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Thoroughly search the area. Be sure to refer to the Ideas section to make sure you get everything. In Dark Cloud 2, discover a secret binding the past, present and future. Genres:Action, RPG. The obstacles are always placed in the same areas and same ways. Toan has no special ability. Character: Dark Cloud coverage on IGN PS2. Dark Cloud discussions on the boards. Dark Cloud. That's correct. There's quite a few more, but Shipwreck Floor 14 is the defacto leveling area because, as you said, you can buy the key. For discussions, art, and anything else relating to Level 5's Dark Cloud series. The dungeon-crawling, world-building, time-traveling RPG! 4.5k. Members. 27. Online. Created Apr 25, 2012 Find locations suitable for stargazing, a light pollution map, accessibility by car, space to park, travel time & distance, weather conditions and lunar phase Did you have the dark areas on your screen? 10/05/2020 by suzysjunk. The right side of my screen went dark did this and it seemed to have worked I will be monitoring it to see if it recurs my model is Vizio M-Series M556-G4 tv isn't 1 year yet. 10/17/2020 by alkemist13

5. A Blackish Green Colored Sky. During a storm, the sky often becomes blackish. However, one of the common signs of a tornado at night is when the sky changes to a blackish green color. This can indicate a huge storm accompanied by clouds and strong winds from where a tornado could occur - especially at night Shadow or Dark Curtain in Vision may be associated with: Carotid Artery Disease. Cytomegalovirus Retinitis. Detached and Torn Retina. Marfan Syndrome. Posterior Vitreous Detachment. The symptoms and possible related eye conditions/diseases in this section are for general reference only, and do not contain all visual symptoms or all possible. Rosewood, established in 1870, was the site of what could be considered one of the worst race riots in U.S. history.By 1915 it was a small, predominantly black town — with a population of just. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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  1. Sorry it took a while to upload this video, my computer has been acting up these days.This is the boss of chapter 2, the Rainbow butterfly, She's pretty easy..
  2. Members of the Inca civilization identified various dark areas or dark nebulae in the Milky Way as animals and associated their appearance with the seasonal rains. [56] [57] [58] Australian Aboriginal astronomy also describes dark cloud constellations, the most famous being the emu in the sky whose head is formed by the Coalsack , a dark.
  3. The southern portion of Area 8-2 south and west of Mukilteo-Clinton boundary line and south to the Area 9 boundary line will be open from Aug. 14 to Sept. 19 for hatchery coho and pinks. The northern Puget Sound (9) summer hatchery-marked king fishery opens July 16 to Aug. 15 with a catch quota of 4,700 down from 5,600 in 2020
  4. The very beginning of the area the games classify as Victory Road actually begins at the new Badge Check Gates accessed from a flight of stairs on Route 23. There is a long black-and-white hallway stretching from east to west, with eight pairs of pillars representing and in the shape of each of the current eight Badges of Unova
  5. ute droplets of wate, ice crystals, or both, suspended in the air. Though they vary in shape and size, all clouds are.

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  1. Newly burned land is also dark brown or black, but the burn scar fades to brown before disappearing over time. Cities. Densely built areas are typically silver or gray from the concentration of concrete and other building materials. Some cities have a more brown or red tone depending on the materials used for rooftops
  2. The Color of Perception. Sometimes, under direct sunlight, clouds will appear gray or dark gray against a blue sky or larger backdrop of white clouds. There are usually two reasons for this effect. The clouds may be semi-transparent which allows the background blue sky to be seen through the cloud
  3. Hello, I wonder if anyone here can tell me why my laptop screen has dark blotchy patches on it. I thought they were just grubby surface marks or dust at first but when I got around to cleaning the screen properly, I see that they appear to be under the top layer of the screen
  4. Dark Nebulae. In regions where there are a lot of stars (such as in the APOD of a Giant Molecular Cloud), or regions with bright emission nebulae (such as in the Hubblesite image of a Bok Globule), we can see dark nebulae that appear to be blocking the background light sources behind them.These dark nebulae are also interstellar clouds, but unlike the emission nebulae, they are very cold (10 K.
  5. Enemies. See Also Bosses.For invader NPC enemies, see Phantoms Note: Order of game areas comes from Game Progress Route. Note: The enemy names used on this page and within this wiki are based on the official website. Following in parentheses, if they exist, are alternative names from FuturePress' Dark Souls II Collector's Edition Guide.In some cases, the FuturePress guide contains names which.

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New Game Plus is a mechanic of Dark Souls 2 that allows players to reset their journey but continue on with the same character, facing against tougher opponents and becoming stronger in the process. Once the Final Boss has been defeated in the Throne of Want, the player can rest at the bonfire in Majula and choose to begin another playthrough.The second playthrough is referred to as NG+, the. Some dark nebulas create stars, but experts cannot tell if Barnard 86 is still a productive cloud. The photo was taken by a 7.2 foot (2.2 meters) telescope at ESO's La Silla Observatory in Chile

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Limiting magnitude about 6.2 to 6.5. [-ad] 1.00 to 1.73: 21.25 to 20.91: 4.5: 21.1: The M.W. is brilliant overhead but cannot be seen near the horizon. Clouds have a greyish glow at the zenith and appear bright in the direction of one or more prominent city glows. [-Richard Berry] Some dark lanes in milkyway but no bulge into Ophiuchus. Washed. Locate a column of blue blocks. That's when the sky will likely to be clear and dark. A more detailed explanation is here, but the short version is: the clear sky chart predicts hourly cloud cover, atmospheric transparency and seeing. (Good seeing occurs when the air is steady enough to allow you to see fine detail on planets through a. Stargazing locations map. This map shows stargazing locations that are publicly accessible during night-time. Most are classified as official dark-sky discovery sites, others come recommended by the local authority or organisation responsible for them.Some are places that the Go Stargazing team have found based on recent light pollution maps.If you are looking for locations that host organised.

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  1. g. Photo captured July.
  2. Cold Spots: A paranormal cold spot is usually a drop of 10 to 20 degrees or more in a localized area, in most cases you will observe the cold spot move throughout the room. The theory is the cold spot is created when a spirit draws energy from its surroundings to manifest, the cold spot is the area where the energy was absorbed not.
  3. Dry the area with a separate clean, soft rag. Repeat Steps 1, 2 and 3 at least two times on the same area, using a clean rag each time so the wax is removed, not just spread around. Continue Steps.
  4. Platinum Dark Cloud/ Dark Cloud 2. 88. 17 comments. share. save. hide. report. 33. Posted by 4 days ago. The tragic tale of Gosuke the Golem. Meme. My name is Gosuke, and I am a Goldem that resides in Muska Lacka. I became best friends with Toto, and we love each other very much. But sadly, I know that one day soon that I will perish, for I.
  5. Newly burned land reflects shortwave infrared light and appears red in this combination. Hot areas like lava flows or fires are also bright red or orange. Exposed, bare earth generally reflects shortwave infrared light and tends to have a red or pink tone. Urban areas are usually silver or purple, depending on the building material and how dense the area is

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In version 2.1.0 of Twilight Forest, a configurable option was added to toggle a linear progression in the mod, which can be enabled by toggling the gamerule tfEnforcedProgression to true/false. Bosses and dungeons will be in a set order. Attempting to visit areas and dungeons out of order will be prevented by barriers or detrimental effects. In version 2.3.4 the /tfprogress command was added. The Perseid meteor shower is one of the biggest astronomical events of the year, taking place each August. The showers are expected to take place Aug. 8-14, 2021 (peak viewing is estimated for Thursday, Aug. 12). During International Dark Sky Week (April 11-17, 2021), our six dark sky preserves will stay open late for self-guided viewing Cherry Springs State Park. Cherry Springs State Park is nearly as remote and wild today as it was two centuries ago. Named for the large stands of black cherry trees originally found in the area, the 82-acre state park is surrounded by the 262,000-acre Susquehannock State Forest.The Susquehannock Trail passes nearby and offers 85 miles of backpacking and hiking

Xiao's Weapons. Goro's Weapons. Ruby's Weapons. Ungaga's Weapons. Osmond's Weapons. (Note: The Mardan Eins can only be obtained through fishing. It becomes available on the. FP exchange chart after you have caught a Mardan Garayan. The cost is 2500 FP. The Microsoft global wide-area network (WAN) plays an important part in delivering a great cloud service experience. Connecting hundreds of datacenters in 38 regions around the world, our global network offers near-perfect availability, high capacity, and the flexibility to respond to unpredictable demand spikes The urban area at the bottom left and a clearing near the top of the image have high reflected intensity,while the vegetated areas on the right part of the image are generally dark. Roads and blocksof buildings in the urban area are visible. A river flowing through the vegetated area, cutting across the top right corner of the image can be seen

Progression. Since version 2.1.0, the Twilight Forest mod has a system in place designed to set your adventures in the dimension along a path. The various boss-centered towers and dungeons are set in an order, and finishing one step will unlock the next step. One can check their progression using the Advancements screen Download and use 100,000+ dark sky stock photos for free. Thousands of new images every day Completely Free to Use High-quality videos and images from Pexel Meet the world's lightest fully cushioned running shoe. Built on Zero-Gravity foam, the Cloud offers lightness & cushioning. Free shipping & returns

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In a cloud kitchen, the same chef may prepare the food of different brands, or there may be different chefs designated for each brand. You can easily operate a cloud kitchen with 2 to 3 cooks and a few helpers. Apart from that, you will only need delivery boys, if you plan on having an in-house delivery system and kitchen helpers. 4. Managing. Altostratus clouds may portend a storm. Nimbostratus clouds are thick and dark and can produce both rain and snow. Low clouds fall into four divisions: cumulus, stratus, cumulonimbus, and. Cloud kitchen menu items are optimized for ease of production and reliability of food quality upon delivery. Often physically located in out-of-town industrial complexes, cloud kitchens may offer driver parking, driver waiting areas (often with screens to monitor order times) and check-in stations for seamless driver pick-up Dark Cloud (PS2) Cheats. Dark Cloud cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Dark Cloud cheat codes.. Jump to: Glitch (2) Tip (31) Cheat (21 In 2018 consumers spent $10.2 billion on delivery services.This was an increase of 42% from the previous year. The rapid rise of food delivery, which will soon hit the $200 billion mark, is all poised to disrupt the global food industry.An off-shoot of this rising trend is cloud kitchens, also known as virtual, dark or ghost kitchens

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This report is most unusual: In an otherwise clear sky in Chilatchee, Alabama in 1956, a woman and her husband watched as a small dark cloud formed in the sky. When it was overhead, the cloud released its contents: rain, catfish, bass, and bream. All of the fish were alive. The dark cloud had turned to white, then dispersed Behind Enemy Lines - Dark Storm Industries, or DSI, is a New York-based firearm manufacturer f ounded in 2012 in the aftermath of SuperStorm Sandy. DSI began by selling parts and accessories online, but with the passage of the New York S.A.F.E. Act in 2013, the market in New York was turned upside down Safavieh Evoke Collection EVK210B Non-Shedding Stain Resistant Living Room Bedroom Area Rug, 8' x 10', Gold / Ivory 4.7 out of 5 stars 171 $213.00 $ 213 . 00 $800.00 $800.0 Set one or more print areas. On the worksheet, select the cells that you want to define as the print area. Tip: To set multiple print areas, hold down the Ctrl key and click the areas you want to print. Each print area prints on its own page. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Print Area, and then click Set Print Area Flame + Terra = Flaming Rock or Volcano. Flame + Sea = Cloud or Blizzard. Flame + Nature = Firebird or Spicy. Flame + Electric = Hot Metal or Laser. Flame + Metal = Medieval or Steampunk. Flame + Dark = Vampire or Dark Fire. Please note that breeding Flame and Ice to get Cool fire dragon and soccer dragon is not possible here

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Chart Types. This category contains basic demos representing base chart categories as defined by Data Viz Project. Use these charts to start our own, or scroll down for more demos. Population pyramid. Timeline. Radial Histogram. Pictorial fraction chart. Polar area chart. Line graph The drawing area displays views (and sheets and schedules) of the current model. Each time you open a view in a model, the view displays in the drawing area. The other views are still open, but they are underneath the current view. Use tools of the View tabWindows panel to arrange project views to suit your work style. Video: Organize and Manage Views The default color of the drawing area. DARK SOULS™ II: Scholar of the First Sin brings the franchise's renowned obscurity & gripping gameplay to a new level. Join the dark journey and experience overwhelming enemy encounters, diabolical hazards, and unrelenting challenge. Microsoft Xbox Controller for Windows® (or equivalent) is strongly recommended

18 Jun 2021 02:00 . If you struggle against them, here are some tips: 1) Replenishment miracle (requires only 15 Faith, costs 30 FP) + offhand Gentle Prayer from any Chime (requires 10 Faith, costs 13 FP) = 11 HP/sec for a minute resulting in 660 HP for 43 FP in total. Throw in a Blue Tearstone Ring and Sun Priestess Ring for good measure 2) Hidden Body (requires 15 Intelligence, costs 25 FP. SAFAVIEH Milan Shag Collection SG180 Solid Non-Shedding Living Room Bedroom Dining Room Entryway Plush 2-inch Thick Area Rug, 4' x 6', Ivory. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 12,386. $83.81. $83. . 81 ($3.49/Sq Ft) A comfortable shag rug that protects your wood floors and keeps your toes comfy

Courtesy of Lumin. Buy: Lumin Dark Circle Defense $23.20. Buy It. 2. Kiehl's Age Defender Eye Repair. Kiehl's is just one of those brands you take at face value, so when it claims to have a lifting, anti-wrinkle, dark circle reducing eye cream made specifically for men, expect high-quality results A luxury cloud cruiser has slipped out of control and is sinking into the thick atmosphere of Yorn Skot, barreling at breakneck speed around the planet in a slowly decaying orbit. Fortunately, two of the Jedi's finest are in the area -- Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi A. Estimate how many dust particles there are in a cloud containing 1.30×10 3 MSun of dusty gas, if 1.8 % of the cloud's mass is in the form of dust grains. (in dust particles) (in dust particles) B. Estimate the total surface area these grains would cover if you could put them side by side Apply color schemes to floor plan views and section views based on a specific value or range of values. You can apply a different color scheme to each view. Architecture tabRoom & Area panel drop-down (Color Schemes) Use color schemes to color and apply fill patterns to: rooms areas spaces and zones pipes and ducts To use color schemes, you must have rooms or areas defined in the projec Just after 2:44 a.m. on March 13, the currents found a weakness in the electrical power grid of Quebec. In less than 2 minutes, the entire Quebec power grid lost power. During the 12-hour blackout that followed, millions of people suddenly found themselves in dark office buildings and underground pedestrian tunnels, and in stalled elevators

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Providing you a color-coded visual of areas with cloud cover. See the latest United States Enhanced RealVue™ weather map, showing a realistic view of United States from space, as taken from. 1 First Sea or Old world 1.1 Starter Island - Pirate 1.2 Starter Island - Marine 1.3 Middle Island 1.4 Jungle 1.5 Pirate Village 1.6 Desert 1.7 Frozen Village 1.8 Marine Fortress 1.9 Skypiea Island 1.10 Impel Down (Jail) 1.11 Colosseum 1.12 Magma Village 1.13 Underwater City 1.14 Upper Yard Entrance 1.15 Upper Yard First Area 1.16 Upper Yard Second Area 1.17 Fountain City / Water 7 2 Second. Ghost kitchens, also known as dark kitchens or virtual kitchens, are commercial kitchens built for delivery. They're located within the delivery radius of a high volume of online customers, rather than high foot traffic areas. With ghost kitchens there's no physical storefront or dining area, so you only need a few back-of-house staff. Nimbostratus are low-level, dark clouds that usually prevent you from seeing the sun. These shape-less clouds often blanket the entire sky making for a gloomy day. Nimbostratus are a sign of steady moderate to heavy rain or snow that can last for several days on end. When these clouds begin to break, it is an indication that a cold front is. NZP Chasers / Getty Images. Wall clouds form under the rain-free base (bottom) of cumulonimbus clouds. It takes its name from the fact that it resembles a dark gray wall (sometimes rotating) that lowers down from the base of the parent storm cloud, usually just before a tornado is about to form. In other words, it is the cloud from which a tornado spins

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The areas are so far north that at this time of year they have virtually 24-hour light — but as one local said: Day suddenly turned into a dark night. Another said: I couldn't see a. Weather maps provide past, current, and future radar and satellite images for local cities and regions in the United Kingdom Skypiea third island is the smallest one, being a tiny grassy area with 6 trees and 4 Level 175 Dark Master enemies. There is nothing interesting about this island, and the Dark Masters themselves aren't that big of a threat. There is a single flat-ish rock on one side of the island, nothing special. There are no NPC's on this island, just Dark. Big Bend National Park has some of the darkest night skies in the lower 48 states. The main reason for the great quality of our night skies is due to the fact that Big Bend is far removed from large towns or cities. But as area towns, cities, and industries grow, the associated light pollution also expands toward Big Bend Daniel Nelson on June 22, 2018 Leave a Comment! There are many types of rain clouds, including the three most common types: stratus, cirrus, and cumulus. From there, you can get variations of rain clouds like stratocumulus, nimbostratus, and cirrostratus and more. Close are arguably the most commonly observed weather event

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In some areas, the concrete is more porous and most or all of the sealer was absorbed into the substrate. These areas look dull because very little sealer remains on the surface to reflect light and produce gloss. In other areas, the sealer has saturated the surface of the concrete while leaving the desired film on the surface The Lagoon Nebula, also known as M8 or Messier 8, is a large gas cloud within our Milky Way galaxy, barely visible to the human eye under good conditions, but glorious with a dark sky and a bit of.

Watch out for: Crickets can feast on fabrics and carpets, eating large areas, leaving holes and they are especially attracted to clothes soiled with perspiration. Pillbugs What to look for : You may know these dark brown or black bugs as rollie-pollies, named for their habit of rolling into a ball when disturbed Cloud Descriptions* Low-Level Clouds Nimbostratus-(Ns)- Dark gray, wet-looking cloudy layer that is usually related to continuous rain and snow.The amount of precipitation with these clouds is usually light to moderate. The base of these clouds is usually almost too low to identify, but its top can be over 3 kilometers The major cities included in the weather rankings represent the metropolitan areas in the United States with over one million people in 2010. Cloud cover information is not available from the National Climatic Data Center for San Jose and Riverside California, so they were left out of the cloudiest city ratings Use a Scroll of Freedom anywhere in the Underdark area, and the imprisoned mage Vithal will be released here. He gives you Vithal's quest . If killed at the end of the quest, Vithal drops Scrolls of Incendiary Cloud , Wail of the Banshee , and Time Stop , along with the Skull of Death

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's story mode, World of Light, is simple.You'll run around on a map and play special fights with specific rulesets to emulate fighting against a character who isn't. Give the perfect moment a perfect finish with editing tools 2 and smart filters . From your phone . to your home . Photo Prints 3. From $0.25 . Learn more . Photo Books 3. From $9.99 . Learn more . Your memories, framed . into a whole new light with smart displays 4. Learn more . Find the right photos faster DARK CLOUD 2 PS2 COMPLETE . $30. Posted 11 minutes ago. Windsor, ON N9A5J9. Favourite. Description. Complete copy of dark cloud 2 for ps2. Asking $30 OBO Pick up only. Show more. 0 visits. K. Kijiji User. Owner. 1 listing--avg reply--reply rate--on Kijiji. Sponsored Advertisements Most of these cloud cores have IR sources, evidence of energy from collapsing protostars (potential energy converted to kinetic energy). Also, where we do find young stars (see below) we find them surrounded by clouds of gas, the leftover dark molecular cloud. And they occur in clusters, groups of stars that form from the same cloud core

Cloud Types and Precipitation There are ten main cloud types, which are further divided into 27 sub-types according to their height shape, colour and associated weather, Clouds are categorised as low (from the earth's surface to 2.5 km), middle (2.5 to 6 km), or high (above 6 km) On the Properties palette, view the Area instance parameter. The area value is the area of the region's closed perimeter loop, less the area of any closed loops within the perimeter. The area property is reported in the project units (for example, square meters or square feet). The area property is read-only and cannot be scheduled or tagged

Clouds are visible mass of water that look like a collection of white smoke floating in the sky. This is a tutorial on how to draw a cartoon cloud and a realistic cloud. Check them out! Start an elongated oval for the outline sketch Serratia has dark history in region / Army test in 1950 may have changed microbial ecology. the Army sprays a vast cloud of Serratiamarcescens over the Bay Area from a vessel in waters off San. The years after 536 CE were characterized by widespread famine and a devastating plague swept across Europe. Scientists believe a powerful volcanic eruption is to blame, but which volcano erupted. Microsoft Security Best Practices (formerly known as the Azure Security Compass or Microsoft Security Compass) is a collection of best practices that provide clear actionable guidance for security related decisions. This is designed to help you increase your security posture and reduce risk whether your environment is cloud-only, or a hybrid. Lumen Network Maps are representative of our networks but in general terms. Exact locations and routes are subject to change as we expand into new regions. The Lumen global network is made up of owned, leased access and IRU segments, which are not distinguished on maps. Lumen engages in-region carriers to provide services in some markets

8 My Favorite Paint Colors and Brands For Dark Rooms. 9 White Paint Colors. 9.1 Sherwin Williams Alabaster. 9.2 Benjamin Moore Simply White. 9.3 Benjamin Moore Navajo White. 10 Neutral Paint Colors. 10.1 Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. 10.2 Sherwin Williams Collonade Gray. 10.3 Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray The stargazing field at Cherry Springs is open year-round (as are our Astro Cabins, which have their own private stargazing fields). But the best seasons to visit are fall and winter. It may be chillier then, but the lessened humidity and extended night-time hours create excellent stargazing opportunities Feline corneal sequestrum is a condition in which dead corneal tissue accumulates on and around the cornea resulting in the development of dark spots on the eye. These spots may vary in size and depth and range in color from opaque to dark black. The condition is most common in cats with light-colored eyes and is particularly common in the. St. Cloud officials say the water flowing out of their water plant is clear.They say stainless steel tanks replaced two aluminum tanks that failed two years ago and ultimately caused a malfunction.

The Short Answer: A planet must do three things: it must orbit a star, it must be big enough to have enough gravity to force a spherical shape, and it must be big enough that its gravity cleared away any objects of a similar size near its orbit. This cosmic cloud, called Sharpless 2-106, is an area where stars (and planets) form Areas with a high market opportunity are shaded with a dark green, and those that have a low market opportunity are a brown color. you used ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud to create a map that shows areas of Manhattan Island where the demand for electronics stores exceeds the supply and where median disposable income exceeds $100,000 1 Overview 2 Scoring Rules 3 Rewards 4 Exchange 5 Battle Info 6 Boss Info (Stage 3-5) 6.1 Abilities 6.2 Attack Pattern 7 Tips 7.1 Recommended Units 8 References 9 Videos 9.1 Area 3 - Quest 3-5 Origin: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Type: Ranked Event Reference: Announcement Event Period: 4/23/20.. Cloud Cake. Buttercream Cake. Mousse Cake. Kids Cake. Piece Cake. Gift Cake. Milk Cream Vanilla Cake. Mango Cloud #2. Mango Cloud #3 Amazon.com: Unique Loom 3115836 Moroccan Lattice Area Rug, 9' x 12', Gray/Beige: Furniture & Decor. Add to your order. 5-Year Area Rug Accident Protection Plan. from Allstate Protection Plans. 281. $21.99. Plan starts on the date of purchase. Product damages from accidents, stains, rips, and tears are covered from day one

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To paint this area, you must first load the UV tile. Hold the cursor over the area and press up arrow to load or unload the tile. This message indicates that the area of the model you are attempting to paint is associated with a UV tile that is currently unloaded. Display the UV tile before painting on it. See Hide and show texture tiles on a. Proceed to Final Destination through Warp Zone. 7. Defeat Master Hand & Crazy Hand (2 Each) 8. Defeat Enemies from both light and dark sides to keep the balance. 9. Play as Master Hand and defeat a horde of enemies. 10. Choose 3 Characters for Final Showdown, proceed to the summit Official MapQuest website, find driving directions, maps, live traffic updates and road conditions. Find nearby businesses, restaurants and hotels. Explore Election cloud Stormzy also spoke about the outcome of the UK general election, saying it feels like a dark cloud. He suggested hearing the Conservatives were on their way to a majority win made. My perfect ReShade for Dark Souls 2 SOFTS or good old regular Dark Souls 2. ReShade Version 4.9.1. Just drag in the ReShadePreset.ini after you installed (preferably) the RIGHT version of ReShade (4.9.1) because not all versions are compatible with each other, especially if you use (old) legacy shaders/versions. ReShade Preset

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