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Toshiba External Hard Drive & Zubehör. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic I have a number of files saved onto my MacBook Air which I would like to transfer to my Toshiba hard-drive. When i click and drag the file, a rejection cross appears and it doesn't allow me to transfer the files. I understand that if I go into Disk Utilities I can change the format of the external hard drive When Your Toshiba External Hard Drive Is Not Working 1. Check Your USB Cable Is Firm Into Your Mac. 2

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  1. I plug in my 1.5 TB Toshiba external hard drive on a Mac, and I can view my files and copy & paste them to my desktop. But I cannot add any files to the hard drive. A cancellation sign appears when I try to drag and drop any type of file. I have over 1 TB of files on the drive with 500 GB of free space left
  2. Your Toshiba external hard drive comes with a USB type A connection on the end that plugs into your Mac. USB is backwards compatible and your USB 3.0 Toshiba external hard drive will work fine on your Mac. You just need to get yourself an adaptor
  3. I've got an iMac and a apple notebook and for either one, it won't let me add or move files onto it. It can let me take files out of it though. What's weird is it used to be able to but this just happened a couple of days ago, when I go to drag files onto it, it comes up with a circle with a slash sign

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I have an external hard drive that, when i plug it in, shows me everything (files, folders, etc.) but when I try to add a 'New Folder' it only shows me 'Burn'. The only way this is resolved is when I click on the 'Scan (recommended)' option that pops up whenever I plug this drive into the Windows 7 PC In this video you can learn how to fix not being able to write files to you external drive on a Mac.This is the grey circle fix:Quick Fix at 1:29 Can be down.. You most probably won't be able to read the content of the drive since Mac computers and PCs use different file systems. Windows usually works with NTFS while Macs use HFS+. There are file systems suc has FAT32 and exFAt that can be read by both but reformatting a drive removes the old partition table and the data becomes invisible and you.

WARNING!!! Formatting means the same as deleting or erasing! Also I am not responsible if anything goes wrong so do at your own risk! If you cannot transfer. The best way to look for an incorrectly formatted drive is to go to. Apple (in the top toolbar menu) > About This Mac > Storage. See if the external drive shows up here. For more information, go to the same menu option, then select System Report. Mac not formatted to display external drives on the desktop When the Toshiba external hard drive was not recognized by Windows 10, it can be due to Legacy USB Support Disabled. Enable it with these steps. Step 1- Restart your computer and Enter the BIOS utility by pressing the corresponding button. Step 2- Move to the Advanced tab and select USB configuration Select the drive. Press COMMAND-I to open the Get Info window. In the Ownership and Sharing panel make a snapshot of what is displayed - COMMAND-SHIFT-4 then select area using crosshairs. The image will be saved on your Dekstop

If your Toshiba external hard drive has been partitioned with the wrong file system, you will also encounter the external hard drive not recognized issue. For instance, you may have formatted the drive with the ext4 file system from Linux or the HFS Plus file system from a Mac. Or, you drive file system is damaged and shows as RAW It turns out that most of the time, Mac doesn't recognize external hard drives, USB flash drives, pen drives, SD cards, etc. just because the drive is not properly connected. Since a good connection is a basic condition for secondary hard drives working on the Mac, we need to try these things step by step Computer Information: MacBook Pro/ macOS Sierra Version 10.12 I have a Seagate Backup Plus Drive and it would not let me delete any files off of it. I get the following error, The operation can't be completed because backup items can't be modified. I check on the Get info for this hard.. Using Disk Utility, you can erase and reformat your external hard drive to work on both Mac and Windows computers. This solves the problem of your external h.. 3rd: select your hard drive on the left hand side list. Chose the Erase tab. And for the volume format, chose MAC Os Extended. Let it reformat, when it's done, open up your hard drive, and copy back in the original files back onto it. You should be able to drag in files and what not! I hope this helped, hopefully your problem is what I think.

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  1. You need to go to Disk Utility and select the drive, then hit the Erase button and select Format Mac OS Extended (Journaled) Then hit erase, This will format the drive to be used with a Mac. If u ever need to use it with a PC then drive MacDrive Free Trial... handy if u are giving friends Movies etc. Hope this Helps Rob Was this answer helpful
  2. a. Connect the external hard drive to your Mac and copy the important data to the Mac PC. b. Now connect the external hard drive to Windows 8 computer and format it in FAT32 file system. c. Now you would be able to use the external hard disk on both the computers. Also refer to this link: Drives, partitions, formatting w/Mac's + PC'
  3. Click on View all option on the left side of the Windows. Click on Hardware and Devices option. Click on Next and follow the onscreen instructions to troubleshoot the issue. Method 2: Try connecting the external hard drive to a different USB port and check. Method 3: Let's check the disk management and see if the hard drive is detected
  4. So I was using my Toshiba 3.0 USB External Hard Drive on my Windows 10 PC since a couple of months ago. Then one day, this happened. I plugged in my hard drive, but the PC recognized it as External USB 3.0 instead of the Toshiba Hard Drive name. Things started to get even worse when I opened File Explorer

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  1. I have Sony external hard drive HD-E2, and it was working fine; I could save files on it and copy files from it. But then, suddenly, I was only able to read from it. I find it odd since it was working great for almost 4 months. My laptop is MacBook Pro. However I started to have this problem after upgrading to El Capitan MacOS
  2. The HP External Portable USB 3.0 Hard Drive is a large capacity USB 3.0 external hard drive that can connect and disconnect easily from a USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 connector on the front, back, or side of most computers
  3. Make sure your Mac is connected to the external storage device (for example, using a USB cable or over a network). Click the Finder icon in the Dock to open a Finder window, then do one of the following to move your files.. Move files to the storage device: Select one or more files on the desktop or in a folder, then drag them to the storage device, listed below Locations in the Finder sidebar
  4. The best way to look for an incorrectly formatted drive is to go to. Apple (in the top toolbar menu) > About This Mac > Storage. See if the external drive shows up here. For more information, go to the same menu option, then select System Report. Mac not formatted to display external drives on the desktop
  5. istrator password to unlock the permissions settings for the drive

If you can't move or copy a file or folder, you might need to change its permissions settings. You might also need to change permissions settings for the disk, server, or folder where you want to move the item. On your Mac, select the item, then choose File > Get Info, or press Command-I. Click the arrow next to Sharing & Permissions to. 1) Format it as FAT32. FAT32 is readable by virtually every computer and digital device in existence today. However, FAT32 can only handle files smaller than 4GB; if you try to put something larger on there, the copy will fail. So if you want to put really large files on your drive (big video files, for example), this won't a good option

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To do this, you'll need to first turn Time Machine off: Open System Preferences and go to the Time Machine tab > deselect Back Up Automatically. Next, clean up Time Machine's working files: Open Finder. Go to your external hard drive. Open the Backups.backupdb folder and move the file ending in .inProgress to the Trash Internal/external hard drives: Toshiba hard drives and portable hard drives, max capacity up to 16TB. When any of your Toshiba devices catch file system error, device access issues, hard drive or USB shows full but not, etc., issues, formatting is the most useful solution to make your device work again 1. Plug the hard drive into the Mac using the cable that came with it. Most hard drives connect via USB, so you'll just need to plug the USB cable into an open port on your Mac. You'll typically find at least one USB port along each side of the Mac. Some Mac-specific drives may come with a Thunderbolt or FireWire cable instead You can fix the issue that external hard drive freezes when copying files with three methods offered in this article. To copy files more efficiently, you should try AOMEI Backupper. Other than copying files between computers and external hard drives, you can use AOMEI Backupper to restore system in case of Dell boot loop in Windows 10 Warning: This operation will delete all data on the external hard drive and you can back up necessary files in advance.. 1. Install and launch it. Then, right click the partition on the external hard drive and select Format Partition. 2. In the next dialogue, you can choose format external hard drive to exFAT, NTFS, FAT32, or, based on specific demand

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Step 1. Just right-click My Computer > Manage to run Disk Management. Step 2. Here, right-click the hard drive and click Initialize Disk. Step 3. In the dialogue box, select the disk (s) to initialize and choose MBR or GPT partition style. After initializing the disk, you can now recover data from your disk Make sure that the drive was not formatted for a Mac as those use a different file format. If there is nothing on the drive that you want to save, you might try formatting the external drive and see what happens. As others have stated, try it on a different computer and try a different USB cable just in case. 0. Kudos Method 6. Diagnose the external hard drive; Conclusion External hard drive not initialized symptons. Many people use removable storage devices to store data or serve as a backup drive. After using for a long while, there are chances that you may find the external hard drive not showing up in Windows File Explorer 5. Right-click your external hard drive. This displays a pop-up menu next to the hard drive. If your external hard drive has a specific name, it will be listed in File Explorer. Otherwise, it may be listed as USB Drive or the make and model of your hard drive. The amount of space each hard drive has is listed below the drive name in File. How to Backup a Mac to an External Hard Drive in 2021. Backing up your Mac on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do. Through the use of Time Machine and an external hard drive, we.

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Click the File menu and select Load File System From Device.. It will automatically locate the connected drive, and you can load it. You'll see the contents of the HFS+ drive in the graphical window. Just select the files or folders you want, click Extract, and choose a folder. They'll be copied to the location you choose. In this video, I'm going to show you how to fix usb sticks, including HDD external hard drives saying usb storage device's file system is unsupported. Also,.

Thanks! The quick removal option is checked in the drive's policies (it was on by default), but I will try adding the exclusion for the drive in Defender. I will also try connecting the drive to my Win 7 computer and will see if the same situation occurs with a different external hard drive connected to the Win 10 laptop All you have to do is connect your external drive to your Mac, launch the app, click on the icon of the disk you want to format, navigate to the Erase tab and click on the Erase button while having Mac OS X Extended selected as the volume format, as seen in the image below. If you like, you can also add a name for your future volume Step 2: After the installation process, connect the PS4 External Hard Drive to the PC. You need to make sure that the PS4 External Hard Drive is properly recognized. Step 3: Select the PS4 External Hard Drive. To retrieve lost or deleted files from the removable storage media, please select a target location and simply click the Start button. First, back up the data on the Mac-formatted drive if you have anything important on it. This process won't actually convert the file system. Instead, we'll just be wiping the drive and starting over from scratch. Any files on the drive will be erased. If you have a Mac lying around, you can plug the drive into a Mac and back up the files

Step 1: Press Win + E to open File Explorer. Step 2: Select the folders or files you want to move and press Ctrl + X to cut them. Step 3: Click your external hard drive from the left action panel to access the external hard drive and press Ctrl + V to paste the folders and files It will not recognize my external hard drive plugged into any USB port. That is, the external drive does not appear in My Computer and or on the list of drop-down drives. The external hard drive does work on my Dell 4100 series computer (really ancient). The hard drive itself was made at about the same time as the 8300 series computer (ca. 2001)

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As for how to safely eject external hard drive Windows 10 without data loss, you have some ways to go. Method 1. Restart or Turn Off Computer. If you can't eject the external hard drive, you can reboot or turn off your computer, and this will close all programs and processes to make sure no programs are using the files on the external hard drive With the Files window opened, in the left panel you should see your external drive listed directly below the Downloads folder. Just as you can in Windows Explorer on a PC or Finder on a Mac, you. About defragging an external hard drive. Until recently, defragmenting both internal and external hard drives was cumbersome, difficult, and unpredictable for most users. It was not always possible to defragment the disk regularly; this was partly due to lack of time since defragmentation is a lengthy process Click on the Erase button to format the SSD on Mac. 4. As the following pop-up window would be launched, you can select the file format and the partition scheme for the drive. Click on the Erase button to confirm your choice and wait as the SSD drive would be formatted

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External Drive Guide Part II: Benefits of External Hard Drives for Gaming. Let's take a look at the top benefits of using an external hard drive for gaming. Easy to operate. External hard drives allow you to expand your storage capacity without fussing with the internal workings of the computer My Mac Won't Let Me Write on an External Hard Drive. There are several reasons why a Macintosh may not be able to write to an external hard drive. Some troubleshooting will help you determine the. To verify, click on the Apple logo in your screen's top left corner and select About This Mac. Select the Storage tab and see if your drive appears here. If not, return to Disk Utility and select your external drive from the left sidebar. Now choose First Aid or verify (repair) disk So, if you can't see files on your external hard drive, you should at first check whether the external hard drive is showing up in Disk Utility and mounted. 1. Go to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility. 2. If the drive is visible in the sidebar, click the Mount button on the top of the window to mount this drive

This article is for Mac 2x - View the Mac 1x article ( | View the Windows article You can use Carbonite to back up files on a Mac external hard drive from the Carbonite application. If you have a Safe Plus plan or above, you can select external hard drives for backup the same way as files and folders If a WD hard drive won't work normally on a Mac due to bad sectors or other parameter errors, you can download WD Drive Utilities for Mac to have a diagnosis of what happens to your hard drive. Step 1: Install WD Drive Utilities on your Mac and then launch it. Step 2: Plug the unrecognizable WD hard drive into the Mac Usually, this problem may not only happen on Macintosh HD but also on an external hard drive in Mac Mavericks, Yosemite, EI Capitan, or Sierra. Actually, the above message won't show up in normal circumstances of disk errors. But if the hard drive is beyond the repair scope of Disk Utility, for example, file system gets corrupted, the issue. External Hard Drives. Any external hard drive connected to your computer will show in the files panel. You can add files to your library from an external drive just like you would do when importing from the internal hard drive of your computer. If the external hard drive is not connected when you run Serato DJ Pro any files added from this. Technique 1: Change Read and Write Permission on External Drive Manually. Connect the external hard drive with your Windows system and wait till the system detects it. Press Windows key+ E together to open File Explorer. Select the drive letter for the external HDD and right-click on it to choose Properties

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Customer Satisfaction Is A Priority For Toshiba. Toshiba offers a very wide range of products in diverse industries in the United States. For each of our businesses, we consider customer support, satisfaction and feedback an essential element of our overall marketing effort. Please follow the appropriate links below for your product to obtain. Click on the Apple icon in the top menu bar. Click About This Mac. In the window that pops up, click on Storage to bring up the storage pane. Click the Manage button. From here, you should see a number of options that could help clear out the storage space on your Mac. That includes storing files and photos in iCloud, optimizing storage by.

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Step 5: Type clean and press Enter. Then, DiskPart will clean all files and folders on disk 1. Step 6: To use the external hard drive as usual, you need to create a partition on that drive. So, you need to type create partition primary and press Enter. Step 7: You also need to format the partition with a file system I could still view the files through the Dell XPS however I couldn't view them on my Mac, so I tried to turn off the encryption on the hard drive through the Dell XPS. I turned off device encryption, and after doing this I couldn't get access to the external HD even on the Dell, as it was asking for a recovery key which I didn't have Step 7: On the following pop-up (it won't move), click the small Plus button located under the blue pie chart to add a second partition. Step 8: A second portion appears, slicing the pie graph. Not every external hard drive will play nice with your smart TV right out the gate. Why don't all external hard drives work with my TV? Regardless of their size, many new external hard and SSD drives usually rely on a partitioning format called GUID Partition Table (GPT)

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A: When you connect the Toshiba USB hard drive the AutoPlay function of Windows XP & Vista will prompt you to install backup software. Note: Windows 7 and Windows 8 do not allow USB hard drives to AutoPlay. You will only be prompted to open the drive to view files or use this drive for backup For instance, the file system is Ext 2/3/4. The external drive suffers sudden power outages when it is working. The hard drive is virus infected. The hard drive comes with some bad sectors. The hard drive is removed without safe removal. How to fix my external hard drive says it needs to be formatted in Windows 10/8/7 The above are the most possible reasons for that you can't see files on Seagate hard drive. Actually, files disappeared from external hard drive windows 10 not just happen to Seagate users. People who are using Samsung, Kingston, SanDisk and Toshiba external hard drive also encounter files disappeared from external hard drive Windows 10 Open the Start menu and type disk management, and press Enter when the Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions option appears. Once Disk Management loads, scroll down to see if your disk appears. Hello, Check whether files are not in hidden mode. Click on Start --> In search box, type cmd and press Enter. Command prompt will be opened. Here I assume your External hard drive letter as G: Enter this command. attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*. You can copy the above command --> Right-click in the Command Prompt and paste it

If you want to erase any other type of storage device: Double-click Disk Utility in the /Applications/Utilities folder. Choose View > Show All Devices. In the sidebar, select the storage device you want to erase, then click the Erase button . Click the Scheme pop-up menu, then choose GUID Partition Map. Click the Format pop-up menu, then choose. Origin won't let me download my games to my external hard drive by Bibliosmia. Go To. i don't have the space to download/install them to my computer. Which is why I've gotten myself an external hard drive for my games and other personal stuff. But origin won't download to or recognize (i'm not sure) my hard drive. Run the setup file. Once installed (and you've restarted your Mac), your external drive should be back to normal. You can check by either trying to copy a file to it or right clicking on it in your Finder, selecting Get Info, and making sure the permissions have changed to read and write. If this isn't the case, you may need to keep searching for solutions Unlike case 1, USB or external hard drive sometimes is invisible in File Explorer or Disk Management, but it can be detected in Device Manager, for example, an external HDD won't show up in explorer, but it shows in Device Manager. To fix the issue, several methods can be listed below. Make sure the USB or external hard drive is available. If.