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Yates Lime Sulfur Fungicide is an ideal winter clean up spray - spray fruit trees and roses during winter to control hard to kill pests and diseases such as mites and leaf curl. Yates Lime Sulfur controls a range of fungal diseases and pests on fruit trees, tomatoes, grapes, roses and ornamentals Find {productName} at Bunnings. Visit your local store for the widest range of products Manutec Garden Care Products Soil PH Test Kit. (6) $19 .21. more. Add To Cart. Compare. Manutec 1L Hydroponic Potash Plus For Flowers. (0) $13 .98

Product Name TOP Wettable Sulphur Fungicide and Miticide Not classified as hazardous 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE MATERIAL AND SUPPLIER Product Name TOP Wettable Sulphur Fungicide and Miticide Product Code 5187 Product Type Group Y Fungicide Company Name Crop Care Australasia Pty Ltd (ABN 53 061 362 347) Address Unit 15/16 Metroplex Avenue Murarri Wettable Sulphur is a preventative fungicide and miticide and is for the control of certain fungal diseases in grape vines, pome and stone fruit and vegetables. It is also for the control of mites in citrus, grape vines and vegetables. Economical crop protection from powdery mildew, rust, brown rot, black spot and mites in registered crops Powdered sulphur is the coarser grade and is useful for making soil slightly acidic. Apply it at the usual gardener's rate, one handful per square metre and sprinkle over the soil and rake in. It. Controls petal blight, powdery mildew, rust, dollar spot in lawns, mites and many more. Makes 30L of spray. 2 in 1 fungicide and miticide. A multi-purpose, dual-active formulation combining the benefits of mancozeb and wettable sulfur. Both actives have a contact fungicidal action, helping to control and prevent the entry and spread of a range. Sulfur can also control some pests including mites. Take care when using sulfur as it can burn foliage especially on hot days. Try: Manutec Wettable Sulphur or Yates Leaf Curl Spray; Potassium is used as a fungicide to control disease problems such as rust, black spot in roses and powdery mildew. It can kill existing fungus and also prevent new.

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Collect any diseased leaves and prune away badly diseased part of plant,place in the garbage as the spores will remain long in your garden to re-infect other healthy plants. Avoid watering overhead During early spring spray plants with either a fungical soap or wettable Sulphur, reapply regularly and after rain Wettable Sulphur 500g A soluble form of elemental sulphur which is easy to mix and spray and effectively controls powdery mildew, scab. rust & mites. 500g each, 6 per carton. R800 Drain Clear 800g Effective for clearing grease blocked drains. Simply mix recommended dosage with hot water & pour into sink. 800g each, 6 per carton. TRACE ELEME T Manutec Sulphur 500g. Description. Specifications. Reviews. Sulphur is one of the essential elements to plants. It is necessary for the formation of Chlorophyll; the green, light absorbing pigments in plants. A sulphur deficiency results in yellowing, usually of the whole plant, and small leaves with rolled down edges Wettable Sulfur Stulln easily disperses in water, leading to a homogeneous distribution of sulfur particles in the spray. Wettable Sulfur Stulln is registered in Germany for the use in organic farming agrostulln gmbh Werksweg 2 D-92551 Stulln Tel. +49 (0) 94 35.

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Trailer, Agriculture and Fertiliser Sales. MANUTEC is an Australian owned fertiliser, trailer and agriculture manufacturing and distribution company. We are located in Adelaide, South Australia, just 13 km from the Adelaide CBD. MANUTEC's trailer, agriculture and fertiliser divisions stock a wide range of parts and accessories Green Harvest provides an easy reference guide for organic and least-toxic control of garden pests. Two Spotted or Spider Mite: Spider Mites are tiny creatures about the size of a full stop that damage plants by feeding on the chlorophyll in the leaves. They are yellowish-green with 2 large dark spots on their back. In autumn they turn reddish-orange

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