime

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  1. Technology and the novel, from Blake to Ballard. Writers have long been fascinated by machinery - what it gives and what it takes away. Tom McCarthy, whose experimental work has been hailed as.
  2. Rhetoric, especially sublime rhetoric is a commodity like any other; it is a currency in the capital of the state and its many means of self-reproduction. For the moment, the comic image is undergoing the same recoupment as its rhetorical counterpart
  3. Longinus: The Rhetorical Sublime The fi rst theoretical analysis of the sublime occurred in Peri Hypsos (On the Sublime) a fi rst century text on rhetoric that is attributed to an anonymous author.

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Machine in the Studio. : Taking a fresh look at the art world of the 1960s, Caroline Jones argues that far from the countercultural stance associated with the decade, the artists she examines—including Stella, Warhol, and Smithson—identified their work with postwar industry and corporate culture. Drawing on extensive interviews with artists. The meaning of the beautiful and the sublime as an aesthetic lingual duo is rooted in discourses on language, nature, literature and visual art. Before delving into the meaning of the terms together, it is important to lay out the relevant definitions of each term individually. The Oxford English Dictionary defines beautiful. States that 25 years ago, James Carey and John Quirk questioned whether technology would revolutionize communication. Finds that while traveling the information superhighway, people experience the rhetoric of the electronic sublime. Explores 50 award-winning health messages on the Web; suggests that the traditional concepts of source, content, purpose, audience, and presentation can provide.

The clumsy sublime is a succinctly profound insight into the way that film trickery can shift over time to become visible in itself as a class of techniques to be evaluated and admired, opening up discussions about special effects beyond the binary of convincing/unconvincing that has hamstrung so many conversations about them The bait-and-switch technology which distracts us from our pressing tasks and social interactions through simulating the same in compulsive newsfeeds of online 'friends' is the same technology.

Tracking the telepathic sublime as a phenomenon in a

A.I. Is the Best Film of the 21st Century. Investors show no appetite for Chinese online grocery firms that just listed in the U.S. Nasdaq, S&P 500 Ease From Record Highs Ahead of Jobs Data; Dow. The day President Kennedy sent America to the moon. On May 25, 1961, 60 years ago, President John F. Kennedy stood before a joint session of Congress to deliver an address on Urgent National.

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In The Political Sublime Michael J. Shapiro formulates an original politics of aesthetics through an analysis of the experience of the sublime. Turning away from Kant's analysis of the sublime experience as a validation of the existence of a universal common sense, Shapiro draws on Deleuze, Lyotard, and Rancière to show how incomprehensible events and dilemmas provide openings for new. And then we can see how information technology and cyborgs can fit into the picture. Cyborgs obviously help re-enchant the world. What could be more wonderful, and possibly sublime, than Arnold Schwarzenegger the human/machine Terminator, or the artist Stelarc attached to a robotic third-arm controlled by others over the internet? Baron.

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