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*#*#232337#*# - Shows Bluetooth device address in Gionee S10 Lite GSM codes for Gionee S10 Lite Change PIN code - **04* and enter the old PIN code, and twice a new PIN code. Change PIN2 code - **042* and enter the old PIN2 code, and twice the new PIN2 code The solution is- 1st go to settings then click on security then click on screen lock then click on none. After that open your message box, slide two fingers in downward direction to see your encrypted messages list. If you no longer want encrypted messages then select the message then click on decrypt message enter password it will be decrypted

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Albeit the soft reset of your Gionee S10 should not lead to data loss, the hard reset will get rid of all of the data. Make a total backup of the Gionee S10 with its software or on the Cloud (Google Drive, DropBox, ) We are going to commence with the soft reset of your Gionee S10, the most basic option There are your files, you can decide to either decrypt them, view, or delete them from there. Alternatively, you can go to Your mobile phone settings - click on Security - Security Password (enter your password /pin/pattern) - Click Private Space - Enter Private Space and there, you will see all the files Freeze / Delete GN_SalesStatistic and GN_SalesTrack_GL (for Gionee devices): This fix is unique to Gionee users. For other brands, search for similar apps. To do this: Root the phone (you could use Magisk Manager + Boot.img) Install a root browser like ROM Toolbox Lite or ES File explorer from Playstore; Navigate to the system/app folde Gionee s10 automatic message. Gability Newbie. Posts: 1 Threads: 1 Joined: Nov 2019 Reputation: 0 #1. 23-11-2019, 07:27 AM . (23-11-2019, 07:27 AM) Gability Wrote: Please my gionee s10 lite keeps sending automatic msg to abroad number without my knowledge.

On every Gionee smartphone that has a stock ROM from India's Gionee Development Resources , which is quite normal since India's Gionee provides the international updates and services to 4G/LTE GSM smartphones compatible with most countries, there's a default setting on their ROM's that sends feedback from the smartphone to the company, providing statistics and info on commercial & privacy. D. Dollyp. r39. 21 Jun 2021. Nuel, 08 Jun 2021 My Gionee s10 lite do remove my card anyhow without no reason... And is not making sense at al... more Gionee s10 is a very good phone but is.

Steps to turn of Cell Broadcast messages. Step 1: Open the messaging app, and tap the triple dot menu to access 'Settings'. Step 2: Look for broadcast or Emergency Broadcast option under the settings. On some phones, Broadcast options are present under 'More Settings'. Step 3: Uncheck the box next to Channel 50 and Channel 60 broadcast There are two ways to do that. For the private photo you can encrypt it and save on file explorer>phone storage>picture>more>show hidden files>gallery safe>si But by this way you'll not be able to view the encrypted pictures. To view them or decry..

The dimensions of the Gionee S10 Lite are 148.7 mm x 73.7 mm x 7.9 mm; and it weighs around 155 grams. Gionee S10 Lite Price In India Gionee S10 Lite smartphone price in India is Rs 16,500. Gionee S10 Lite was launched in the country on December 23, 2017 (Official). As for the colour options, the Gionee S10 Lite smartphone comes in Black, Gold Please, I need a quick attention. I bought a Gionee S10 lite last year July 2019. But surprisingly, the phone shuts down intermittently. In March 2020 the phone suddenly did not see network again, it started showing no service even with sim card inside. I have tried all the networks and reset the phone personally

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I show you how to change the language and i also show you how to get back to English if you are stuck in a different language such as Chinese, Korean, etc. T.. Gionee S10 Android smartphone. Announced May 2017. Features 5.5″ display, MT6757T Helio P25 chipset, Dual: 16 MP + 8 MP primary camera, Dual: 20 MP + 8 MP front camera, 3450 mAh battery, 64 GB. Upgrade to a new phone by buying the Gionee S10 Lite that is available at the best prices online on Gadgets Now. Launched on December 23, 2017 (Official) in India, the mobile is available with striking features and adequate specifications at an introductory price of Rs 16,500 The messages are sent to 00918527214747 00919880938662 Also,for fun,You can change those numbers with any so the messages will Be sent to that number. The messages contains phone imei,operator code and other things about phone. The messages are being sent every time You power on your phone and yes,IT charges your phone bill.

From a Home screen, tap Apps (lower-right). These instructions apply to Standard mode only. From the Apps tab, tap Settings. From the Personal section, tap Security. From the Encryption section, tap Encrypt phone to enable or disable. A password must be set up to encrypt phone. If desired, tap Encrypt external SD card to encrypt the SD card Option 2: Recover Data After Factory Reset via Local Backup. Many Android phones are endowed with local backup app or function. If you have backed up data regularly, then, after a factory reset, just go to Settings > Back up & restore, and select the latest backup file to restore data from backup

Step 3, Enable Debugging mode on your Gionee S11 lite. Read More. Click on the Root button to start the process. During this process your device will reboot at many times. Don't be afraidit's normally happens while rooting process. Remember don't unplug or touch your device during this process. Wait for a few minutes S10 Lite Black Screen, Switching On but no splash screen. Jun 3, 2021. It_ler. Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Real Life Review. Reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. See how other XDA members rate various facets of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite like app launch speed, video recording quality, LTE strength, speakerphone loudness, and much more

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Gionee Marathon M5 mini Android smartphone. Announced Jan 2016. Features 5.0″ display, MT6580 chipset, 8 MP primary camera, 5 MP front camera, 4000 mAh battery, 16 GB storage, 2 GB RAM Next up is the Gionee M7 Plus that comes with dual security encryption chip that can be used to encrypt contacts, photos, and messages, if you want. It comes with a live fingerprint ID scanner. Decryption of message on gionee f103 pro. Decrypt message password for gionee e3? How to decrypt message in gionee s plus mobile? Encrypted messages in gionee f103. What is the default message encryption code for gionee phone ? mine was accidentally encrypted without asking to input any passwords? Gionee m2 encryption message password Open the Messages app . Tap More options Settings Advanced. Send a message or a file separately to each person in a conversation: Tap Group messaging Send an SMS reply to all recipients and get individual replies (mass text). Automatically download files in messages: Turn on Auto-download MMS Important: Settings can vary by phone.For more info, contact your device manufacturer. On some Android devices, you can choose what kind of notifications an app sends you: Alerting: You'll hear a sound, get a message on your lock screen, and find the app's icon in the status bar. Silent: Your phone won't make a sound or vibrate.But the notification will show up when you swipe down from the top.

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8. Has sapphire glass display. Gionee S10L. Sapphire crystal glass is an extremely durable material, which is surpassed only by diamond in terms of hardness. A sapphire crystal display is stronger and more scratch resistant than toughened glass such as Corning Gorilla Glass. 9. Has Force Touch/3D Touch Step 1 Run Syncios Data Transfer, and connect your android phone or tablet to computer using USB cable.. Step 2 On the homepage, click Backup.You can clearly see the free space of the default backup path, if it has not enough storage space or you want customize a save path, click on the icon under Backup to.Then tick Text Messages option in the middle

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SS7 hacking: How hackers hack phone with ss7 to read your calls and messages. Researchers had always warned that the loopholes in SS7 are allowing hackers to steal money from banks, manipulate calls and messages. However these issues were very ignored by cellular network providers as they believed SS7 attacks are done by highly professional hackers and they require good amount of investment I show you how to change the language and i also show you how to get back to English if you are stuck in a different language such as Chinese, Korean, etc. T.. Google is adding seven new features for Android users with an upcoming update. Text messages sent from the native Google Messages app on Android will now be end-to-end encrypted, but with certain. Open the Settings app. Type security or encrypt in the search bar to find related settings. Tap the option to encrypt your device. Follow the onscreen instructions. When prompted, set a lock screen password, PIN, or other authentication method (if allowed by your organization). To recheck settings, open the Company Portal or Microsoft Intune app 1 Open Settings on your mobile device. 2 Tap Biometrics and security. 3 Tap Other security settings. 4 Tap the switch next to Strong protection to disable encryption. 5 Enter your PIN, Password, or Pattern when prompted to confirm. Disabling this feature on Other Android 9.0 (Pie) mobile phones. Click to Expand

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To update the Android OS version, you need to negative to Settings > About Phone > System Update, once your phone shows the available package, tap Continue to download and install the package. After rebooting, your phone will be updated to the Android 10 (Q) automatically. Method 3 One of the most common problems on Android devices comes in the form of a browser message that says, your connection is not private. This may be confusing to you because it occurs even on the newest devices with the latest updates and the current OS. It's not a big deal though, here's how to fix SSL connection errors on Android phones Periodically, WhatsApp backs up a user's messages in CRYPT14 files. These files are .DB database files that are encrypted and appended with the .crypt14 extension to create a .db.crypt14 file. Throughout WhatsApp's existence, the app has used different algorithms to encrypt users' messages and has appended backups with the .CRYPT12, .CRYPT10, .CRYPT8, and .CRYPT7 extensions, among others 1 Open the Settings app and tap Biometrics and security. 2 Scroll to the bottom and select Encrypt or Decrypt SD card. 3 Tap on Encrypt SD Card. 4 Enter in your Pin, Pattern or Password to proceed. 5 Encryption will begin. You can continue to use your device normally The Galaxy S10 Lite features a Snapdragon 855 SoC and 8GB of RAM. General performance and the cameras are quite good. Battery life is also solid and this phone charges very quickly. Samsung is.

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  1. The Gionee M7 Plus has a dual security encryption chip that can encrypt contacts, messages, and photos. The next that has been launched is the Gionee F6 aka S11 Lite. This one employs a.
  2. utes
  3. If prompted to change the default SMS app, tap OK > Messages > Set as default to confirm. From the Inbox, tap the Menu icon (upper-right). Tap Settings. Tap More settings. Tap Text messages. Tap the Show when delivered switch to turn on or off . Tap Multimedia messages. Tap the Show when delivered switch to turn on or off

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Steps to Flash TWRP on Android. First off, make sure to rename the recovery files to twrp. Hence the complete names should be twrp.zip (if available) and twrp.img. Furthermore, transfer these recovery files to the platform-tools folder. Also, transfer the twrp.zip to your device's internal storage Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ display tips Welcome to the Infinity-O display, one of the best mobile displays you'll find. There's also loads you can do tweak the visuals, as well as that cut-out. In this post, we will provide you with all the AOSP Android 11 Custom ROMs and its supported device list. After being in the Developer Previews and Beta Builds for quite a while, the latest iteration of Android has finally made its way to the stable build. As of now, you could directly install it onto your Pixel devices, either via OTA update or ADB Sideload Set Timer for Automatic Message Delete in Secret Conversation. Guess what, make your message even super secure by turning on the timer. The timer lets you automatically delete messages right after sending them. All you need is to set a time duration e.g 5 seconds, 10, 15 and after that, the message is gone Text messages: See the name or number of the sender and the message. Note that you can choose to only see the sender in your app settings. Calendar alerts: See the name, location, and time of an upcoming event. You receive notifications for events that start within an hour. Emails: See the name of the sender and the subject contents of the message

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Samsung s10 #70,000 Samsung s10+ #80,000 Samsung Note 8 #60,000 Samsung Note 9 #70,000 Samsung Note 10+ #95,000. TeWhatn x pro #20,000 Tecno spark k7 and k9 #18,000 Tecno camon11 pro #23,000 Gionee m6 Plus #20,000 Infinix hot 6 #18,000 Infinix Spark4 #25,000 Infinix hot 7 #20,000 Ifinix hot 7 pro #23,000 infinix hot8 #30,000 Infinix S4 #28,000. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is available now - SIM-free and without a contract you can get the phone for $649.99 / £499 (around AU$910) at the time of writing, though check the widgets on this. Install Android 10 on your smartphone. Turn off your device. Press and hold the Power and Quieter keys to restart the device in bootloader mode. Connects your smartphone to your PC via a USB cable. Opens Windows Explorer and searches for the previously downloaded firmware in the ADB Tool folder Galaxy S10 Lite is a newly introduced smartphone in 2020 with the Price of 89,500 LKR in Sri Lanka. The device brings a 6.57-inch Super AMOLED Display of 1080x2340pixels (FHD+) resolution. The Samsung S10 Lite comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon855G, an Octa-core chipset, and an Adreno620 GPU. Coming to the optics, the Galaxy S10 Lite carries a Triple Rear camera setup including a 48MP main sensor

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Export chat history. You can use the export chat feature to export a copy of the chat history from an individual or group chat. Open the individual or group chat. Tap More options > More > Export chat. Choose whether to export with media or without media. An email will be composed with your chat history attached as a .txt document How to manage your notifications - Notification preferences can easily be managed in your WhatsApp settings. Change WhatsApp notification settings Open WhatsApp > tap More options > Settings > Notifications. You can change notifications for messages, groups, and calls by choosing: Whether to turn conversation tones for incoming and outgoing messages on or off. Notification tone or ringtone. Skype Lite has been developed to work on budget-based phones, along with networks that don't have fast connections. Keep in mind that this app is still labeled as unreleased, which means. This is the Team Win website and the official home of TWRP! Here you will find the list of officially supported devices and instructions for installing TWRP on those devices

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  1. Choose the Video Projects and then click the Import option to choose the From a USB device . Select your Samsung phone on the pop-up page. - After that, you may scan your videos on the computer, please pick out the videos you want to transfer. Click the Continue button
  2. Expand your Outlook. We've developed a suite of premium Outlook features for people with advanced email and calendar needs. A Microsoft 365 subscription offers an ad-free interface, custom domains, enhanced security options, the full desktop version of Office, and 1 TB of cloud storage
  3. In order to transfer photos to the SD card, you'll have to go to the File Manager application on your Razer Phone 2, and then IMAGE . Once you are there, you just have to choose the album to transfer while remaining pressed a few secs. A small menu should appear and you just have to click on CUT
  4. Buy Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (Cosmic Grey, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage) Online.Read Product Specifications, Features And Customer Reviews. *One Year Of Brand Warranty * Emi Availabl
  5. Samsung Messages Backup software will be your best choice to backup, restore, manage data for Android devices. It can transfer SMS, contacts, photos, videos, etc. from all kinds of Samsung phones to computer easily, and vice versa
  6. That's it; all your deleted WhatsApp messages will now be restored back to your iPhone. Unfortunately, unlike Android, iOS users don't have the option to backup or restore chat messages on local storage. Wrapping Up. So this was a simple guide on how you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android as well as iOS
  7. Gionee offers a wide range of mobile phones including smart phones, feature phones & phablets in India. Buy from the latest smartphones, 4g mobiles and android phones now

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BitLocker Drive Encryption is a data protection feature that integrates with the operating system and addresses the threats of data theft or exposure from lost, stolen, or inappropriately decommissioned computers. BitLocker provides the most protection when used with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 1.2 or later A regular text conversation will have a light blue bubble, while a chat message will be a darker shade of blue. A fun feature available in chat is adding reactions to messages

Vivo V21 5G Launching Soon in Nepal with Dimensity 800U SoC, 44MP OIS selfie camera, and More. Yawan Shrestha Jun 28, 2021. Vivo, the Chinese smartphone brand is launching Vivo V21 soon in Nepal. The phone is a part of the Vivo V21 series that includes three smartphones, namely Vivo V21, Vivo V21 5G, and Vivo V21e Get Android guide, Driver, Flipkart & Amazon quiz, News, Review, Rom update guide, How to guide, Tips and Tricks, Video tutorials of Computer and Mobiles

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Samsung Galaxy S10 was introduced in the India market in February, 2019. The phone is an amazing smartphone for someone who is looking forward to a premium handset. The phone comes with an enticing display which is bright enough and it has a high screen-to-body ratio which provides a lot of screen space for workers to use and work Step 2: Choose Back Up Your Phone. Choose the option labeled Back Up Your Phone from the interface. You will enter a new window, displaying your OPPO or Gionee phone, with all the files that you can backup here. Just choose the file types that you want to transfer to computer, such as Contacts, Text Messages and Photos Locate your nearest service centre by selecting your state and city below. Select State Andhra Pradesh Assam Bihar Chandigarh Chhaattisgarh Delhi Goa Gujarat Haryana Haryana NCR Himachal Pradesh Jammu and Kashmir Jharkhand Karnataka Kerala Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra Meghalaya Nagaland Orissa Punjab Rajasthan Tamil Nadu Telangana Tripura Uttar.

Step-1: First, make a free account on the Spyic website. It is a very simple and user-friendly process and takes very little time. Step-2: Now, choose your device type. If the target device is an Android phone, you can download the Spyic app. Allow it all permissions that it needs to work correctly The problem is that the device will not be working until the PIN or password is input, no calls, message, internet will work as phone will not come up fully until we enter correct PIN. Important Note: We need to make sure we should not forget PIN or Password once Secure Startup is configured else phone will not come up after restart Similar to Airtel, you have two options to deactivate flash messages in Idea network. The first method is to open the Idea Power app on your Android mobile and tap on Idea Flash service. Now select the Activation option and tap Deactivate to discontinue the service. The other way is dialing * 121*46# from your default phone dialer

Way 2: Read Android Text Message on Computer with Lab.Fone for Android. Another way to check Android phone's text messages on computer is using the Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android (for all Windows versions) or Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android (Mac).It is specially designed for Android users to recover lost and deleted text messages, as well as contacts, photos, videos, music, call logs and more. Tap the Safe mode is turned on notification if available. If you don't see this notification, skip to the next step. Tap RESTART or RESTART NOW when prompted. Press and hold your Android's Power button. The Power button is usually on the right side of the Android's housing. Tap Power off when prompted SMS messages - set how Android behaves when you send a text message. Call forwarding between SIM cards - tapping this option opens a menu where you can choose how calls are forwarded between your two SIM cards. Enable dual card 4G or Dual SIM 4G - enable it to activate 4G connectivity on the two SIM cards and switch seamlessly between the 4G. In this article, let's see how you can send automatic replies to text messages on Android. Send Automatic Replies to Text Messages on Android. Android, by default, doesn't get any sort of auto-reply feature for messages. Anyway, you can use third-party apps to automatically notify the sender that you're away or busy at work, as follows

The key to decrypt Elkington date system is well known and widely illustrated in Elkington page of my website and another partial decryption is available in Walker & Hall dating page. An exclusive of this website is the page of silverplate date marks of Thomas Bradbury & Sons , lasting from 1850 to 1927 (the key, previously unknown, was. different ways to backup them. Here i will show you how to backup them manually. Using a USB cable,connect your phone to your computer. (It will show up as. external hard drive). Select the disk,and navigate to the DCIM folder.This folder contains your. Video and pictures. Select the files you want and drag it to an area on your computer (such.

Open the 'Settings' menu on your Android smartphone running stock Android 11. Scroll down to 'Apps & Notifications' from the menu and select and tap 'Notifications. Tap 'Notification history' and ensure that the 'Use notification history' toggle is enabled. Your phone will now keep a log of all notifications and it can be viewed for 24 hours This is similar to the case above but has to do with group messages. This includes: MMS meant for group messages appearing in other places. MMS not sending in group messages. MMS not downloading in group messages. MMS not viewable in group messages. MMS displays multiple times, even though it was only sent once 4. Personal settings make the system disorder. Some personalize settings may disorder phone system and leads touch screen hasn't any reaction. If the phone touch screen is completely unresponsive, factory resetting the Android device in Recovery Mode may help: Long press the power button to power off the smartphone; Press and hold the power button and volume UP button (some phones use power. 6. Select your preferred language from the list by tapping on it. If prompted, select the region for your chosen language. Some languages offer an additional region-specific option. In such.

Learn how to do anything with wikiHow, the world's most popular how-to website. Easy, well-researched, and trustworthy instructions for everything you want to know Let's go and try to enable OTG support on an Android phone. Step 1: Download an app to root your Android phone to access permission of the administrator. Note: If your Android phone was never rooted before, you'd better not to root it. Step 2: After finishing rooting, download and install the Root Explorer to manage your files LOL. I thought I'd lost my daughter's videos recording from her birth to now 11-year-old. Thanks to the awesome tool android data recovery, they all completely restored. I washed Galaxy S5 in the washingmachine. I took it to the repair shop, they said there is nothing on the internal and external storage. I couldn't believe it If your S10 is still problematic, repeat steps 1-4. Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 keeps rebooting issue: Master reset Random reboot for Galaxy S10 is usually caused by bad software only

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iRoot is the easiest and fastest Android rooting software. Just with one click, you can get a customizable and handy Android device in hand Step 1: Install Secure Eraser. The app that lets you permanently erase deleted files is called Secure Eraser, and it's available for free on the Google Play Store. To begin, search the app by name and get it installed, or head directly to the install page at the following link: Install Secure Eraser for free from the Google Play Store Go to this website - Online PDU Encoder and Decoder. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where it has a field for SMSC to be converted. SMSC to PDU conversion. Erase whatever text is in the fields for Receiver and the message box above the Convert button. Enter your SMSC number in the SMSC field and click convert The following are the steps to hard reset an Android phone using the PC software ADB: Step 1. Enable USB Debugging on your mobile phone. The setting on this is found at Settings > Applications > Development. Step 2. On your computer, install the Android SDK tools using the SDK manager window. Step 3

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