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Worldwide Accepted Pilot Licenses, High Standard Flight Training, Affordable Tuition. Student Pilot Assistance & help to study at the Academy, housing, insurance, installment Download CloudAhoy for iOS here (free with in-app purchases). Takeoff Takeoff is another iOS-only app that aims to ensure that pilots have access to the latest in aviation technologies and practices. The app delivers fresh content to iPhone and iPad users every day. Users can even customize the app to get content that they're most interested in

Free aviation apps for your iPad of course! Fortunately, the Apple App Store is full of thousands of iPhone and iPad apps that are completely free. Here we've assembled some of our favorite free apps that are useful both on the ground and in the air Here are the 25 aviation apps currently sitting atop our list: 1. AeroWeather Pro. The AeroWeather Pro app is a go-to choice for precise current weather information. Available for iPhone, iPad, iMessage and Apple Watch, this app offers intuitive access to both METAR and TAF data for worldwide airports The app is available on both iOS, and Android platforms, and while it is designed to work with iPhones, iPods, as well, the fact remains that the app works, and looks the best on an iPad. Download Garmin Pilot on Android , and iOS (30 days free trial, subscriptions start from $9.99

Best Aviation Apps for Pilots & Flying. Posted on December 30, 2019 December 30, 2019 Author capt.elite Smartphones and apps for pilots have eased the life of pilots in many ways 3. MyRadar. This free app is simple, but it's fast and easy to use. MyRadar shows looping NEXRAD radar for the entire US that is easy to zoom in on - perfect for pre-flight weather briefings. It even includes some nice aviation features, like TFRs, AIR/SIGMET overlay and route overlays based on N-numbers

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The app offers a curated selection of the best aviation videos, pictures, and articles, in one place. It is definitely a must have, for pilots of all skill levels, as it offers content that is customizable to the level of the pilot. Download Takeoff for iOS (Free, with in-app purchases) SEE ALSO: 10 Best Weather Apps for iPhone You Should Tr A series of apps features content from their online courses, covering VFR Publications, Aviation Weather and Airspace. Course progress uploads to the Boldmethod cloud for users of the program. X. 7 Best Apps for Aviation Geeks Paul Thompson. Jun 3, 2017. TripIt is an organizational app that's best for those who travel often and hold multiple reservations, or anyone who might be taking a trip with multiple segments. Enjoy your first checked bag free on Delta flights

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•All free FAA materials & more •Runs on most Android devices •No ads or invasive permissions More Features: •Type in any address or coordinates. •NOTAMS, METAR, TAF and Winds (Internet fetch or ADSB). •ADSB TIS-B Traffic (UAT/1090), PIREP (free AddOn apps). •Graphic & text TFRs (Internet fetch or ADSB) Free aviation app for iPhone; dBrief — Pilot logbook. Get for free. Best iPad Apps for Mountain Biking MyRadar Weather Radar app review. Zulu Time. Get for $0.99. Zulu Time is a simple app that allows you to see local and Zulu time (GMT) or several time zones with just a glance. This is helpful for pilots in filing flight plans and. The app also includes color-coded and decoded METARs, TAFs, winds and temperature aloft. You can also use WingX to calculates METAR Density Altitude and Freezing Levels. Overall WingX Pro7 is the best alternative if you're probably looking for an aviation moving map app since it contains built-in mini manuals Best Aviation Apps for Android and iOS. If you are searching for some aviation apps that can make your flying experience a whole lot better, below, we have collated a list of best aviation apps for Android and iOS devices. Air Navigation Pro Air Navigation Pro. It is designed by a Swiss company known as Xample The 7 Best Aviation Apps For Flying. severity of the cell etc. Best of all, the App is FREE on the app store and is available on Android platforms too. Trever. Trever is a commercial pilot with over 1,700 hours of flight time as well as the owner and general manager of Inflight. He has numerous hours of mountain flying experience and a.

Download for a 30-day free trial. Download for a 30-day free trial. ForeFlight is the essential, integrated flight app that makes planning, flying, and logging flights a joy Free aviation tool app for iPhone; ForeFlight Mobile. Get for free. ForeFlight is a best-selling aviation app, having won awards from Flying Magazine and Aviation Consumer. This electronic flight bag and flight planning app is used by private and professional pilots worldwide. Includes weather, maps and charts, logs, and more The best flight-tracking apps for iOS and Android By Simon Hill January 20, 2018 Trevor Mogg Air travel can be stressful, but you can take some of the pain out of it with one of the best flight.

The Best Airport Apps. Even if you're not under time pressure, there's enough to keep track of at your gate—carry-ons, kids, boarding passes, passports—that an airport app needs to be. Top 8 apps for pilots. The digital revolution has brought with it a host of advanced new apps for pilots. While aviation technology is unlikely to replace the skills and expertise of human pilots any time soon, these navigation and data logging apps are certainly doing much to make their lives easier.. So, in no particular order, let's look at some of today's best apps for pilots FltPlan Go is my favorite pilot app! It offers all pilots real time flight tracking as well as many extra tools. It is absolutely free and 100% worth downloa..

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  1. This app is also compatible with multiple languages like English, Arabic, Danish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, and Japanese. Whether you are an airline worker or an aviation enthusiast, you'll appreciate this informative app with powerful functionality. Price: Free (Premium starts at $2.99) Download. Tried any flight tracking apps yet
  2. AOPA FlyQ (weather and flight planning) PilotLounge (backup weather app, zulu clock, weight and balance) FlightTools E6B (does what it says on the box) Checklist app. On my phone I also have a gyro app, an altimeter app, and backups of all my tablet apps. tehmightypirate, Apr 17, 2015
  3. With GPS apps for your smartphone, there's no longer much need to buy a full-fledged GPS device. Most of these apps are free, and some of the lesser-known ones, like Waze and MapQuest, have unique features worth your consideration. Here we look at four of the best turn-by-turn navigation apps for Android and iOS devices
  4. The app offers a curated selection of the best aviation videos, pictures, and articles, in one place. It is definitely a must have, for pilots of all skill levels, as it offers content that is customizable to the level of the pilot. Download Takeoff for iOS (Free, with in-app purchases) Use these Aviation Apps for iOS and Androi
  5. istration by authorizing your flight plans within the regulations
  6. The Essential App for Aviation. Individual pilots and professional flight crews all over the world depend on ForeFlight's integrated flight app to make flying safer, easier, and more efficient. A powerful new component of ForeFlight Web that delivers next-generation, multi-user, schedule-to-mobile flight planning, resulting in greater.
  7. This app is not a stand-alone logbook platform, but is designed to work in tandem with Logbook Pro Desktop. Logbook Pro Mobile enables you to log your certificates, ratings, medicals, flight reviews, historical data, and flights (both actual and in-simulator data) and at the same time view detailed and extensive reports
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KLM flights may look like this in a few years from now. 2. Flight Gear (Windows, MacOS) Flight Gear is another stunning free flight simulator that is supported on windows and MacOS. This is the advanced level of GeoFS where the controls and graphics are even more realistic and smooth. Flight Gear is owned by Microsoft and was started in 1997 The app is available for Android and iOS, and is free to download. RunwayHD has some great features, and I use it regularly for paramotoring, especially in unfamiliar locations. Something that comes in handy before every paramotor flight, is the ability to check the NOTAMS simply by opening a tab on the main screen App CoPilot GPS (2 stars) Available on iOS, Android. The app works well in offline mode, though, and you can pay for extra features like voice-guidance, full automatic navigation and 3D maps The Levil Aviation app provides a visual and audio aid to provide awareness to the pilot when the critical angle of attack is about to be exceeded. The Angle of Attack is obtained by using the differential pressure sensors in the Levil Aviation product, the BOM. The AoA indicator will display the following iFly GPS is the complete EFB app for Android, iOS and Windows that has all the advanced features pilots want in the most intuitive flight planning and navigation solution on the market. The Complete EFB. Terrain and Obstacle Alerts. Terrain highlighting, active obstruction alerts and vertical flight planning provide confidence and safety

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Have you ever looked up and wondered what plane is flying overhead? Where is it coming from? Where is it going? What kind of plane is it? With FlightRadar24,.. This app is one of the best altimeter apps iPhone 2021, and with this app, you can check the altitude of any area where you are. It is a smart tracking app that is used to measure altitude. This is the perfect app for people who love hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and many more outdoor activities

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Whether you pilot large jets, helicopters, small airplanes, or work in the aviation industry, there are many apps available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android that can help you figure out the safest and most efficient flight plans possible. Below are 8 aviation apps to assist pilots, instructors and anyone who frequently flies: 1 iFly Weight and Balance for iPad (free)—Users can create weight and balance systems for any aircraft, and it begins with a pre-set starting weight. From there, you just add passengers, baggage, takeoff fuel, and landing fuel, and you're good to go! Sporty's Aviation Weight & Balance iPad/iPhone App ($9.99)—This app allows users to build.

The best free apps for iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad and iPad mini (Image credit: Apple) Page 1 of 10: Free app of the month and best entertainment apps Install: iOS and Android (free, premium version starts from $1.49/month) 2. FlightAware. FlightAware has been consistently ranked among the best flight tracking apps for Android and iOS. Having explored this app and tried out every goodie that it has to offer, I must say that it deserves a high rating Aviation databases; You can make use of their free API or try out a sample of the premium one. Skyscanner Travel APIs. Whether you're building an app or a website, Skyscanner's Travel APIs can directly get you connected to the precise flight data you need to provide your customers with an unmatched experience. From the best deals on flights. We've assembled a list of the seven best weather radar websites and apps for 2021. All of them are both free to download and use. At the end, we've also included our recommendations of top paid weather radar apps if you need the best radar data available with the least amount of delay because even the top free apps will delay radar data by.

Our Interactive Test Prep Apps are Aviation Ground Schools which bring a series of advanced classrooms to any home computer, iPad or Android Tablet. PTS Presents aviation's best new ground school. Now students can learn the material they need to ace the FAA knowledge exam right from their PC, Mac, iPad or Android Tablet by taking advantage of. Standard Easy Approval for iPad with ForeFlight Mobile. $895.00. Add to Cart. Sporty's Study Buddy™ iPhone/iPad Aviation App (Private Pilot) $14.99. More Details. ARSim Aviation Radio Simulator IFR Subscription (1-year) $79.99. Add to Cart Google Maps. Google Maps is the most popular app from this list, without a doubt. This is Google's very own application, and for most people, the very best choice when it comes to navigation.

Best totally free Android games: no ads, no in-app purchases NextPit updates this list every week, so some apps may have returned to paid status if you read this article days after it was published. To check out other app lists, simply go to the apps category of the site to find the most recent list 10 best personal assistant apps for Android If we missed any of the best GPS apps or navigation apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our. MapFactor Navigator is a free, turn-by-turn navigation app that is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile devices. The Windows 10 app uses OpenStreetMaps data with the option to purchase TomTom.

Here are TPG's picks for nine of the best translation apps you can download today: iTranslate. One of the most popular translation apps in the world, iTranslate has almost 350,000 ratings on both iTunes and Google Play — most of them with four and five stars. There's also a special version for Apple Watch The app uses on-the-fly maps, so an internet connection is needed to navigate and communicate with other Waze users to share reported road hazards. Add a photo to road reports or integrate with FourSquare, Twitter, or Facebook. Waze is free with advertisements and available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 10 or later The Aviation Weather Center delivers consistent, timely and accurate weather information for the world airspace system. We are a team of highly skilled people dedicated to working with customers and partners to enhance safe and efficient flight Pix4D Capture is one of the best drone apps for DJI, Parrot, and 3DR devices that can cope with such a task. It can create a flight path and then upload the flight data to Pix4D servers. Use these servers or your personal computer to process data and get 3D models of objects captured by your drone's camera

Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Aviation Weather Apps for Drone Pilots. Buying a drone is only the beginning of becoming a drone pilot. These apps for your mobile devices can help you become a better flier by improving your skills, helping you.

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  1. Five best flight tracking apps for iPhone App in the Air is your tracker. Free - Download now; FlightView. FlightView is a popular flight tracking website that lets you view real-time flight statuses. The same company has three tiers of iOS apps, each with progressively more features. If you're an aviation enthusiast, you'll be able to.
  2. 4.5. Price. Free, In-App Purchase. Origin. US. 1Weather app is one of the most popular weather apps for Android. In the app, you will find all the important features like current, hourly, and 7 days forecasts along with some additional features like radar, humidity info, air quality forecast, and more
  3. Sporty's Study Buddy™ Android Aviation App (Instrument Rating) $14.99. More Details. Sporty's Study Buddy™ Android Aviation App (Private Pilot) $14.99. More Details. Sporty's Drone Study Buddy - Remote Pilot Test Prep (Android App) $19.99. More Details
  4. Best Free Apps for Preschoolers for Android and iOS. Educational apps are a fun and great way to keep preschool children learning outside of the classroom, but the cost of all those apps can add up fast. Below we are going to collate a list of some of the best free apps for preschoolers that are both educational and fun. Funbrain Jr. Funbrain Jr
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  1. LogTen Pro Pilot Logbook for iPad. by Coradine Aviation Systems. $79.99 More info. Before doing anything, take a look at the old paper logbook that you log flights in by hand before or after every.
  2. RRP: Free. Best Price. s. Today: at App Store. Sygic GPS Navigation and Maps is a great option for iPhone that lets you navigate without internet access. It offers 3D offline maps and voice-guided.
  3. Price: Free / $15 per 6 months. Broadcastify is one of the newer police scanenr apps. It boasts over 6,000 police, fire, EMS, and aviation channels. The app is easy enough to use. It includes a.
  4. The Best Weather Apps for 2021. You can't control whether the sun is shining, the rain is pouring, or the wind is howling, but these handy Android and iOS apps can help you prepare for what Mother.
  5. PERSONAL AVIATION. Flying is more than a hobby, it's a lifestyle. Designed by pilots for pilots, ForeFlight delivers personal aviators an all-in-one solution for flight planning, checklists, charts, weather, airport information, flight logging, document management, hazard awareness, and more - all backed by our Fanatical Pilot Support.™

It's in our flight tracker apps lineup for iPhone also thanks to its easy usability. Price: $6.99. - FlightAware Flight Tracker: Unlike most applications for the iPhone, the FlightAware Flight. To determine the best investment apps, we considered more than 20 of the most popular investment apps. To be included in our listing, apps had to have star ratings of at least 4.2 on both Apple.

This free app is an excellent refresher when pilots forget emergency procedures and other information in the rush of the flight. 6) FBO Fuel Prices The team at GlobalAir .com developed an app that makes it easy for pilots to check the latest FBO fuel prices and ramp fee information before heading to their destination and fueling up FlightStats Free; Reviews of Best Flight Tracker Apps. Some aviation enthusiasts, for example, may find it worth it to pay for an app with bonus features. For the average traveler, however, a basic (and free) flight tracker app will have everything you need. In some cases, however, it may be worth paying a few bucks for an ad-free experience 2. AvPro Software. Download. AvPro aviation maintenance software consists of modules of aviation applications for maintenance of aircraft. It is designed to function unaided and easily. This software is most suited for MRO repair stations or Fleet operators and owners. The interface is user-friendly, secure and safe Get FlightView Free for Android here Get FlightView Free for iOS here App in the Air. App in the Air just might be the best pick on this list. Firstly, there is this little thing with the app working on Apple Watch. And a major reason why that is possible is the app's simple interface

Top 10 weather apps for pilots. May 25, 2021 by General Aviation News Staff Leave a Comment. In its iPad Pilot News, officials with Sporty's have listed their choices for the 10 weather apps for pilots. (There are actually quite a few more than 10 listed) There are thousands of weather apps for the general public, from free to quite. ** Not a Map app - Aviation Only. ** ** Aviation FAA materials for USA, plus non current TPC and ONC charts for Canada and most of the world. ** ** No support in Reviews, please visit our Forum The app has a compass, a tracker, and an altimeter. It can also inform you about the weather. All the measurements are mostly made using GPS. By the way, there are plenty of compass apps out there. Some of them have altimeters incorporated in them. Check the article 15 best compass apps for Android & iOS out to learn more about them ForeFlight has done this for me with their release and integration of what I believe to be the best electronic logbook on the market to-date. If I may touch down (always an aviation pun somewhere) on some of the finer points of why I enjoy the ForeFlight app, you may say hey I should give it a shot

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Listed in this category are a selection of flight simulator packages and games that are free-to-download. Most of them are compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS (or OS X). Some are demos of fuller simulation packages, such as the Microsoft Flight Simulator X Demo or X-Plane, while others offer the entire package because they are open source. Download and use 1,000+ aviation stock photos for free. Thousands of new images every day Completely Free to Use High-quality videos and images from Pexel

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Gannet is aviation maintenance software. With regards to system requirements, Gannet is available as SaaS, and Windows software. Gannet includes online support, business hours support, and 24/7 live support. Some alternative products to Gannet include RAAS, AvPro Software, and Aircraft Maintenance Systems. 1 Review At some point in the future it is conceivable that the ICAO form will become standard in the USA as well. Item. Download. Dauntless Aviation Better VFR Flight Planner - FAA Version A. Features an FAA flight planning form and the course calculation section in the traditional fashion as such: Download. 0.1 mb or less

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According to Elegant Themes, With over one million active installs, Yoast SEO is the leading plugin on the market.. It makes it easy to optimize your page titles, descriptions, and URLs for maximum SEO benefit. It integrates with major social networks for easy social sharing. And it generates an XML sitemap Features. Access to a network of over 5,700+ police, fire/EMS, aviation, rail, marine and amateur radio streams. Search by name and location. Show feeds near your location. Favorites list. Near real time updated statistics for all streams, updated every 5 minutes. Listings for feeds with alerts, new feeds, and top 25 feeds Likewise, it is not an issue to use the iPad Pro 12.9 inches in the airliner cockpit, and it is an essential replacement for many other piles of books. An iPad with a tiny screen such as the iPad mini is alright for using most aviation apps in commercial jets. However, an iPad Pro is more practical for use in bigger cockpits The iFly GPS app is designed to enhance the flying experience through a comprehensive and intuitive user interface. iFLY GPS was made with the feedback of pilots, CFIs, and aviation trends to develop a practical and simple-to-use aviation app for pilots. The hassle-free iFly GPS app is designed for ease-of-use, affordability, and to allow for. Get a convenient app development cost calculator and estimate your favorite app to approach from a guaranteed source. There is a chance to get a free app quote immediately to access guaranteed and reliable sources. Search the best and authentic apps to get your app quote immediately and use it to get sufficient knowledge and skills Nothing can replace the unique skills of aviation staff, but these apps for cabin crew undoubtedly make it easier to keep organised and functioning at maximum capacity. Based on our extensive experience of managing talented cabin crew candidates, we've created a list of the most useful apps for cabin crew that you should be trying