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Watercolor's primary characteristic is its ease of revision. Both Raphael and Michelangelo worked in the medium of fresco. Acrylic is an example of a nonaqueous medium. What is the processes of buon fresco Watercolor's primary characteristic is its: asked Feb 3, 2017 in Art & Culture by pirus. A. permanency. B. opacity. C. ease of revision. D. transparency. E. textural qualities. cultural-and-regional-art; 0 Answers. 0 votes. answered Feb 3, 2017 by Sanchez . Best answer. D The leading characteristic of watercolor is transparency and its ability.

Watercolor's primary characteristics is its _____. transparency. Two ancient painting media that are still in use today are _____ and ____. encaustic, fresco. In oil painting, linseed oil acts as a _____. binder. The first acclaimed artist to understand and exploit oil painting was _____ Watercolor's primary characteristic is its: gouache _____ is watercolor that has been made opaque by adding inert white pigment to it. False. After building a canvas and before painting it, a painter generally applies a coat of linseed oil. a powdered color. What is pigment in paint Watercolor is a medium known for its transparency and fluidity. There are three kinds of watercolor paint - tube, pan, and liquid. The following are some of the characteristics common to all watercolors Watercolor's primary characteristic is its ease of revision

Watercolor's primary characteristic is its ease of revision. Both Raphael and Michelangelo worked in the medium of fresco. What are the 12 spiritual principles? The 12 spiritual principles of recovery are as follows: acceptance, hope, faith, courage, honesty, patience, humility, willingness, brotherly-love, integrity, self-discipline, and. Watercolor (American English) or watercolour (British English; see spelling differences), also aquarelle (French, from Italian diminutive of Latin aqua water), is a painting method in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-based solution. Watercolor refers to both the medium and the resulting artwork The color of water varies with the ambient conditions in which that water is present. While relatively small quantities of water appear to be colorless, pure water has a slight blue color that becomes a deeper green as the thickness of the observed sample increases

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  1. Watercolour Comparisons 1 - Ultramarine Blue here. Watercolour Comparisons 2 - mid yellows here. Watercolour Comparisons 3 - Primary Red here. Watercolour Comparisons 4 - Burnt Sienna here. Watercolour Comparisons 5 - Greens (Single Pigment, convenience mixes and special effect) here. Watercolour Comparisons 6 - Reds (Cool, mid and warm) here
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  3. Opaque watercolors are the exact opposite. They allow little light to pass through and thus are less effective when layering. Is a watercolor medium with white inert pigment added to it? Impasto is watercolor that has been made opaque by adding inert white pigment to it. Watercolor's primary characteristic is its ease of revision
  4. Watercolor also spelled WATERCOLOUR, pigment ground in gum, usually gum arabic, and applied with brush and water to a painting surface, usually paper; the term also denotes a work of art executed in this medium
  5. Definition. a subtle blending of colors. the painting to be reworked indefinitely. the application of layers of paint on top of one another. an almost infinite range of consistencies. Term. _______ is watercolor that has been made opaque by adding inert white pigment to it. Definition
  6. seawater has a maximum density at its freezing point, i.e. -1.9°C. Light can travel a maximum of a few hundred meters through water. Sound can travel thousands of kilometers through water. Water is essential to life. 2. Natural Waters Natural waters acquire their characteristics due to dissolution as well as chemica
  7. Granular paints tend to have a grainy texture when dry. This appearance is due to the uneven distribution of pigment particles on the paper surface. Granular pigments react this way because they are larger, heavier, and more irregular in shape than other small, fine pigments. This is a characteristic of the pigments themselves

Description MaimeriBlu Artist Watercolors are characterized by the exceptional intensity and lightfastness of its colors. The pigment concentration is very high, with the majority of the paints consisting of one pigment to ensure maximum color purity and clean mixing Watercolor paint is transparent and often layered. Watercolor is made from finely powdered pigment bound in gum arabic glycerin, honey or sugar solution and a dispersant wetting agent like ox gall. The gum and dispersant agent helps increase the flow of watercolor which creates its characteristic transparent washes Describing how a color leans towards another primary or secondary is also referred to as itsbias. A red, as we can see, can have a yellow or a blue bias. Figure 3: The reds are spit into a warm, yellowish red on top and a cool, bluish red (magenta) on bottom. Color temperature is also important during paint mixing

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Must have watercolors - warm and cool primary colors. and its lightfastness. Transparent watercolor paints. Combining all of these quality characteristics together at the same time can be tricky. So creating a palette where every color is single pigment, transparent,. The most important light-absorbing substance in the oceans is chlorophyll, which phytoplankton use to produce carbon by photosynthesis. Due to this green pigment - chlorophyll - phytoplankton preferentially absorb the red and blue portions of the light spectrum (for photosynthesis) and reflect green light. So, the ocean over regions with high concentrations of phytoplankton will appear as. DANIEL SMITH has 261 colors in our Extra Fine Watercolor line, including 36 PrimaTek and 48 Luminescent colors, available in tubes, sticks and half pans Holbein's Opaque watercolor (Gouache)A total of 89 colors. What is Gouache? Although Gouache (Opaque watercolor) is made from pigment and medium of gum arabic, it is possible to express a coloring surface that hides under-coated paint because Gouache contains a larger amount of pigment than transparent watercolor. Characteristics Beyond Primary Colors . Indeed, any printer or graphic designer does know CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) to be their primary colors. That's because the primary colors used as printing inks are different from the primary colors used in color mixing for painting. The two things are different

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By its definition, watercolor is a type of Fine Art painting in which the color pigments are part of a water-based solution. Mostly being gum arabic, as opposed to other substances that were used in the past, these particles can be mixed with additives such as glycerin, honey, or ox gall, in order to achieve different visual qualities. Watercolor Comparison: Transparent Red Oxide (PR101) Plus a Mixing Chart. Tonya August 29, 2017. Transparent Red Oxide, or Pigment Red 101, is known by a host of names. I usually shorten it to TRO or even TOR which refers to another moniker, Transparent Oxide Red. In watercolor, it's also labeled as Mars Red, Venetian Red, Red Earth, Indian Red. Due to its simplicity and fool-proof painting techniques, it's not surprising how it's become one of the most popular painting methods today. It's also one of the most versatile and flexible mediums. Because of its popularity, watercolor has gained a lot of supporters — artists — who use the medium for their pieces Quinacridone Burnt Orange, made with PO48, is a little like W&N Burnt Sienna - a lovely transparent burnt orange than makes as amazing range of colours when mixed with a blue. Here it is mixed with Phthalo blue and you can see the browns, turquoise and greens that are possible. Just two pigments can be used to create wonderful paintings Watercolor is my primary medium, I passionately explore its compelling infinite possibilities yet challenging characteristics through traditional as well as abstract approaches - the results are masterpieces of light and pure spontaneity, always inviting the viewer to step into my paintings. My painting are ultimately the expression of my heart.

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By Carrie Lewis in Art Business Advice > General Art Advice Some time ago, I described the four most important skills every artist needs in order to succeed. Those skills were: • The ability to see • The ability to draw what you see • The ability to promote yourself and your work • The ability to say noQuick announcement - EmptyEasel has created a quicker, easier way for artists to. I was struck yesterday by a post on the blog of Jeffery Hayes about his experimentation with the limited palette recommended by Mark Carder in his method of learning to paint.. Hayes is a still life painter who uses a wide palette of up to 70 paints, and produces quite beautiful results from his choices. While not normally a fan of limited palettes, he tried this particular one at the. Color is the primary factor affecting how colors absorb heat but not the only one, its sheen is also important. Shiny coats reflect significant amounts of light and heat compared to dull coat colors. A shiny palomino coat is the most reflective equine color and just coincidently originates from the desert So far I am using Holbein only. I like to use primary color triads with single pigments Holbein to create a myriad of color transitions. I am slightly regretful about purhasing rose madder long ago, not knowing that it is actually the original alizarin crimson known for its fugitive properties. Otherwise the whole experience with Holbein is good

Watercolor manufacturers invest the most money, time, and testing into their artist grade lines. Because student paints lack a lot of the higher grade pigments, flow agents, and fillers (aka ingredients) that give artist grade paints their characteristics, student grade watercolors won't perform like the pros Chinese painting - Chinese painting - Characteristics of painting: The character of Chinese painting, like that of Chinese calligraphy, is closely bound up with the nature of the medium. The basic material is ink, formed into a short stick of hardened pine soot and glue, which is rubbed to the required consistency on an inkstone with a little water However, watercolor mixing is a little different. For the most part, you simply need a greater water to pigment ratio for a lighter color. If you want a lighter look, just add more water to your brush or palette to make your color lighter. With watercolors, you can even create layers that are only slightly tinted with pigment

The primary medium used in gouache — which, by the way, has a rich history that dates back over 600 years — is a natural pigment that's very similar to watercolor. The primary differences between the two are that the particle sizes are larger in gouache, it uses binders like gum Arabic and dextrin, and it also utilizes white fillers such. Honey is used in watercolor because of its humectant characteristics. It pulls in moisture in and distributes it evenly. This makes it very easy to activate the pigment. We recommend starting with the set below. This set of primary colors ideal for beginners (e.g., for color theory classes): Ultramarine Blue; Permanent Alizarin Crimson or.

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My Sennelier Watercolor Review. For a long time, my primary watercolor brand was Dr. Ph. Martin's Hydrus watercolors. They are excellent and served my needs well for years, but there were a few downsides. Around the time that I started my watercolor planner, I decided to do some research and look for a new watercolor experience. I dove into. Jan 26, 2016 - Explore Peggy Angelicola's board Winsor Newton Watercolor information, followed by 296 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about winsor & newton, watercolor, newton 10. 1. A Common Indian Nightjar 18th century India, Lucknow Watercolor on paper 8 5/8 x 11 1/8 in. (21.9 x 28.3 cm) 11. A Common Indian Nightjar The classic works of the Company School of painting were studies of plant and animal life, of which this depiction of the nightjar bird is one Compared with other medias, water color pay special attention to the techniques of expression. In excellent water color paintings for sale, it is hard to see the trace of modification, because to fill their own features of purity, transparence, clearness and natural in the first stroke is the characteristics of art watercolor

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  1. Church attendance between 1700 and 1740 was an estimated 75 to 80 percent of the population. The Great Awakening swept the English-speaking world, as religious energy vibrated between England, Wales, Scotland and the American colonies in the 1730s and 1740s
  2. Although his watercolors are not as well know as his paintings, Van Gogh knew that he was perfecting his skills and in that he was on the verge of something great. At the age of 28 Vincent wrote the following in a letter to Theo, I came away from him with some painted studies and a few watercolours
  3. 5:30 - 7 pm: Demo & Sip with Steve Griggs. $35. With fun and humor, Steve Griggs demonstrates his unique style of loose, moving, and evocative watercolor painting. Taking 'loose' to a new level, Steve uses bold lines, shapes, and color to create expressive paintings that draw the viewer into the scene

On a 9x12 sheet of WC paper, your will do three drawings of a lemon representing its 1. shape, 2. form and 3. tone using pencil following the instruction in the document below. Also on that page, you will paint two depictions of a lemon using watercolor to capture its light and shade from 4. overhead light source and 5. a low angle of light Sennelier is pleased to introduce the newest evolution of its watercolor line. Continuing its traditional color palette used by French Impressionist painters, Sennelier has now expanded the Sennelier Artists' Watercolor line to 98 colors to include more rich darks Colosseum, giant amphitheater built in Rome under the Flavian emperors. Unlike earlier amphitheaters, the Colosseum is a freestanding structure of stone and concrete that uses a complex system of vaults. It was the scene of thousands of gladiator combats, contests between men and animals, and mock naval engagements Watercolor brushes are one of the biggest tools used in the program that helps the user to create amazing designs and artworks in the program. Once the user creates a brush with the help of an object, he can use the brush at any point in time in the document, and that brush is stored within the software for any future use

At its most basic, gouache is opaque watercolor. It is made of pigment suspended in a binder, which is often gum arabic. The most common surface for gouache, like watercolor, is paper. While gouache has a long history of use by artists, its flexibility and reproducibility has made it more popular for illustration than fine art in modern times The hope is that students will use this global approach to develop a critical eye in evaluation of contemporary painting. Demonstrations, videos, PowerPoint lectures, group and individual critiques will be given throughout the course. Acrylic will be the primary medium for this class

Watercolor drawing of an assembly of the Senate of Liberia by Liberian artist Robert K. Griffin, Monrovia. 1850-1860. These primary documents offer details and insights on conditions Liberian settlers faced, as well as on the early relationship between these settlers and the indigenous populations There are thousands of art collectors worldwide, filling their galleries, collections and walls with photography, oil paintings, watercolors and more. Art collecting can be a very lucrative hobby, as there are many variables that contribute to the value of a piece, including its provenance, condition, and the sales history and experience of the artist. Some [ There are four types of brushes introduced here: Cloud, Cloud 2, Fluffy Watercolor, and Fluffy Watercolor 3. Each of these four types of brushes has its own characteristics and the resulting cloud impression is different. Be sure to try them all out and choose the one that will paint your ideal clouds. 2 Feb 5, 2021 - Explore Josiane Cobert's board watercolour painting, followed by 6744 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about painting, watercolor paintings, watercolor

Calligraphy is the most highly regarded and most fundamental element of Islamic art.It is significant that the Qur'an, the book of God's revelations to the Prophet Muhammad, was transmitted in Arabic, and that inherent within the Arabic script is the potential for developing a variety of ornamental forms.The employment of calligraphy as ornament had a definite aesthetic appeal but often. Indigo as a plant-based pigment has its own characteristics. It is a granulating deep blue watercolor that gives an earthy feeling when mixed with other pigments. It is uneven if applied with a lot of water and you can notice small pigment (plant) particles in it Streams, lakes, and wetlands differ profoundly from one another in the conditions they provide as habitats for biological communities. Fundamental characteristics of standing water (a lentic system) or flowing water (a lotic system), the dynamics of its interaction with adjacent land and vegetation, and seasonal fluctuations in water conditions determine characteristic biological assemblages

NASA Earth Observatory Goes to the Beach. Summer is beach season in the northern hemisphere. But even if you're a regular at your local swimming hole, you probably haven't seen too many beaches from this perspective See Page 1. 15 Which of the following characteristics apply to this painting? Texture, impasto Watercolor, mixed media Mixed media, impasto Impasto, watercolor CONCEPT Texture, Tactility 16 Which of the answer choices is a characteristic of this work of art? Three-dimensional Photo-sensitive Carving Traditional media CONCEPT LUKAS Aquarell 1862 Watercolor Whole Pan - Cyan Blue (Primary) : Amazon.ae: Toys. Skip to main content.ae. Hello Select your address All Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Returns & Orders. Cart All. Sell Best Sellers New Releases Mobile Phones. Transparent non-staining. Rose madder Genuine, Permanent Rose, Cobalt Blue, Veridian, Hookers Green, Aureolin (cool) Key points: Mix well with all other pigments except staining colors (which dye them) Most useful for transparent watercolorist. Inherently light in value so don't depend on for above value7 or 8 The transparency of aquarelles is its main attribute and main value: it gives the characteristic lightness of watercolor painting. Watercolor background in web design. Watercolor backgrounds are a popular trend in web design because they add a touch of art to the routine. As a result, they help the website design to stand out from the crowd.

Gouache is sometimes called body color or opaque watercolor. I prefer its proper name as it sounds cool. like gwwaashh. Also it is water based and non-toxic. Artists have been using gouache for centuries and many famous names have dabbled with it. Marc Chagall and Henri Matisse for instance. Gouache Characteristics ADVERTISEMENTS: Some of the major physical characteristics of water are as follows: 1. Suspended Solids 2. Turbidity 3. Colour 4. Taste and Odour 5. Temperature! Physical parameters define those characteristics of water that respond to the senses of sight, touch, taste or smell. Suspended solids, turbidity, colour, taste and odour and temperature fall into this [

The most common types of paint used are acrylic, oil, water-mixable oil, watercolor, and pastel. Each has its own characteristics and properties to master, and they all look unique. Oil paint has been used for hundreds of years and is known for its deep, rich hues. Watercolors, on the other hand, are translucent and delicate In watercolor, the lightest value you can achieve is found in the white of the paper. Often, when painting a strong light source, like the brilliant light found in the sunset, it is tempting to want to use a strong saturation of yellow. However, yellow at its strongest saturation is actually yellow's DARKEST value Cézanne, like Pissarro and Monet, used the neutralizing effect of combining three primary colors—ultramarine, vermilion and chrome yellow—to make colored grays. (Callen, 2000) Its popularity soon faded because a more stable opaque pigment, cadmium yellow, was introduced by the middle of the century

The non-staining qualities of Winsor & Newton's cobalt watercolor paints — cobalt blue, cobalt green, aureolin (cobalt yellow) and cobalt violet — . are perfect for establishing the composition and forms that undergird . the fluid application of paint. After mixing the desired color and value on my palette, I apply it to the paper Last stop on the word tour of watercolors in celebration of World Watercolor Month is the UK. What a month, it's been an amazing experience! With its headquarters in London, England- Winsor & Newton is a fine art manufacturer that has been providing professional art supplies since 1832. The company was founded by William Winsor and Henry Newton. Along with a [ He regarded drawing as his primary art form, appreciating it for its immediacy of expression, and produced some of the finest examples of drawing in the 20 th century. Even his painterly oeuvre revealed a style that captured some of drawing's essential characteristics, with its emphasis on contour, graphic mark, and linearity

A.W.S.: Abbreviation of the American Watercolor Society, established in 1866. Accent: A detail, brushstroke, or area of color placed in a painting for emphasis. Acid Free: Acid free refers to papers without acid (pH) in the pulp when manufactured. High acidity papers degrade quickly. Acrylic: Paint made from pigments and a synthetic plastic binder, water-soluble when wet, insoluble when dry On the other hand, its female counterpart has a green back and crown, white breast and sides with streaks of green, and a characteristic white ear stripe. Its bill has a reddish colour that comes with a black tip, just like the male. Xantus' Hummingbird. The Xantus' is a Mexican hummingbird that is usually found in Baja, California Characteristics synonyms, Characteristics pronunciation, Characteristics translation, English dictionary definition of Characteristics. adj. Being a feature that helps to distinguish a person or thing; distinctive: heard my friend's characteristic laugh; the stripes that are characteristic.. Watercolors are comparatively inexpensive. One tube of color goes a long way since the paint is diluted with a lot of water to achieve its signature translucent effect, meaning that you can see the texture of the paper that lies beneath. Watercolor allows light to bounce off the paper and gives the color its effect rather than bouncing off the. proportions of a primary color and an adjacent secondary color. • In traditional color mixing, there are six and surface characteristics alter color dramatically, generally expanding the range of color in the design. Local Color vs. Atmospheric In watercolors, tempera and acrylics, water is the solvent. In oil paint

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A graceful, slender-tailed, small-headed dove that's common across the continent. Mourning Doves perch on telephone wires and forage for seeds on the ground; their flight is fast and bullet straight. Their soft, drawn-out calls sound like laments. When taking off, their wings make a sharp whistling or whinnying. Mourning Doves are the most frequently hunted species in North America Object-space simulation approaches watercolor simulation and its characteristic effects in a more localized manner, as each 3D object can be individually defined and stylized. However, most object-space simulations are conjugated with image-space simulations once rendered, to enhance the outcome

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Recommended. GenCrafts Complete Watercolor Set 48 Artist-Grade Colors 2 Refillable Pens Mess-Free Storage 15 Sheets PaperWhen it comes to watercolor painting, especially for beginners, it's conveniently easy to work with a complete set for affordability.These high-quality non-toxic and easy-to-use watercolor paints come with 15 sheets of watercolor paper and refillable paint brush pens that. Watercolor sunflower tattoo. The watercolor style takes both its name and aesthetics from watercolor paintings. It's characterized by its vibrant colors, spread out in delicate splashes. In places, the ink looks 'watered down', just like with real watercolors

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As its name implies, bristle is a stiff hair derived from a hog, pig, or boar. Its resilience is ideal for oils on canvas (heavy paint, slightly textured surface). Two characteristics of a quality bristle brush are flagged tips and interlocked construction. Natural bristle has a split tip called a flag Famous Abstract Artists. Willem de Kooning - Kooning was a Dutch artist who became a part of the New York City Abstract Expressionist movement. His most famous painting is Woman III which sold for over $137 million. Franz Kline - Kline was an American painter mostly known for his black and white paintings The peculiar characteristics of photography and its approaches have opened up a new and immensely fantastic field for a creative human being: a new, magical territory for the discovery of which freedom is the first prerequisite. But not lack of discipline, however. 4 of 7. Trusted Materials. A colorful road, 3 generations long, has led Da Vinci Artists' Colors to become a work of art of their own. Still prepared in small batches with trusted craftsmanship quality, Da Vinci Colors are consistently those that artists love to discover

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Academy Synthetic (Watercolor) - Flat. Flat: Longer hairs than a bright, this brush has more flex and a large color carrying capability. Often used on its edge to create crisp lines or on the broad side to cover large areas with paint quickly. Often used as a primary blending brush. Sizes. 2; 4; 6; Wolves (Canis Lupus), are related to dogs, or more rightly, dogs are actually related to wolves. Wolves and dogs are quite similar in many ways, however, in most cases, wolves are larger animals. Wolves generally have longer legs than dogs. It is difficult to imagine, however, everything from a pug dog to a doberman comes [ Coloring for adults has become popular in the past couple of years, but adults don't want to color with their kids coloring supplies. ColorIt produces coloring books and supplies that are designed specifically for adults. We know you'll appreciate our hardback covers, spiral binding, artist paper, and other details

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What's in a Work of Art? In art, a medium is the material that artists use to create their art. It's that simple. Whatever a piece of art is made out of is its medium. The plural of medium is. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to: Untitled document. 1. Examine and resolve complex problems of shape, scale, value, color, and line. 2. Demonstrate the proper use of the tools of watercolor painting. 3. Employ and interpret the basics of color dynamics and color mixing using transparent washes

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ProDesigns crafts tempting Watercolor logos that can help you in reaching the right group by passing on a corporation's vision and characteristics. At ProDesigns, our primary target is to make weighty stamping available to everyone, despite the size of their monetary farthest point or business thought. 09 David R. Becker, TWSA (Transparent Watercolor Society of America), is a fine artist, illustrator, and art instructor. He is the author of Watercolor Composition Made Easy, and How to Sketch with Watercolor is David's second book. Becker has had 2 different articles published in International Artist and one in Watercolor Magic

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Indeed, one of the primary ways the Spirit builds up the church is by means of prophecy's revelation. Although the gift of prophecy has a great breadth, we should not imagine that its primary purpose is the setting forth of doctrine, even though instruction was part of its original function (1 Corinthians 14:19) Romanticism was a type of reaction to Neoclassicism, in that Romantic artists found the rational, mathematical, reasoned elements of classical art ( i.e.: the art of Ancient Greece and Rome, by way of the Renaissance) too confining. Not that they didn't borrow heavily from it when it came to things like perspective, proportions, and symmetry Vietnam is the second largest exporter of rice in the world behind Thailand, and the Mekong River Delta is one of two primary rice-growing areas in the country. The second is the Red River Delta in the north. The above false-color images contrast the Lower Mekong River at its flood stage and immediately before the monsoon rains started Step 1: Puddle of Color. Dip the watercolor brush in clean water and pat it a few times in the mixing well on your palette to release the water. Run your wet brush over the blue pigment and mix it with water in a separate well. Repeat until you get the desired blue value. Repeat this with the black paint and mix it with the blue

Primary and Secondary Colors. Primary colors are those three basic hues from which all other colors are made. An artist working with paint or ink recognizes her three primary colors as red, yellow and blue (RYB). A digital artist working with direct light understands his primary colors as red, green and blue (RGB). There are reasons for the. · 15ml Watercolors , available in more than 240 colors, the most of any manufacturer. · 5ml Watercolors , available in 88 of the most popular colors DANIEL SMITH makes. · Watercolor Sticks , 51 popular DANIEL SMITH Watercolors shaped into stick form to draw and paint with, a new way to expressively use watercolors The island of Mauritius, where the Dodo Bird lived. Tim Graham / Getty Images. Sometime during the Pleistocene epoch, a badly lost flock of pigeons landed on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, located about 700 miles east of Madagascar. The pigeons prospered in this new environment, evolving over hundreds of thousands of years into the flightless, 3-foot-tall (.9 m), 50-pound (23 kg) dodo. Primary Subject and Grade: U.S. History 5-12, Visual Arts 5-12 Components: Lesson Plan, Images, Student Activities Standards: U.S. History Era 5: Civil War and Reconstruction (1860-1877). Visual Arts K-12.6 Making Connections Between Visual Arts and Other Disciplines; K-12.4 Understanding the Visual Arts in Relation to History and Cultures; K-12.3 Choosing and Evaluating a Range of.