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1. Make your Masterlist. Create a text post and title it how you would like. If you want you can add some subtitles underneath, but we'll get to that later. 2. Post the text post. 3. Scroll over the top right corner of the text post, and the corner should animate like it's folding Hey guys! Here is the video showing you how to link your Masterlist to your Tumblr bio! I hope it helps! Drop a comment if you have any questions or concerns.. Anonymous said: hey how do you put your masterlist in your bio thingy? cause I have to put mine in mine and idk how Answer: I just googled it, I found a super easy tutorial on it for you :).. Step 1: Open tumblr on a computer or laptop. It is possible to make a masterlist on a smartphone, but it's much more difficult and doesn't turn out as nicely as a masterlist made on a computer. Step 2: Create a new post using the 'Text' option. Step 3: Title your masterlist. Step 4: Create a heading so this is what i have right now. From http to /masterlist is the link to my masterlist. You'll change the bold part to type in the link to your masterlist.Then the all-caps-lock bit is how I want it to appear in my bio. It doesn't have to be upper case. Hopefully this helps


Have you ever wondered how to make your masterlist on Tumblr without a laptop? Watch this video to find out 1. Log into Tumblr and click on the 'human' cog icon and Select your blog from the right-hand column. 2. Click the Edit appearance option. 3. Click Edit theme. Step two: changing your description. I've highlighted the box where you can add your description. To add to your description, simply type something in the box To make a masterlist, you basically make a normal text post. Just like mine, it has a title and then the different stories. Once you have the names, you go in and highlight the title you want to put a link on, in which it should give you this: And then from there, you click this dude: After you click him, you will get this Tip: If you have picture on your Tumblr blog (e.g. in a picture in a post) you want to use, then just right-click that image and select view image and copy the link from Tumblr, instead of uploading it to Imgur. Step two: Open the edit theme page. 1

How to Put a URL link in your Tumblr Bio. Step one: Open the edit theme page. 1. Log into Tumblr and click on the 'human' cog icon and Select your blog from the right-hand column. 2. Click the Edit appearance option.. 3. Click Edit theme. Step two: changing your descriptio How To Make A Masterlist! An anon asked me how to make one and here is the tutorial Step 1) Go to your tumblr site and you should see this or whatever your own page is Step 2) Go to Edit Theme, it should be in the top right corner on your site, looks like that and you just click it

5. In the left sidebar, click the text underneath Description. This is your blog's current bio. 6. Now it's time to add your link. Copy and paste this code into the description box, in the place. The next thing to understand is that Tumblr will automatically add <br> tags inside your description for each new line. So, to prevent those <br> tags from being injected into the middle of your HTML code, you need to keep all of your HTML on one line Can you do masterlist on your bio

Step 1. Make a new post, title it MASTERLIST Keep this post on edit mode. DO NOT close this page. Step 2. Open a new tab of your blog. Find the post that you wish to list on your master list. Step 3. Copy the permalink from the that post. Step 4. Go back to the tab that has your masterlist open. In the post: Type in the title you'd like to call your copied link i.e MX reacts to S/O. you can create a post + masterlist easily this way: or writing the code: when you're done with the links, you post your masterlist. now, to put it on your bio (to make it easier for people seeing your masterlist on their phones), you'll do this Type <br> next to your text, if you have the text in your description box. If you do that, the link you will put is located in the bottom line. You can think of this code as the space button. Open the page of the link that you want to add to your Tumblr bio and copy the link Highlight the text with your mouse, and the tumblr text editing bar will and save your updated Masterlist. The link from your bio will always update when you update the Masterlist manually, so you don't need to fiddle with the link in your bio every time you update the post to include a new fic. Hopefully that helps people out with.

Adding links to the header. Locate the <nav> section in the HTML: There are two sections here: icon navigation and text navigation.If you've enabled Icon Navigation in the theme options menu, then you're concerned with the first code section; if it's disabled, you'll be editing the second section That was the last thing you heard before your body was thrown in the air and landed hard on the grassy ground below with a thud. Your vision was blurry, your head was pounding, and your mouth tasted of blood. You felt an arm grab under your legs another scooping under your neck. I got you (Y/n). Cap says making it on to the jet Can you do masterlist on your bio? ☺

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You now have a mobile and web accessible link to your masterlist in your bio. Remember to just add new stuff to the ORIGINAL masterlist, don't keep making new ones. It's fine to make updated masterlists separately (just copy and paste everything from the original to the updated one) He's shocked by your words. He's been so clueless to your feelings that he never stopped to consider how his choices have affected your own. I haven't forgotten about you, he explains. The truth is, I've been busy between my new job and training with Gouhin that I didn't want to put you through any stress Check out my bio for a link to my Masterlist! Author's Note: I managed to unblock myself for long enough to put together this chapter, thanks to those who sent me some prompts the other day. It's not a very long one but a lot happens so hopefully you'll enjoy Masterlist for all my Tommy/Cillian writing. Requests open. Let me know if you want to be on a tag list! Nearly all my fics contain smut, but I will also put it in the warnings before the read more cut. Please do not copy my work. My main account is ntmynouis - so some replies might come from there okay here we go kiddiewinks you are about to get schooled in the art of masterlists. You're going to want the masterlist to be compatible for web and mobile, without all the hassle of trying to use safari, so we're gonna need to start by making a text post. Title it 'masterlist' or 'boobs' or whatever floats your boat, that part is up to you

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  1. i really really do appreciate this a lot, thank you for always being so so kind and sweet to me. you're wonderful (and i'm love your new AU btw!!!). i know most anons feel well but it does get a little tiring to feel like they forget there's a person beyond this blog who has a life beyond it, and that writing isn't always priority one. it makes it incredibly difficult to ever take a.
  2. d is we'll never be broken beyond repair. you're leaving early in the morning, but can't resist saying goodbye in person. a few months after your break up, yoongi stumbles upon you while you're drunk. yoongi may hesitate to talk about his goals with other people, but not with you
  3. Make sure you verify your email and that your posts appear in tags before you start writing. Make a masterlist and a pinned post with all your request rules. Future self will thank you. If you write or read smut. Please put your age or if you're 18+ in your bio. Credit the artists you use if you plan to make banners
  4. Type in yourblogname.tumblr.com into a new window. and save your updated Masterlist. The link from your bio will always update when you update the Masterlist manually, so you don't need to fiddle with the link in your bio every time you update the post to include a new fic. bio every time you update the post to include a new fic.
  5. or angst, some fluff, occasional smut . a/n: hi I've wasted all my data so let's hope this even posts . taglist: @bidisaster1307 @jenctzcn @jaehyunluvcult @rendream @fearlessflawlessdior.
  6. g a doctor, not once did he think about beco
  7. I've been inactive due to personal problems and the stress of school but thank you so much for your likes and comments as it makes me happy to write! The moment of truth. Will you be able to forgive them? Pairing: bts x m!reader. Genre: Angst, fluff Triggers: mentions of mental illness. The Other parts are in my bio masterlist ;3. Keep readin

See more posts like this on Tumblr. #masterlist #phoenix bio links #phoenixpokeimagines More you might like. -But since you're the first person he's truly cared about in such a long time, he's willing to give it time and put the effort in to help your Zoroark to trust hi if you like what you read and are able to give, please consider supporting me on kofi!! enjoy and have a lovely day full masterlist is always in my bio!. quick notes for this one: unfortunately, i am about as organized as a stirfry. i don't always tag my random au posts as au or lexi writes and they are, as such, hard to find while making this list ⇉ :. pairing: dad!sirius x fem!reader cw: food, alcohol, fluff masterlist | taglist. the jingling of the key rattling in the lock makes your shoulders sag with relief. you're home, finally. the weight of a long day had you dragging your feet all the way from work to your car and now to your home. after a long shift—full of disgruntled customers, and coffee spilling at. masterlist (gonna pin this mf hold on). this is something i've been putting off for a while, because i was hoping something would change, but it didn't ;-; to put it simply, i don't exactly enjoy writing for danganronpa anymore. while i'm still obsessed with the characters and will probably never stop reading other people's content, i just don't think making it is for me anymore. mahvericks:. yelena icon so true of me. i put nat symbol in bio 梁梁. Reblogged from mahvericks | Originally from mahvericks. 2 notes; #actually thinking of getting a black widow tattoo for my birthday

I'm new here and I love your works. Can you do a one where Bobby and Y/N are married and was planning on having a baby or not. U can decide their decision on making a baby. Thank you! Pairing: Bobby x Reader. Genre: fluffy x soft smut. m.list ╫ ikon masterlist. Words: 1.2k. Keep readin Rules. Masterlist (Nothing added yet). Current Requests. About the Mod. Requests are open! Inbox: 0. Taglist: yanderepokemonwritings: All of the posts on this blog ninetales bio links: All of the bio links I have ninetales talks: Ask games, update posts and announcements ninetales answers: Responses to asks that aren't requests ninetales writes yandere: All of my writin I know its a lil short for a Masterlist, but this is it. TAGLIST REMINDER. There has been issue with tumblr and tagging. Ill try to re-tag everybody. Message or drop something in my ask box if you want to be apart of the taglist for my fic. If you are no longer interested in the fic or the taglist, Please let me know so I can remove you Masterlist. The list has gotten quite long so all fics can be found below the cut! Enjoy! MULTI-CHAPTER FICS: Next to Me - Masterlist: After an attempt on you and your identical twin's life, your father calls in the Avengers for protection.Bucky soon realizes your father's goal is solely to keep you sister safe, and decides that the times of doing the bidding of others are long gone, and.

tumblr is apparently rolling out a beta for a new post editor that essentially makes it so there are no longer post types (text post, audio post, photo post, etc.), and instead all types of content are better integrated into a single post. pretty neat, right? until you read the fine print. The maximum number of total content blocks allowed in a single post is 250 masterlist. Genre: Fluff, slight hurt. Warnings: sad Akaashi, time skip Akaashi. Truth be told Akaashi wasn't very organized. Lots of people thought he was somebody who would plan out his days, keeping his home neat and tidy, but he did neither. Especially when he was in a slump. His new manga panel was due tomorrow and he hadn't even.

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  1. Hiya!! Mod Kokichi here!! Now I'm not fully sure if you're asking how I made the masterlist or how I linked it in the bio. So I'll just tell you how to link it!! Also if you have any more questions I'll be glad to answer them!! So what you need to do is hop on a pc and go into edit appearance, from there you'll need to select edit theme! Once you're in the area to edit your theme.
  2. I've spent the last few days updating all my tags here, so now we get this masterlist. I'll put it on my bio as well and probably it'll get updated if new stories appear. You can always find posts by character or ship. The new tags are mostly to help in case you want to check a specific string of posts (for example: you can still search #.

I'd love to write all of your ideas! <3 Also don't forget to join my BFU Discord, link in my bio! - ellie Pinned Post masterlist shane madej ryan bergara shane madej imagines shane madej x reader shane madej imagine ryan bergara imagine ryan bergara imagines ryan bergara x reader buzzfeed unsolved buzzfeed bfu buzzfeed unsolved preference How to add a mobile nav to your description! tutorial requested by @claduemonet 1. Ok so first of all you need to go into customize theme. You have to do it from there and not on mobile or any other.. Here it is! A masterlist of my stories. Please enjoy! Series: Every Breath of Me: A bio!dad Tony series. Encompasses most of the MCU, but where Peter is Tony's son and Tony has been there since birth. In progress. Iron Dad Bingo: A series based around my Iron Dad Bingo board, all around the bond between Peter and Tony. Yes, there's 25 all of your focus is on Jake, and yet you can't see that he loves you. mistletoe. your relationship with Jake is strictly physical, but why do you feel like crying in the Horvat's kitchen while wearing a Santa hat? Quinn Hughes. balcony confessions. you find yourself on Jake Virtanen's balcony with Quinn and a hammering heart. homesic

Who will be the one to put her pieces back together? Part 1: Words : 2738. Part 2: Words : 3231. Part 3: Words : 4892. Part 4: Words : 5206 - One Shots - Just Let Me Help You : Bakugo x Reader Words : 1539 (Angsty Fluff) Your quirk was called siren you could hypnotize any living thing by changing the tone of your voice. It wouldn't. I should really put a request status open/closed in my bio I got 2 asks from anonymous people just tellin me their life story and how they want comfort fics and I was so embarrassed for them that I deleted them both the home icon leads to the front page of the carrd, the tumblr icon leads to my Shit Fox tag on my art blog, and the twitter icon links to the @artistsclub twitter account! background personally, i kind of like the default background color, but if you want to change it, here's how. click on the background of your carrd (anywhere that isn't. Mega-Masterlist This is still not completed, but I wanted to post something due to the number of requests I've gotten for a masterlist. At the moment I've put my biggest/longest pieces up and/or the..

OC Masterlist. azul talks oc bio masterlist Feb 3 2021 15 notes. crystalellafuffyanimal liked this She gave him a half smile before looking at the clock. Shit, I gotta get ready for my shift at the lounge. She put her sword away and ran off with a wave, all he could do was stare as she left Beel's sex drive is heavily based on his partner's preferences. On his own, Beel doesn't think about sex all that much, but if they initiate it often, he wouldn't complain. While sex does seem to have an affect on his hunger, making him feel full for once, he finds that just being around his s/o has the same affect Fatgummybears Masterlist and Rules! ((thank you nonnie who reminded me about rules!!)) Hey there, i'm bonnie and i write all things mha! feel free to drop a request whether it be for a drabble, headcanons, scenarios, fics or smaus! i hope you all have a fantastic day, keep yourself and your plants hydrated: Link pages. To create a page that links to your posts with a specific tag: Click Add a page in the Pages section of your Customize menu. Select Link from the dropdown menu. (If you don't see this option, don't fret — to prevent spam, we unlock features over time for new accounts. Once you've used Tumblr for a while to follow. Inscribed Diatribes' Yandere and Dark Marvel Masterlist. Warning: All of these works mention depression, punishment, violence, yandere elements, anger, obsession, or isolation. NONE of the violent or invasive acts depicted in this work should be done or encouraged in real life

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Thirst Tweets Masterlist Thirst tweets based on characters from @lumosinlove 's sweater weather! tripping as he tried to put on a pants and shoes at the same time and falling face first onto the floor before joining the rest of the very begrudged residents of the apartment building in trudging down the stairs, all while the fire alarm. In a place like Night City, there's too much at risk for you to let down your guard. The life of a merc is dangerous, but there's something about the way Donghyuck looks at you that makes you want to drop every single barrier you've put up against the world. — 6.1k ; smut, Cyberpunk!AU ; part of the Tales of Night City series. The End. //Hello. This would be because I haven't had any Cedric Diggorys reblog the masterlist yet. I only put a few names up when I create it, and names are added, as muses reblog the masterlist. Just because a character isn't currently on the list, doesn't mean that they won't be added if someone reblogs the list who has that character Summary: You must've been insane, willingly throwing yourself into yet more torture for a guy you'd said four words to. Pairing: Bucky x y/n Word Count: 1.2k Warnings: Language Author's Note: Thank y'all for the lovely feedback on the first part :) The weather was suitably miserable as you trudged off the bus and headed towards the Casual Chat and Coffee Morning, cursing yourself for. Full Series Masterlist. (and some of u on tumblr) to the its not about race crowd. its always about fucking race you people just think white = default so you can put blm in your bio but refuse to address your own obvious antiblackness. embarrassing. Source: thetransguard

main masterlist. you think bucky hates you, but in desperate times he's the only one you can think of. you are the clumsiest person in the world actually, bucky is there to catch you when you fall. after a bad day you only want to be one place; in the arms of bucky • he disrupts you when your tending to your customers and they definitely weren't happy at all. • however they definitely did enjoy the scene of Tamaki and [m.name] acting like a couple • Kyoya was so freaking mad that he scolded Tamaki and stopped him from seeing [m.name] for an entire day Now gifts on the other hand will have some thought put into it. Because oh yea you will have couples items and they will fit directly into your style. It ain't gonna be a random cute sweater that you might not wear. Jimin is smart he will pick something that you both would wear anyway and boom there is your couples outfits Hongbin looked up at you he froze before telling you to put the blade down. Hongbin picked you up and cleaned your wounds while kissing you telling you he loves you. Originally posted by t-ouma. Hyuk: Hyuk rushed over to you so quickly when he saw what you were doing and took the blade away and hugged you. It's going to okay I'm here for. We will do whatever we can to resolve the matter, so please, if you see one of your GIFs here, reach out to us using the Ask section and tell us which post(s) use(s) your GIF(s). We will do as you want with them (put your credits or simply delete the post), depending if you still wanna see them on this blog or not

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an open fandom and oc d/s rpg. the dalton sanctuary. welcome. Sex education is paramount, and if the mandated educational classes offered throughout the regular schooling process in this au leave you wanting, there are institutions devoted to furthering your BDSM knowledge. In a world where mental health, education, and healthy relationships. -That means your Zoroark likely knows him as the leader of Team Galactic since Zoroark have such good memories of people and other Pokemon-But since you're the first person he's truly cared about in such a long time, he's willing to give it time and put the effort in to help your Zoroark to trust hi

i feel kind of like an outlier | Tumblryou just have to look at my galaxiesBlueRosette235sos masterlist on TumblrBaby, I can put you on