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  2. Nitrum Turbo - XTS Arc Drilled- Turbo Cam & 1/2 CAM LETOFF BRACE HEIGHT AXLE TO AXLE DRAW LENGTH MODULE POSITION BASE CAM STRING CONTROL CABLE BUSS CABLE CAM FAMILY 40 50 60 65 70 80 Nitrum Turbo Turbo #1 75% 5.62 33.50 24.50 B 1 TBD TBD TBD N/A Cam Module Draw Length 75% 5.62 33.50 25 C 1 TBD TBD TBD N/A.
  3. 2015 Hoyt Nitrum Turbo.Great bow with little wear.Bow is the cerakote brown from factory with real tree extra limbs. This bow is currently set up at 27.5 draw length and has Hoyt #2 cams.Bare bow was $1400Has Spot Hogg Tommy hog adjustable 3 pin sight. $250Vapor trail Pro-V d.

Hoyt RKT No 2 cam module kit Description. View full image. The RK module is designed for 2015, 2014, 2013 & 2012 Hoyt RKT model bows for modular draw length adjustment. The kit comprises two modules, a top module and a bottom module. There are 8 RKT draw length modules in the 1 series which fit. 2015 Hoyt Pro Edge Elite All Hunting Compounds Ventum 30 Ventum 33 Carbon RX-5 Carbon RX-5 Ultra Carbon RX-4 Turbo Helix Turbo Eclipse Torrex Torrex XT Torrex XT Long Draw Double XL Target Compounds All Target Compounds Invicta 37 SVX Invicta 37 DCX Invicta 40 SVX Invicta 40 DCX Altus DCX Altus SVX FX Comp SVX FX Comp DC Hoyt Turbo cam module kit Description. The Turbo module is designed for the 2015 Hoyt Carbon Spyder ZT Turbo and 2015 Hoyt Nitrum Turbo model bows for modular draw length adjustment. The kit comprises two modules, a top module and a bottom module. The draw length module sizes and codes stamped on modules on RH modules are Hoyt Faktor Turbo #2 cam. I bought this bow new in 2014. It has the #2 cam and the 28 draw module. It comes with everything in the picture: black gold sight, rip cord drop away rest, front and back bee singer bars, fuse quiver, skb case, brand new string from park-n-sons, scott release, half a dozen maxima arrows...everything you need to get. Torrex XT Long Draw Tune Chart. #2020 #Torrex XT LD #Tune Chart. 2021 | New Cam Spacer Tune Chart (PDF) A chart to help you tune your cams with the new spacers. #spacer chart #new spacer guide #cam spacers #spacer tune chart. 2021 | Ventum 30 (PDF) #Ventum #compound #Ventum 30 #Hunting #Archery. 2021 | Carbon RX-5 (PDF

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Hoyt is a well-established leader in the archery industry, and the company's all-new 2015 Nitrum Series is designed to push the limits of aluminum riser design while bringing many proven technologies together with a couple new arrivals.. Four Nitrum models are available: the Nitrum 30, with a short axle-to-axle measurement; the Nitrum 34 for those who like a middle-of-the-road bow length; the. I had a Nitrum Turbo and now have a Carbon Defiant 34. The biggest difference I noticed was at full draw with the Turbo there's no relaxing because that thing just wants to take off. My Carbon Defiant is much more comfortable to shoot HOYT - Cam Module Cam 1/2 Plus. HOYT - Cam Module Cam 1/2 Plus This is the Cam Module either 75% or 65% Let Off for Cam &.. 0.40000000 kg. AUD$141.34 From AUD$128.49 Ex Tax. Add to Cart View Details. HOYT - Charger Cam Modules. HOYT - Charger Cam Modules These modules fit the HOYT Charger, and are for indivi. The bow is, in a word, breathtaking. A Hoyt first, the DFX Turbo Cams are draw-length adjustable depending on the cam option you order. Because my draw length is 29 inches, I opted for the #3 cam, which is draw-length adjustable in ½-inch increments between 28 and 30 inches. I love this new feature Hoyt risers always seem great to me. I'm more interested in their cam changes. I reverted backwards instead of forwards first time in my life and bought 2 Nitrum 34's from my brother because of the Z5 cam. To me right now, nothing is touching a Z5 cam. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatal

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used compound bow Package. The Hoyt Charger is the best value for money bow for 2013 with features of a top end bow. The new Charger cam& 1/2 system gives versatility of or 27 to 30draw length. With speeds of 325fps and performance that outweighs other bows in its class. This bow is a 27.5 to 30 model Americas Best Bowstrings offers 3 replacement series of custom bowstrings for Hoyt Bows. We offer strings for every model that Hoyt Archery makes new or old. Below, you will see a list of the most popular Hoyt Compound bow models that we build strings for. If your particular Hoyt model is not listed please call us at 1-330-893-7155 and we will. The all-new DFX Cam & 1/2 and UltraFlex limbs synergize to create a longer axle-to-axle at full draw, delivering the optimal string position. Already bought a Synergy and have an Impulse 31 on the way! Anyone want to buy a '15 Hoyt Nitrum Turbo with great MOJO? 4.2 lbs. Hoyt Nitrum 30 3.9, New Defiant is 4.0) Even the Synergy is 4.4. vs. Hoyt faktor turbo #2 cam. I've made the switch to traditional and no longer need the pulley bow. I bought it new in 2014 I believe. It comes with everything in the picture: black gold sight, rip cord drop away rest, front and back bee singer bars, fuse quiver, skb case, brand new string from park-n-sons, scott release, half a dozen maxima arrows I'm going for the Turbo model and trust Hoyt won't put out a sour cam that's unshootable, unstable or inconsistent. I might try to use a #3 cam if I'm 28.5 and then compare with the 2 cam. Personally I think your biggest issue will be cam number choice for draw length then the cam model itself

Eli,There is a slight tradeoff with those bows. In theory, the Nitrum Turbo will be less forgiving of flaws in your shooting form than the Nitrum 34. This is because the Turbo has a lower brace height (6 inches for the Turbo versus 6 3/4 inches for the 34). Brace height is the distance between the back of the grip and the string. The shorter this distance, the more energy the bow stores and. I have come across a Hoyt Nitrum turbo that is set up for a short (25) DL. Anyone have any feedback on such bow ? BP-B2 Re: Hoyt Nitrum turbo [Re Hoyt does as well. Just not a fan of their turbo models. Bear and PSE adjust via rotating modules. Hoyt by changing cams and modules. Crossed Arrows Archery LLC Authorized Obsession Bows Deale

If your DL allows, the #2 cam has shown to be very efficient on these bows. IIRC 28 works with either the #2 cam in the E slot or the #3 in the A slot. Get the #2 if this is the case with YOUR DL. I also shot the Nitrum Turbo and just don't have a strong enough desire for speed to shoot it as a hunting bow. It was definitely the fastest of. 256 product ratings. - Hoyt Nitrum Turbo #2 55.5 Bow String by 60X Custom Strings Compound Bowstring. C $46.54. Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. From United States. +C $26.60 shipping. More colours Hoyt Factory Specs: ATA Speed 350fps Weight range 60-70lbs Draw length 28.5 Brace height 6 Axle to Axle 33 Mass weight 3.8lbs DFX Turbo Cams $850 shipped . Reactions: Muley Madness and Recon$$ GREATSCOTT! Well-Known Member. Joined Jan 22, 2020 Messages 161 Location Wetside of WA. Apr 10, 2021 #2 Bump This is crazy, I just made this account to respond to this. I have 3's looking for 2's. I shoot a Hoyt Nitrum 30. Z5 cams. 1. View Entire Discussion (2 Comments) r/Archery. A place where archery/bowhunting/crossbow enthusiasts can mingle and talk about their craft! 92.5k nitrum turbo. nitrum 34 ld. limb. xts pro arc. xts pro arc. xts pro arc. xts 1000. with performance powered by our charger cam & 1/2 and tons of exclusive hoyt technologies, charger delivers.

Hoyt Spyder Turbo. The Turbo shares the 34-inch axle-to-axle length of the Spyder 34, and the same outward appearance of both other Spyder models. It's decked out in Realtree Xtra and uses Hoyt's RKT cams, a heck of a good cam that's a carryover from 2012. On paper, the only difference between the Turbo and 34 is the brace height, which. Hoyt Torrex Cam Compound Bow with 70lbs Draw Weight (Black Out Bone Collector - Right. $749.99. In Stock. Brand: Hoyt. Item Number: 1649843

for RIGHT Handed. #2 RKT or #2 Z5 cams. These are used module sets for adjusting the draw length on many different Hoyt model bows. ALL OF THESE BOWS MUST HAVE RIGHT HANDED #2 RKT CAMS or RIGHT HANDED #2 Z5 CAMS IN ORDER TO USE THESE MODULES. These modules will not work on any other cam, so please be sure you are purchasing what is correct for. For sale is a Hoyt nitrum turbo bow, currently set at 29 70lbs. Has a Spot-Hogg 5 pin sight, QAD drop away rest, and Hoyt stabilizer. Will come with game winner soft bow case. Conroe area willing to drive to meet if needed.Asking $725 OBO willing to trade for guns/ammo don't be afraid to offer. Contact Jacob 954-562-seven550

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Movies expand the people's awareness of archery like we know Hoyt Spectra bow was used in Rambo 2 in 1985 and Rambo 3 in 1988. Recently, Hoyt's Buffalo hunting bow was used by Hawkeye in the Avengers, as well as by Katniss in the Hunger Games. What this company knows about archery comes with almost a century's experience 2020 Hoyt Helix Turbo Compound Bow. Item # 2561058. Be the first to review this product. $1,149.00. Manufacturer Policy: This product is not available for sale online. Please visit the Lancaster Archery Store & Pro Shop to purchase this product. Add to Wish List Add to Compare Hoyt Nitrum Turbo - Right Hand. 60-70lbs. Draw Length 26-28 - #2 Turbo Cam. Includes: Black Gold Rush Fixed 5 Pin Sight, Trophy Hunter Rest, Peep Sight. Strings are in good condition. They have 1-2 years left of life depending on how much you shoot. Call or Text Dallin. 801-540-3432. Cash or Venmo only. No Trade The lower brace height and souped-up cam system on our Turbo Series bows deliver maximum speed and kinetic energy for expert bowhunters looking to get the job done on the toughest animals. **IN-STORE ONLY - CANNOT SHIP** Features: Hoyt Carbon Technology: The most advanced bow risers ever created. Hoyt carbon risers have more than 50. Description. Warranty Information. Closeout Hoyt Two Cam String. These strings are sold as is with NO WARRANTY & NO RETURNS. Please be sure to pay close attention to the lengths & colors listed when you make the selection. These strings consist of ones that have been returned from incorrect ordered, old stock or internal order errors

I've got 2 bows for sale. Both are in mint condition and only owned by 1 person. They have never been hunted with or in bad weather. Both bow strings are practically new and haven't even been broke in. These are 2015 models. 1) hoyt nitrum turbo- Harvest brown with snow camo limbs is a 60-70 lb.. model name / number: nitrum 30 QR Code Link to This Post carbon bow including the Z5 Cams (or the Turbo Cam, in some cases), the now familiar (though improved for 2015) AirShox, the ZT Cable Guard System, the wood grip and Silent Shelf, and even the same XTS Pro Arc Limbs with the distinctive Pro-Lock limb-pocket design.Hoyt Nitrum 30 Spec Hoyt's team of top engineers never stop until they exceed perfection. They continue to find ways to tweak and improve what seems to already be the perfect bow. The 2013 Spyder is in my opinion the best bow on the market. The new and improved RKT cam still has an incredibly solid back wall, but also has a smoother draw cycle than before The Hoyt got fps readings of 326.1, 326.2, and 326.4, giving it a 326.2 fps average, respectfully. So the Carbon Spyder ZT Turbo, which is rated at 5 fps slower than the Decree, actually averaged 5.1 fps above it. In my mind, you can always wonder about a manufacturer's speeds, and how truthful they are. What this tells me is the new Hoyt is. Hoyt Archery continues to offer top-notch hunting rigs with carbon construction that pushes the limits of technology and performance. The new 2014 Carbon Spyder 30 is Hoyt's shortest carbon riser bow and showcases the all-new Helical Flex-Tuned Hollow Carbon riser. The Carbon Spyder is also available in 34-inch and 33-inch Turbo versions. In addition to the new riser design, Hoyt outfits the.

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In addition, the bows offer the same 6 ¾-inch brace height and Zero Torque Cable Guard System. Though a tad heavier at 3.9 pounds (Nitrum 30) and 4.2 pounds (Nitrum 34), the Nitrum twins are engineered for maximum performance. For more information, visit www.hoyt.com or call (801) 363-2990. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases Loaded from cam to cam with new, innovative and industry-leading technology such as our patent-pending Zero-Torque Cable Guard System, Offset Riser Technology, Modular Grip System and the fastest. The bow I got to play with the most was the Hoyt Defiant 30 in an aluminum riser design. The bow has a 30 1/2 inch axle-to-axle length, a 7 inch brace height, and clocking in at 331 FPS. I have not yet gotten my hands on a Carbon Defiant, but seeing as it has the exact same cam and specs as the aluminum riser design, with the exception of net. 2 sale set soloflex hoyt carb. spyder zt 34-2 56,75/37,50/35,50 bcy-x black-electric blue: 15,00 € 5 sale set soloflex hoyt carb. spyder zt 34-3 59,75/38,50/36,630 bcy-x black-electric blue: 15,00 € 3 sale set soloflex hoyt nitrum 30 z5-3 56,00/34,75/32,88 bcy-x black-electricblue: 15,00 € 1 sale set soloflex hoyt nitrum 30-2 53. Hoyt Vectrix 5-6 Cam Bow String and Cable Replacement. Posted by Jeremy L. Pottstown, PA on May 19th 2020 I purchased the Hoyt Vectrix 5-6 Cam Bow String and Cable replacement. I used my portable bow press and was easily able to replace the cables. All the cable length matched up perfectly and the serving was all located in the correct locations

Hoyt Nitrum Turbo compound bow. Still Hoyt's fastest bow to date 350+ fps!!! There are a few blemishes in the finish but overall in good working condition. New custom strings. Includes accessories; Hoyt quiver, Hoyt QAD drop away arrow rest, d-loop, peep sight. This bow has the number 2 turbo cam with E module (see the last picture for tune. Hoyt Archery Compound Bows. Hoyt compound bows are often used for bowhunting as well as for field and 3D archery. These bows come in a variety of types, leaving some buyers overwhelmed by the number of choices. As you shop for a new compound bow, remember to consider the axle length of the crossbow as well as the various types that are available to find the one thats a fit for you posted Mar 17, 2012, 1:48 PM by MT Outdoors [ updated Mar 17, 2012, 2:00 PM ] Hoyt's Pro Staff contributor Marc Smith reviews the all-new Hoyt Vector Turbo. They say you can't teach an old dog a new trick. Well, that's just not true, especially if the old dog is this graying, middle-aged, veteran bowhunter of I do have the 27 to 28 mod that will be sold with the bow the color is Blackout the bow is being sold as is. 6 1/4 brace height 30 inches axle to axle Nitrum turbo cam number three. The string Americas Best bow string less than 200 arrows on string like new HOYT MT SPORT 51 1.5 CAM 39 1/2 CC 36 3/4 YC CLEARANCE SET (HUNTER GREEN/BLACK) $50.00. In Stock. (0) Add To Cart. HOYT CARBON ELEMENT 2 Z5 2011 CLEARANCE SET (FLO GREEN/BLACK) $50.00. In Stock

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Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 14, 2020. I have a 2015 Hoyt Nitrum with #3 Z5 cam (28-30 with mod change). I have most mods. 60-70 pound draw weight. Very good condition. IMO these are still the best hunting bows Hoyt has made for the money. The Z5 cam is super smooth and this bow shoots above IBO. Can sell bare bow for $375 or with Hoyt. Hoyt Nitrum Turbo - $650 For sale: 2014 Hoyt Nitrum Turbo-Fuse 4 Arrow Quiver -Whisker Biscuit-Hoyt Stabalizer-Brand New Strings and Cables-Brand new Cams-Right Handed -60/70 Draw Weight -26-30 Draw LengthThis bow was $1100 brand new bare bow Hoyt vector cam and half VX2.0. ILS 261.94. ILS 49.11 shipping. Hoyt DEFIANT 30, limb Suport compound bow, Patent print, on textured art paper ILS 48.95. ILS 16.34 shipping. Hoyt Nitrum Turbo riser compound bow, Patent print sketch, on textured art paper. ILS 48.95. ILS 16.34 shipping. 21 watching. HOYT REBEL BOW 24 30-55LBS right hand.

Turbo 1 Turbo 2 Turbo 3 Turbo 4 3) Hoyt Axius Alpha -$650 shipped OBO 55-65#, #3 cam (28-30 draw) Under Armor Forest camo This is practically brand new. Bought two from a member here, keeping the other one. Axius 1 Axius 2 Axius 3 4) Mission Blaze - $250 shipped OBO 50-70#, have cam modules for 28 and 28.5 draw length. This is an oldie. This too, is a fact. The all-new 2018 REDWRX Carbon RX-1 Series is engineered for those archers who demand everything. They are built to perform and excel in the most pressure packed conditions imaginable. Pick the configuration best for you and put it to the test. Nothing delivers like the Hoyt Carbon RX-1 Series

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Hoyt Nitrum Fanpage. 58 likes. You love the Hoyt Nitrum? Then you're right here The Original Hoyt Tee. Regular price $ 24.99. /. Printed on a super soft Next Level tee. Athletic fit (if you are in between sizes, consider ordering a size up) 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester. Model: 5'10 - 165 lbs - 32 Waist - Wearing Size Medium. Share Share on Facebook Tweet Tweet on Twitter Pin it Pin on Pinterest

2015 nitrum turbo. -. $700. <. image 1 of 2. >. QR Code Link to This Post. I have a 2015 hoyt nitrum turbo right hand bow 60-70 pounds drop away rest 4 pin sight 6 arrow hoyt quiver if interested text me show contact info. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers $700.00 Hoyt Nitrum Turbo for sale in Salt Lake City, UT on KSL Classifieds. View a wide selection of Archery Equipment and other great items on KSL Classifieds Synonyms for Nitrum in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Nitrum. 2 synonyms for nitrogen: atomic number 7, N. What are synonyms for Nitrum

The super smooth Klash cam features an all-new hard wall, giving bowhunters that rock-solid hold for the perfect aim. The Klash is available with a full 15 to 70 pound draw weight range, as well as an all-new 50 pound max draw weight configuration which maximizes bow performance at draw weights 50 pounds or lower Hoyt Ventum 30 HBX Right Hand 60lb 29 Gore Optifade Elevated II. $1,149.99. In Stock. Brand: Hoyt. Item Number: 1653340 ATA Show First Look: Hoyt Nitrum Turbo The biggest eye-opener in Hoyt's 2015 line is the new Nitrum Turbo—and it's 350 fps ATA rating. Hoyt has made a speed bow before, but this takes things to another level Up for bid is a new set of custom strings and cables for a Hoyt Nitrum 30 #2 cam compound bow. Lengths are 53 33.75 31.88 You can choose your choice of colors from the dropdown. These strings are prestretched and served under tension to eliminate peep rotation, stretch and serving separation and also include a 1 YEAR WARRANTY

Amazon.com : hoyt nitrum turbo realtree xtra camo base 2 : Sports & Outdoors. Skip to main content.us. Hello Select your address Sports & Outdoors Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Cart All. Gift Cards Best Sellers Prime. HOYT ZT Turbo Pro Cam Set Pair*. This is one pair of modules for the 2020 ZT Turbo Pro Cams ONLY. These are the Modules ONLY, picture is for illustration purposes. To obtain 75% Let off, this requires 80% Let off Modules and 75% Let Off Draw Stop Kit. There are no reviews for this product. Write a review. Your Name Cam 2 bows come as standard with a 27 module and cam 3 bows come as standard with a 30 module. Related components to this product that could be ordered separately. Hoyt Grip X-Act 114755. Hoyt Modules ZT Pro Turbo 115345. Hoyt Thrust Washers .030 2006 Parts 0.30 103438. Hoyt Thrust Washers .095 2006 Parts 0.95 103435

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Hoyt Nitrum Turbo. Thread starter UTGrad; Start date Dec 24, 2014; Dec 24, 2014 Attachments are hidden. Reply. Dec 24, 2014 #2 UTGrad Well-Known Member. Joined Dec 1, 2007 Messages 14,338 Location Franklin, TN . Attachments. You don't have permission to view attachments. That looks like one bad thingamajig! Sweet.... Do you still have. Hoyt Factory Specs: ATA Speed 350fps Weight range 60-70lbs Draw length 28.5 Brace height 6 Axle to Axle 33 Mass weight 3.8lbs DFX Turbo Cams $850 shipped . Reactions: North Idaho Hunter and Recon$$ GREATSCOTT! Well-Known Member. Joined Jan 22, 2020 Messages 160 Location Wetside of WA. Mar 6, 2021 #2 Bump

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Pick-up for this item is available at our warehouse in Ontario, California. Hoyt Archery Nitrum Turbo Bow With Accessories. Get a great deal with this online auction presented by PropertyRoom.com on behalf of a law enforcement or public agency client. Model: Nitrum Turbo. Part Number: 1403285 hoyt: nitrum turbo: right hand: camo: bow only: 24-26″ can be changed with mods: 50-65: 1 r 5 999,00: comes with magnum 2 year guarantee: hoyt: nitrum turbo: right hand: camo: bow only: 24-26″ can be changed with mods: 50-60: 1 r 5 999,00: comes with magnum 2 year guarantee: hoyt: nitrum turbo: right hand: camo: bow only: 24-26″ can be.

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Used Hoyt Nitrum Turbo Xtra: $599.99: Used Hoyt Nitrum 34 60# $599.99: Used Mathews Chill R: $599.99: Used Elite Victory 37 LH: $699.99: Used Hoyt Nitrum 30 LH: $750.00: Used Bowtech Prodigy Black Pkg: $750.00: Used Hoyt Carbon Spyder 34: $799.99: Used Hoyt Carbon Spyder FX: $999.99: Used Hoyt Carbon Defiant Turbo LH: $1199.99: Shop by Feature. The Pro Series limb bolts that can be retro fitted to bows. Add to cart. Hoyt Formula X Tiller Bolts (also Epik and Alero) $109.00. Modules to suit Hoyt Turbo Cam bows (2015 onwards) Add to cart. Hoyt Modules - Turbo. $35.00. Modules for Hoyt RKT cams Een winkel gespecialiseerd in handboogschieten en sportprijzen. Wij helpen met veel plezier alle handboogschutters van beginners tot en met gevorderden met het aanschaffen, afstellen en repareren van hun materiaal of u nu een traditionele, barebow, recurve of compound schutter bent. Daarnaast kunt u bij ons terecht voor bekers en medailles voor. 10. 4,383 posts. Report. Share. Posted July 22, 2007. I went to the local bow shop today, and shot 3 hoyts and 2 bowtechs and have decided that i like the Hoyt Turbotec the best. Just wanted to check in here before i bought it to get a review on the bow. Thanks for the help. -Rhine

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Hoyt's fastest bow comes as part of their Carbon RX-3 series and shoots at an astounding rate of 350 feet per second.. That bow is the Carbon RX-3 Turbo, a unique piece of equipment that can function as either a luxury hunting or competition bow.. The Turbo is arguably the best bow of the Carbon RX-3 series, and its specs speak for itself The last couple of years Hoyt has made serious waves in the archery world with the introduction of their carbon tube risers used in the Carbon Matrix and Carbon Element bows. This year the carbons return with an updated cam (and speed!), the RKT cam, along with the all new Vector series of bows. The RKT cam and Vector bows inject a bit more speed into the 2012 Hoyts and should help keep Hoyt. Description. • Designed for quick and easy string and cable changes, peep installs, or cam adjustments. • Lightweight (1.3 lbs.), compact and easy to carry and travel with. • Easy adjustment and great versatility. • Fingers are reinforced to handle any poundage. • Safety lock system holds the bow securely during adjustment process The Hoyt RX-4 Turbo is designed for any serious game hunter. Made with premium REDWRX Carbon engineering, this is the best Hoyt has to offer. Made for big game, this speed demon hits 350 fps with its new ZT (Zero-Torque) Pro Turbo Cam tech and is Hoyt's fastest Cam to date. This coupled with a medium axle to axle makes for the perfect balance.

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ZAC GRIFFITH ASAT HOYT NITRUM TURBO. May 26, 2015 Posted by admin1 #SUMMITSTRONG, ARCHERY, BLOG, BUZZ, GEAR, HOYT. Here is a brief video showing off the awesome work done by www.melinheadcustoms.com on my ASAT HOYT NITRUM TURBO. The bow is dead silent and smooth as hell. I've only had it a week and feel like we're attached at the grip. hoyt nitrum 34. The all-new Nitrum Series features our revolutionary and patent-pending Zero-Torque Cable Guard System neutralizing unwanted torque for ultimate forgiveness and accuracy while our patent-pending Offset Riser Design absolutely kills vibration for ultimate silence and stability New Hunting Bow: Hoyt Faktor Turbo. FieldandStream. 00:00. -. +. 00:00 01:34. Specs: 33-inch axle-to-axle; 6-inch brace height; 4.0 pounds; 340 IBO. Last year's aluminum Spyder Turbo took third. The RX-4 Turbo has special technology that sets it apart from the other already impressive bows in Hoyt's lineup. The ZT Pro Turbo cam technology that is used on this bow reduces torque and nock travel to ensure that every shot was accurate and not affected by the movement of the bow Hoyt Archery. HOYT HELIX TURBO 2020 COMPOUND BOW. Rating * Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name. Email *. Review Subject *. Comments *. Please call 608-478-0880 for pricing info. (You save

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