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Hi MileHiHandyman, it looks like this 11/16 in. x 8 in. x 144 in. Wood Cedar Bevel Siding (Actual: 11/16 in. x 7.5 in. x 144 in.) is a store exclusive item and only able to be bought in a Home Depot store. Unfortunately we do not sell it with online stock for purchase Bevel Cedar Siding Prices. Pricing based on 1500 SQFT order • $2500 ORDER MINIMUM. Bevel Siding with a square butt end is traditionally know as Clapboard Siding. Bevel Siding with a notched butt end is known as Dolly Varden or Rabbeted Bevel. Bevel cedar siding is popular for the traditional look and cedar's natural resistance to the elements Bevel Cedar Siding. Western Red Cedar bevel siding is the most widely-used wood siding. This cedar siding is available in clear and knotty grades, and is made by resawing lumber at an angle to produce pieces thicker on one edge than the other. The manufacturing process of this home siding results in pieces with one face saw textured

Western Red Cedar Bevel Siding is the most widely-used siding type. It is produced by resawing lumber at an angle to produce two pieces thicker on one edge than the other. The manufacturing process results in pieces with one face saw textured. The other face is smooth or saw textured depending on the grade and customer preference > Cedar Bevel Siding. This is a plain bevel or tapered lap siding made with a Western Red Cedar graded Select with tight knots. Sold by the linear foot and available up to 16′ lengths. Tier Discount quantity breaks starting at 150 linear feet for in store and local delivery purchases Western Red Cedar Bevel Siding. Western Red Cedar is an excellent choice for Northwest homes. It offers a timeless compliment to any architectural style from traditional to contemporary style homes. We sell both clear and tight knot Western Red Cedar bevel

Installing Bevel Siding (Clapboards) Spacing for the siding should be laid out beforehand. The number of board spaces between the soffit and bottom of the lowest piece of siding at the foundation should be such that the overlap is as per the table. Start with the bottom course using a furring strip to support the lower edge Click to add item 11/16 x 8 Red Cedar Bevel Siding to the compare list. Add To List. Click to add item 11/16 x 8 Red Cedar Bevel Siding to your list. Sku # 1078002. Online Price. More Information. $12.01 each. You Save $1.48 each with Mail-In Rebate They are lapped to shed water. Bevel wood siding provides rustic warmth for homes and log cabins. Recommended for horizontal applications only. We offer plain or rabbeted edge bevel in Western Red Cedar, Eastern White Pine or Cypress. All our products are kiln dried and are available in random lengths 8' to 16'. Installation Information

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  1. Cedar Bevel Siding . Available Sizes: Features & Benefits:-True Western Red Cedar, milled in British Columbia -Contains natural oils and resins that make it resistant to rot, decay, and insects -Excellent for siding and available in multiple profiles -Lightweight, and easy to work wit
  2. Find Natural wood bevel wood siding & accessories at Lowe's today. Shop wood siding & accessories and a variety of building supplies products online at Lowes.com. Cedar Lap Siding (1-in x 8-in x 168-in) Model #911759. Find the Perfect Wood Siding for Your Home at Lowe's
  3. Cedar bevel siding is installed horizontally. When building outdoor projects, you need to pick the right wood to ensure your project will last. Cedar is extremely durable; natural preservatives protect it from decay, rot, and insect damage. It is also quite light compared to other woods, making it easy to transport, cut, and drill. Features
  4. Western Red Cedar is nature's perfect siding material. Its natural oils make it resistant to decay and insects, and its smooth grain is exceptionally stable and durable when exposed to the sun and the elements. 5/8 in. x 6 in. x 12 ft. Green Western Red Cedar Bevel Siding is a siding of unmatched beauty for today's high-end, traditional style homes, as well as craftman and contemporary
  5. Cedar Bevel Siding. clear, Tight knot and utility grade horizontal bevel siding. Showing all 4 results. 11/16″ x 10″ Select Knotty Bevel Siding $ 26.40 - $ 39.60 Select options; 11/16″ x 8″ Select Knotty Bevel Siding $ 20.32 - $ 30.48 Select options; 11/16″ x 6″ Select Knotty Bevel Siding.

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Bevel Siding. Western Red Cedar bevel siding is the most widely-used siding type. It is produced by resawing lumber at an angle to produce two pieces thicker on one edge than the other. The manufacturing process results in pieces with one face saw textured. The other face is smooth or saw textured depending on the grade and customer preference The Rabetted Bevel - Dolly Varden pattern features a 1/2 - 3/4 notch in the thicker butt end of the board.This rabbeted edge cut allows the bevel siding panels to fit together in such a way as to protect joints from water infiltration. The Dolly Varden Rabbeted Bevel profile is an easier install while providing the same traditional bevel style and appearance Prior to delivery, we had the clear, Bevel siding for this job sent out for custom pre-staining. Upon arrival at the job site, it was ready to install. Starting at the bottom of the wall, Western Red Cedar Bevel siding should be face nailed to studs with 1-1/4″ good penetration into solid wood

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1x8 Western Red Cedar Plain Bevel Siding Product Specifications: • Face Coverage: 6 1/4 • Thickness of Siding Bottom: 11/16 • Grade: STK Grade (Select Tight Knotty). • Surfacing: Light Rough Texture. • Available Lengths: 8', 10', 12', 14', and 16'.Specified piece counts are available depending on current stock at time of order Qty. SKU#: CET0108BKD (10) Western Red Cedar - Appearance Knotty - Kiln Dried - Bevel - 11/16X8 - Random Length PC. Qty. SKU#: CET5408RK (14) Western Red Cedar - Appearance Knotty - Kiln Dried - Rabbeted Bevel - 5/4X8 - Random Length PC. Qty. SKU#: CET0108CKD (18) Western Red Cedar - Appearance Knotty - Kiln Dried - Channel Rustic - 1X8. Cedar & Hemlock Bevel Siding. Hood Distribution is providing a complete one-stop shopping SOLUTION for your bevel siding needs. The Bevel Store is a new concept in the marketing of cedar and hemlock siding, offering you high quality products in the quantities that allow for a profitable inventory

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  1. 1×8 Lap & Gap Cedar 8-16′ Cedar Bevel Siding Wavy Edge & Straight Edge Siding Log Cabin Siding 8-16′ 1×6 #122 T&G D Grade 16′ 1/2″ 4×8 T-111 4″& 8″ on center 1/2″ 4×8 Reverse Board & Batten 1×4″ 12′ Beaded Ceiling 'Ship Lap' - 1×8 12′ Fineline T&G Ponderosa Pine. Call 918-627-1926 for prices and availability. How.
  2. Haida Bevel siding radiates prestige. It is a rustic straight edge bevel siding made from the same selected Western Red Cedar as Haida Skirl. Permi-fused for tight knot protection, Haida Bevel is kiln dried to an average moisture content of 14% to ensure maximum stability in all climates
  3. BEVEL SIDING Western Red Cedar bevel siding is the most widely used siding type. It is produced by resawing lumber at an angle to produce two pieces thicker on one edge than the other. The manufacturing process results in pieces with one face saw textured and the other face smooth as a result of running the board through the planer
  4. Beveled siding is the most widely used type of cedar siding. It is available in several grades of clear and knotty, and LS Cedar inventories the finest available in each category. All our beveled siding is kiln-dried and manufactured to exacting standards. Clear Vertical Grain. This is the best grade available and is a favorite of LS Cedar.

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Wholesale Cedar Siding - Bevel, Channel, Tongue and Groove (T&G) Wholesale cedar siding comes in many different varieties. We offer bevel, channel, and tongue and groove siding. Each type of siding can be installed in different ways to help you create the look and feel that you are going after. When you order direct from us, you save Real cedar siding is one of the most sustainable exterior siding available. It produces the least greenhouse gas, air pollution, water pollution and solid waste. Not only that — Western Red Cedar lumber is harvested from the most sustainably managed forests in the world. So you can feel good about your wood. Western Red Cedar is free of pitch. Quality Cedar Products. We specialize in high quality cedar siding products including wavy edge bevel siding, straight edge bevel siding, tongue and groove panellings, channel sidings, log cabin sidings, clear S4S finish, decking, posts, and timbers. All of our premium architectural knotty and clear grade products are sold under our Haida brand.

Beveled Cedar Siding and Corners - Help! forestgirl | Posted in Construction Techniques on August 16, 2002 06:28am I normally (or abnormally, maybe) hang out at Knots, but this question is more house-related. I just finished the carcass of a large woodbin, and I want to put 8″ beveled cedar siding around the outside to spiff it up a bit Wood Siding Products . Bear Creek Lumber can offer a wide variety of wood siding products. The most common wood species for us to provide are going to be Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Redwood, Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine.However, through our network of suppliers and mills we can offer other wood species as requested Cedar Siding. Western Red Cedar exterior wood siding is your best choice for beauty, durability and design flexibility. Our exterior cedar wood siding is manufactured by members of the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association to meet today's needs for consistent quality in a wide range of wood siding products that add value to every project C1-Cedar-siding-bevel, channel, t & g. CHECK STOCK BEFORE SELL. DO NOT CUT A LONG PC AND LEAVE A SHORT. WESTERN RED CEDAR BEVEL SIDINGS

Hello, I have never done any cedar siding, I am replacing small rotten area of the house. I am using 8x10 bevel cedar siding. I removed rotten out siding but managed to saved all the pieces for a template for the angle where it meets the roof. My question now is, can I cut it with a circular.. Cedar bevel siding is the most widely-used siding type. It is produced by resawing lumber at an angle to produce two pieces thicker on one edge than the other. This cedar bevel siding is clear of knots for a clean finished look. Dimensions: 1/2x4, 1/2x6, 1/2x8, 3/4x8, 3/4x1 Home > LUMBER / BUILDING MATERIALS > Lumber > Cedar > Cedar Bevel Siding > 6 Cedar Bevel Siding We found 7 results matching your criteria. Find by Pricing Below 15 (1) 15 to 18.99 (1) 19 and Above (5 I ended up getting the Maze ring shank siding nails. Also- was hoping for your guys input on one last thing. I am able to get a really good deal for 10 cedar bevel siding. I've heard bevel siding can warp/bow a bit. This is 3/4 thick and will be on 16 oc studs. Important to note they will be placed over 3/8 plastic furring strips

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Raw Bevel Beveled wood siding is solid, stable and naturally resistant to the elements. Bevel siding is one of the most popular siding materials offered. Often referred to as clapboard, the boards are installed horizontally and provide varying shadow lines based on the thickness of the siding Prefinished Cedar Rabbeted Bevel Siding. Rabbeted bevel siding is a variation of bevel siding (also known as clapboard siding) in which a rectangular groove (rabbet) is cut at the thick butt edge of each board. This rabbet allows the top board to overlap the board below (only used on horizontal applications) to create a seal against moisture.

2 inch cedar lumber is approximately 1-3/4 thick and rough on all sides. Other Cedar Products: 1x6 tongue and groove wall and ceiling. (Please call for availability) Sold in packs of 6 pieces of one length. 1x8 Bevel Siding. (Please call for availability) Sold in packs of 6 pieces of one length. 1x8 channel rustic siding. $3.80 per foot Cedar Beveled Siding - In Stock. Type / Description 1/2 X 6 1/2 X 8 3/4 X 10; WRC Clear FJ Primed Beveled Siding Prime Lock EWP Beveled Siding. Cedar Bevel Siding - Total Average Cost per square foot. $7.95. $10.50. $12.95. Cost can add up quickly, especially if you're a novice and have never attempted a Cedar Bevel Siding installation before. I would strongly recommend you hire a licensed and Insured siding contractor to perform the installation for you

Bevel cedar siding: This horizontal cedar siding is the most popular of all profiles. A single board is cut diagonally resulting in two planks each with one edge thicker than the other. As a further option the surface can be saw-textured for richer character or made smooth. In addition to a plain bevel edge, rabbeted bevel and wavy edge bevel. Elite Solid Bevel Siding. Elite Solid Bevel siding is a consistent and superior quality of Western Red Cedar and is available in three grades: Clear VG (graded for the smooth face) AYE (graded for the smooth face) AYE TEX (graded for the rough face Made with a lap-over channel as a guide for accurate installation, this rough sawed beveled siding is a gorgeous product. The channel is 3/8 inch deep and 1/2 inch long. All siding is crafted by our Amish mill workers with true old world workmanship. We use #1 grade materials and all siding is kiln dried to a low moisture content before. Our Hemlock bevel siding is old growth Western Hemlock and is all C&BTR vertical grain with an oil primer. Hemlock is a great alternative to pine or cedar as it does not contain extractives and is therefore not prone to bleeding. The smooth side provides an excellent surface for painting and the rough side accepts stain exceptionally well

Bevel Siding. Tague Lumber carries bevel siding in the following stock sizes: ½ x 6, ½ x 8, and ¾ x 10 in random lengths. Bevel siding is available in: • Western Red Cedar. • Cedar (grade A & better) • Primelock Finger Joint /EWP Siding by Princeton Forest Products. View Product Gallery CEDAR BEVEL SIDING. Bevel siding is available in clear and knotty grades. Clear grade provides a premium, clean appearance while knotty looks more rustic and natural. Bevel Siding Specifications. Kiln Dried Clear Kiln Dried Tight Knot Clear Primed Primed ; ½ x 4 11/16 × 6 ½ × 6 11/16 × 6 ½ x 6 11/16 ×

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  1. Clapboard (aka bevel) siding can reduce your heater and air conditioner use while keeping your house comfortable year round. With Rocky Mountain Forest Products, you can also choose the exact material you want for your bevel clapboard. We offer everything from natural durable cedar and high-end redwood to less expensive fir, pine, and spruce
  2. Bevel Cedar Siding is the most widely-used siding profile in Canada. It is produced by resawing lumber at an angle to produce two pieces thicker on one edge than the other. No jokes please, the thick edge is called the butt. The manufacturing process results in pieces with one face saw textured
  3. I've been using these gauges to install 1x8 cedar bevel siding (about 500 s.f. so far) and overall they do work, but needed a bit of modification first (-1 star) and could use a re-design (-1 star)
  4. imum lap for bevel siding should not be less than 1 inch. The average exposure distance is usually deter

We also offer a complete line of cedar trim, timbers, and other boards and dimension available. You can apply plain bevel sidings horizontally or on a slight diagonal. Finish with latex paint or a semi-transparent latex stain. Cedar Bevel Siding Dimensions: 1/2 x 4, 1/2 x 6, 1/2 x 8 (clear vertical grain grade) 3/4 x 8, 3/4 x 10 (clear vertical. Western Red Cedar. Our cedar is of the highest fiber quality and comes from the best manufacturers in the world! Cedar's natural oils and resins make it naturally resistant to rot and decay, making it a great choice for exterior siding and decking.But it can also be used in more creative ways, including soffit, porch ceilings, accent walls, custom garage doors, cabins, and commercial buildings

Bevel Siding. The profile fits together to protect the joints from water ingress. The board is cut angled that makes one side thicker to create the bottom, while the top is thinner making for easy installation. The lapping effect creates a nice look, but also sheds the water. This profile should be installed horizontally. Sizing Available Bevel siding, also referred to as clapboard siding, is a popular log siding product that has a thick butt and a thin top edge. While bevel siding can be manufactured with a straight edge, for a more rustic look, our wavy edge bevel siding is individually machined with irregular widths along the bottom edge that give the wood its wavy appearance BEVEL CEDAR SIDING New/ Used.. $2 (pdx > CHEHALIS) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $7. favorite this post Jul 21 New T-111 Siding + DECK + Fence + Lumber + Plywood + Rail Road Ties $7 (pdx > Woodland WA. East Edge of I-5 near Exit 21) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $12 Bevel Cedar Siding. While T&G siding is flat, beveled siding is angled and overlapped to create a shadowed edge between each plank. It is the most common and traditional form of exterior cedar siding. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Homes. Real cedar siding is one of the most environmentally friendly exterior sidings available

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Learn how you can get the same look and beauty of cedar with all the performance and low-maintenance benefits of Azek PVC with the new Azek Bevel Siding BEVELED SIDING. Our tilting head resaw can make beveled siding (with one edge thicker than the other) for exterior use, such as siding or roofing. These thicknesses can be varied, the board width can be 6, 8 or 10 inches, and the surface can be planed or rough. Thicker beveled siding can be made with a rabbet (notched edge) to allow a tighter fit

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3/4 x 10 x 12′ Red Cedar Bevel Siding Lumber. $ 38.50. Smooth Face, Rough Sawn Back. Actual Dimensions: 3/4″ Butt End Tapering down to 5/32″. 9-1/2″ W x 12′ L. Actual Exposure: 8-1/2″ with 1″ Overlap. Coverage Per Piece: 8.45 sq/ft. No two pieces are the same. Readily Accepts Stain or Paint How to install cedar weatherboards (sort of...)I love working with cedar, it smells good, it's easy to handle and it looks awesome. The nails we are using fo.. Laurentian - 8 ½ Bevel. $ 1.00. 8 ½ Bevel Lap Siding. If your project is craving the ageless look of bevel siding, Laurentian is the perfect profile choice. Bring your project to life with the superior design of this bevel lap siding, available in designer colors Quadra Cedar Bevel Lap Siding is a beautiful way to update the look of your home or cottage. Made of western red cedar, it is the most widely used cedar wood siding. Coming in at 11/16-inch at the thick edge and 1/8-inch at the thin edge, this re-sawn textured lap siding is intended for horizontal installation

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The average maximum cost per linear foot of cedar bevel siding is $68.94. In addition to the cost of the boards of cedar bevel siding, homeowners undertaking this project will incur some additional expenses. Supplies and tools such as nails, house wrap, house wrap tape and corner trim add an average of $125 to the cost of the project Beveled Cedar Siding Prices. Homes in log and but sizes of clear for virtually any. Wholesale prices subject to you plan projects cedar is the highest quality of pitch and but sizes up to change without notice wood windows wood lap siding style ranch bungalow. Wholesale beveled cedar siding prices, menards is a service 11/16x6 Rabbeted Bevel TK Cedar Siding. $500 (Kent) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $6,600. favorite this post. Jul 5 Cedar Bevel Siding Western Red Cedar, Utility grade and better beveled siding. Available in 6″, 8″ and 10″. No matter if you are replacing a few boards or completing a whole side of a house, storage shed or whatever you can imagine, check out Cedars of Idaho Bevel Siding In addition to cedar siding, we also carry fiber cement and hardboard siding . You can view and feel these materials in person at our 6,500 square-foot showroom and new replacement center, where our knowledgeable staff is always happy to help you choose the right materials for your project

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  1. Re: 8 cedar bevel siding. newsouth, Nailing procedure should be as follows. Nail approximately 1 to 1 1/4 above the butt (bottom). Nail 16 on center (on the studs) that's important! I would try to have the siding long enough so you dont need a joint to span between your corner boards. If a joint is necessary use a scarf joint on the studs
  2. Cedar Products Boards/Trims Aye & Better Knotty Boards Dimension Aye & Better Rough Sawn Appearance Wide S4S Appearance Decking 2×4/2×6 Selkirk Wane Free KD 5/4×6 Selkirk Wane Free KD Fencing Clear No Hole #1 Boards Roofing Shakes/Shingles Spindles Clear S4S Select Knotty S4S Squares Appearance Rough Sawn Appearance S4S Bevel Siding Clear Bevels - Technical [
  3. High quality cedar, fast delivery nationwide, and easy quotes for cedar building materials. Direct from mill pricing on all cedar products. Cedar siding, lumber & timbers for sale! Call 1-877-513-9553 to Order Today

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  1. Siding Patterns - 5/8 x 6 Bevel, 5/8 x 8 Bevel, 5/4 x 8 Bevel, 1 x 6 V-Joint C/M, 1 x 8 Lap & Gap, 1 x 10 Lap & Gap Rough Sawn or S4S Cedar Timbers in custom sizes up 16 x 16 - 40' Treated Yellow Pin
  2. Beveled Cedar Siding. Engineered Lumber Engineered wood is generally straighter, more stabile and structurally consistent than dimensional lumber. In joist and rafter applications, the reconstituted products are particularly useful because they can span long distances with less sagging than similarly-sized conventional lumber
  3. Siding is a Very Important Part of Your Home. Not only does siding protect your house from the outside elements, siding is also used to enhance your home's visual appeal. Curtis Lumber carries vinyl, fiber cement, brick, cedar and other various wood sidings to cover your home
  4. Raw Bevel / Clapboard Specifications: 1/2 x 4. Western Red Cedar (WRC) A & Better Grade (A&BTR) Raw Bevel / Clapboard Siding. Available in various lengths (Linear Foot). Please include the desired length when submitting quotes online. Western Red Cedar - A & Better Grade: Ideal to applications where finishing requirements are less exacting
  5. Beveled-cedar Siding Installation - Standards unclear. Hi - long story short - repairing some siding and replacing some vinyl to create a uniform exterior wall. Based in WI, don't see any specific building codes other than a referral to the Western Cedar Association install guide. Questions. 1) Anyone know if there is a different standard I.

Cedar siding is a 100% natural material that is easy to get and is perfect for someone looking to achieve a raw and minimalistic look. Cedar siding is popular for many reasons, but its appearance is at the top of the list. Cedar siding has a vibrant wood grain and deep coloring that is accented with knots and grains Description. Westren red cedar Clear Finger-Jointed Primed Bevel siding. 1/2″ thick on the bottom edge, 5 3/8″ wide and covers 4 3/8 when installed. This product is meant to be used with the smooth face exposed. Call for current inventory. There are no reviews yet. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review Classic - 6 Bevel. $ 1.00. 6 Bevel Lap Siding. Create a vintage look for your home with our Classic 6 inch bevel siding. A crowd pleaser, the Classic profile has earned its distinguished name. With a beautiful color offering, you will find the look you are after

Cedar's natural characteristics protect against decay and insects, ensure materials stay straight, lay flat, and provide an excellent base for paints and stains. Quality coating systems can be used with confidence for a variety of decorative effects. This is an outstanding advantage of real wood Cedar siding The Western Red Cedar collection from West Bay includes high quality siding (bevel and panel pattern stock), trim, boards, and decking. Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to moisture, decay, and insects making it an ideal material for siding, decking, fences, arbors, and gazebos

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Beveled Cedar Siding 1 x 8 x 8' - $8.00 a board I've decided to get into shape, and the shape I've selected is a triangle. || Howie Mandel. Hahaha, all jokes aside. This beveled siding is perfect for replacing old boards or starting something new! With a triangular cut the boards gently overlap creating a tight seal that will hold up. Bevel Siding Cedar Aye/Clear Kiln Dried Vertical Grain 1/2x6-16. What would be the ideal nail size/type to install using this Hitachi nail gun? (I think it is the Hitachi / Metabo HPT KNR9050A 3-1/2 Framing Nailer and 2 Brad Nailer Combo Kit) Thanks. exterior siding nails. Share Reusing beveled cedar siding. GBA Editor | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on April 8, 2010 05:12am I have a few thousand ft of reclaimed beveled cedar I am planning to put on my new home construction. The issue is while spraying deck stain/sealer on the back to seal it before install and eventually paint..I am finding some of the. Cedar Siding Shingles provide the highest insulation value of any siding product on the market and are manufactured from a 100% renewable resource making it the environmentally sound choice. There are three species of Cedar R&R available. Please click on the pictures below for more information and pricing Contact your local store for details and availability. Engineered for climate, we offer four styles of house siding: cement, wood, metal and vinyl siding. 84 Lumber's siding materials are built to resist termites, cracking and moisture. Covering your home in siding from 84 Lumber means covering your home in the highest quality of materials Elite™ Western Red Cedar Bevel Siding and Trim. When properly finished and maintained, Western Red Cedar is an ideal choice as a bevel siding material. WRC Siding is a very popular wood siding material as it combines its traditional aesthetic appeal with a natural resistance to decay and attack from insects