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Riesige Auswahl: Computer, Handy, TV, Zubehör & mehr von Top-Marken Aktuelle Preise für Produkte vergleichen! Heute bestellen, versandkostenfrei Celestron doesn't offer a f/6.3 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, because the design is impractical, with a large central obstruction, and resulting loss in contrast. This, added to the inability to utilize longer focal ratios for certain objects, led Celestron to design the four-element, fully multicoated f/6.3 Reducer/Corrector

If you buy an Edge HD 8 OTA you get a built-in field flattener, but still have the longer focal length, and hence smaller field of view and slower f-number. To see the whole sun or moon, or a more of the Pleiades in a camera, you would have to buy another focal length reducer, about $300 bucks. Since the Edge HD comes at a $400 buck premium. An f/11 scope, such as the 14 Celestron CG-14, becomes an f/7. The field flattening function: Some focal reducers also act as a field flattener to significantly reduce the field curvature in all Schmidt-Cassegrains and most refractors that causes stars to be out of focus at the edge of the field when the scope is sharply focused at the center.

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  1. This flattener from Takahashi is made as a universal replacement for FS/FC flatteners. Takahashi has designed the 1.04x flattener to work only with the FS and FC telescopes. The flattener helps correct spherical aberration. Takahashi's field flattener uses a two element design. $233.00
  2. This focal reducer and field flattener consists of a four-element multicoated 40mm lens in a metal cell. It threads onto the rear cell of 5 to 16 Celestron and Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, making it possible to have a dual focal ratio instrument without sacrificing image quality
  3. > Has anyone any information on a field flattener for a 8 inch Celestron > Schmidt Camera? I would like to adapt a ccd to such a unit. > Ed > Ed, While not related to this particular question you had asked a while ago about a medium format film holder for the 8 Schmidt Camera and I thought you'd be interested in this

6.3 focal reducer and field flattener for SCT - posted in Cats & Casses: Meade and Celestron both market a 6.3 reducer/field flattener. Both are 4-element, multi-coated and configured to be attached in the same way (diameter and threading are standard SCT fit). The Celestron model is normally priced at roughly a 40% to 50% premium over the Meade model SkyWatcher Field Flattener for Esprit 150. Availability - In stock. £239.00 Including VAT & Warranty. Celestron Focal Reducer 0.7x for EdgeHD 800. Availability - In stock. £349.00 Including VAT & Warranty. Celestron Focal Reducer 0.7x for EdgeHD 925. Availability - In stock. £409.00 Including VAT & Warrant Welcome back people :)ever wondered how coma correctors and field flatteners work, and wha they are for? Let's find out!Exploring the universe one image at a.. Eliminate field curvature in short, optically fast refractor telescopes with this handy 38mm clear-aperture, fully multi-coated field flattener. Designed for use with 400mm to 650mm focal length refractors with f/5 to f/7.5 focal ratios. Optimizes your fast refractor telescope for astrophotography Connecting optical devices onto cameras and telescopes can be difficult. In this video guide I will show what methods you can do and achieve good results in.

So it seems that strong field curvature corrector (like the TRF2008 for bright APOs) wins Maybe you could combine a reducer with that flattener? And also play with f/6.3 Celestron reducer distance (110-120 mm). Some say that all those SCT reducers have a very short window around the optimal distance for giving good corrected field Shop B&H for our huge inventory of Focal Reducers & Field Flatteners from top brands like Sky-Watcher, Vixen Optics, Celestron and Explore Scientific Astro-Physics - 2.70 Prime Focus Field Flattener for 140 f/7.5 StarFire EDF, 130 f/8.35 StarFire EDT, 155 f/7 StarFire EDFS, Star130ED, Star12ED, 5 f/8 StarFire and 5 f/8 Standard $850.00 With this product, you earn 850 loyalty points

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Using Photographic Field Flatteners (and Reducer/Flatteners) Refractor telescopes are made to be used visually with an eyepiece. To use a telescope for photography an optical device is needed to convert your telescope from a visual instrument to a photographic camera lens. This optical device is a field flattener (or reducer/flattener) Reducer/Field Flattener. I currently use a 2″ StarField 0.8X reducer-flattener/reducer when imaging through the Explore Scientific ED102 telescope. This provides a large 2″ opening to the sensor of my Canon T3i sensor. It corrects the field of view so that my images contain sharp stars right to the edge of the frame The Orion Field Flattener for Short Refractors has fully multi-coated 2-element optics and a clear aperture of 38mm. It is compatible with 2 focuser drawtubes and its barrel is conveniently threaded for use with 2 filters. Backfocus distance of 55mm is required to achieve proper focus. This flattener is for photographic use only. Weighs 7.5 oz A must-have accessory for imaging. $249.99. Orion Field Flattener for Short Refractors. Designed for use with 400mm to 660mm focal length refractor telescopes with focal ratios of f/5 to f/7.5, this Field Flattener lets you enjoy the full potential of your fast refractor telescope for astrophotography. Fully multi-coated optics

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  1. Focal reducers for many SCTs and their flat-field equivalents usually have a back-focus distance of 105mm. In this case, an additional T-adapter (with an optical length of 50mm) is needed to get the spacing correct for a DSLR or other camera with a 55mm back focus. Meade and Celestron both sell such SCT-T adapters with the correct optical length
  2. Brand new adjustable field flattener for the William Optics Zenithstar 73 OTA. This is a brand new 2019 item which is now in stock at Rother Valley Optics. Skywatcher Field Flattener For Esprit 100 ED £189.00. An optically-matched M48-fitting doublet field flattener for Skywatcher's Esprit 100 ED PRO triplet refractor
  3. Celestron Focal Reducer/Field Flattener This item threads on the back of an 8 SCT and reduces the focal length by 37%. This is better than buying the f/6.3 version of the scope because the f/10 versions have a smaller secondary, and, hence, better contrast
  4. Stellarvue Field Flattener/Reducer for SV102A Access. $229.00. Add to cart. Call 1(610)327-3500 for availability. 9 229.00 while longer distance results in a shorter focal length. For example, a standard Celestron 6.3 focal reducer with 0.63x power reduces a f/10 telescope to f/6.3 if it is placed 100mm from the focal plane. If the distance.
  5. StellaMira 2 Field Flattener with T / M42 Adapter. £79.00 Add to Basket. Sky-Watcher .85x Reducer/Flattener for Evostar-72ED Pro (4) £210.00 Add to Basket. Celestron 0.7x Reducer for EdgeHD 800 (3) £389.00 Add to Basket. HoTech SCA Field Flattener (3) £169.00 Add to Basket
  6. Model: skywatcher_field_flattener. Part Number: 20225. A high-quality, non-focal-reducing Field Flattener optimised for DSLR imaging on refractor telescopes with focal ratios around f/5.5 to f6.0. Will also provide much improved results on refractors with focal lengths narrowly outside this optimised f/range. Integral T-Ring adaptor thread
  7. This large format field flattener is designed to work with the Altair Astro 102mm, 115mm and 130mm F7 EDT Triplet APOs, and has an M48 rear conical adapter for connecting your DSLR or CCD camera. $260.00. Altair PlanoStar 3 1.0x Flattener for 102 110 115 130 refractors - $260.00. Add to cart

William Optics 0.72x Focal Reducer & Field Flattener This adjustable William Optics 0.72x Reducer/Flattener is a revolutionary new device suitable for use with f/6 to f/7.8 focal ratio refractors such as the WO GT153, FLT132, and 102GTS. An essential Field flattener - a type of lens placed at the optic's focal plane that counteracts a concave or convex curvature, providing an image closer to being in focus over the full field. Field flatteners are found built-in our EdgeHD and RASA optical tubes The flattener, also called a field flattener, corrects this effect. Astrophotographers can then enjoy images where the stars remain sharp right out to the edge of the exposure. The flattener is installed between the telescope and the camera. The WO FF68III Adjustable Flattener was made for 6 -7.5 F ratio refractors

An f/11 scope, such as the 14 Celestron CG-14, becomes an f/7. The field flattening function: Some focal reducers also act as a field flattener to significantly reduce the field curvature in all Schmidt-Cassegrains and most refractors that causes stars to be out of focus at the edge of the field when the scope is sharply focused at the. Buy Celestron CPC Deluxe 800 HD 8 f/10 Cassegrain Optical Tube Assembly featuring 203.2mm Focal Length, f/10 Focal Ratio, StarBright XLT Optical Coating System, EdgeHD Aplanatic Field-Flattener Design, 1.25 90° Star Diagonal, 1.25 51x Eyepiece, 9x50 Finder with Bracket, Fastar Compatible. Review Celestron Deluxe 80 Celestron MFG Part: 94175. SKU: 100021814. Regular price $164.95 Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. Reducer Lens .7x EdgeHD 925 MFG Part: 94245. SKU: 100021809. Regular price $379.95 Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. Field Flattener, Focal Reducer. Low Stock. Field Flattener, Focal Reducer. Vendor Explore Scientific MFG Part: FFFR507X-00.

This field flattener will thread directly to Stellarvue 3 focusers using the M68X1 thread. If using a Stellarvue or Feather Touch 2.5 focuser you will also need this adapter. If you have the 3 Feather Touch focuser or the Moonlight Nitecrawler, use this flattener with this adapter. If your focuser uses another thread we do have other adapters The eyepieces of the Regal EDs employ field flattener technology, delivering edge-to-edge clarity. Close focus is a birder-friendly 4.9'. Of course, they are waterproof and nitrogen purged. Power X Obj. Dia.: 8x42. Magnification: 8. Field of View: 420 ft. at 1000 yds

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  1. Features and applications of the TS f/6.3 SC Corrector: The corrector fits to all Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes from Celestron and Meade. It is simply screwed to the 2 thread at the back of the telescope. At the eyepiece side, the f/6.3 corrector also has the SC thread. You can use your accessories as before
  2. ating fiel curvature in short, optically fast refractors providing a flat image for the camera sensor. When using a DSLR and a refractor between f/5.5 to f/6.5 the field is flattened across the entire sensor. When using small chips like popular 4/3rd's.
  3. Providing pin point stars across the field of view, the Starfield 0.8x reducer/flattener decrease the focal length of your imaging refractor. Designed to be used with any refractor, f/5.5 and longer, with a 2 focuser, and requires 55mm of back focus. Perfect for any DSLR imager
  4. I have a question about whether my field flattener is actually working to spec and wanted to get some input from the NSAS community on thoughts. I have come to the conclusion that it is not to spec but am unclear as to how I would measure this I have a Skywatcher 120ED with a field flattener. These are all from the manufacturer ie not clones etc

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  1. TEC Field Flattener (FF) has been designed for correcting field curvature and off-axis astigmatism of the APO140. FF has a wide-spaced two lens design that corrects abberations most efficiently. Combination of APO140 with FF gives highly corrected field with round spot under 15mk in diameter over entire field 6x7cm (Pentax 67)
  2. Antares F6.3 focal Reducer for SCT. Sky Instruments (Antares) MSRP: Your price: On Sale: $120.00. Was: Antares F6.3 focal Reducer for SCT The Antares SCTFR is the standard thread-on F/6.3 4-element fully multicoated reducer/corrector used on F/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. It is actually..
  3. The field flattener adds about 1.5″ to the imaging train. The DSLR camera body itself adds about 44mm from the front of the lens mount to the image sensor itself. For someone using a CCD camera and no field flattener, they would probably need 2-2″ spacers to achieve focus, but for a DSLR with field flattener, you probably need just a single.
  4. To help you get that, you may need to use an optical corrector. Some types of correctors include reducer/flatteners, which are most common for refractors, coma correctors for Newtonians, and field flatteners for refractors, Ritchey-Chretiéns, and other types of telescopes
  5. My scope is a Celestron C8 (f10) - I find this is a very good match (resolution wise) for a u43 or modern DSLR's. I've been using a 4/3 T-adapter plus MA-1 adapter and can just barely reach infinity focus with my field flattener in my 80mm triplex apo refractor. Pete
  6. Celestron EdgeHD 8 with Losmandy bar and ESATTO 2: main features Celestron EdgeHD 8 is an aplanatic astrograph telescope very light and compact. The high optical quality and very competitive price make it the ideal instrument for deep-sky and planetary visual use, and it's excellent in astrophotography
  7. The aplanatic part is a field flattener fitted in the exit tube just before the eyepiece. By working with the other optical components, it produces a sharp, flat field right to the edge of the view. The optics sit on a heavy-duty field tripod that supports a CGEM DX Go-To equatorial mount head

Compare. William Optics Flat6A III 0.8x Adjustable Reducer Flattener HK$1,780.00. New Adjustable Flat6Alll (T-mount not included) This very elegant 2 reducer/field flattener has been designed to optimize the flat-field imaging performance of William Optics F/6 to F7.5 ratio refactors. WO Flat6A lll will.. I paired this refractor with a William Optics 1:1 field flattener (a suggested flattener by my supplier, no focal length change), and an Orion SkyGlow Imaging filter (light pollution killer). This setup gives me a corrected field of view (not 100% flat, but close to it), and allows me to take longer exposures in my light-polluted location Meade f/6.3 focal reducer is used when imaging with f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrains to increase the effective field of view. Improves edge-of-field correction and reduces exposure times by close to 50%. Threads into rear cell of any Meade or Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Is not recommended for Celestron EdgeHD models

Without a field flattener, stars may appear sharp in the middle of the frame, but will appear out of focus towards the edges. The quadruplet design features the field flattener built in, so you don't have to purchase an extra accessory for imaging. The downside to this design, however, is that most quadruplets cannot be used visually Flat field eyepieces are designed to assist telescopes, primarily fast telescopes with focal ratios around f/4 or f/5, correct the curvature of the image that would be seen. In essence they make the visuals flatter and more pleasing for the user. That's just the basic intended reason for flat field eyepieces Sharpstar 61mm f/5.5 ED Triplet Apo Refractor Telescope #61EDPHII. $499.00. Sharpstar RC2508 Full Frame 0.8x Reducer for 200mm-800mm RC System OTAs. Add to cart. Sharpstar RC2508 Full Frame 0.8x Reducer for 200mm-800mm RC System OTAs. $399.00. The new 3inch full frame reducer for 140PH APO is made of high quality metal, beautiful shape, the. Long backfocus to connect cameras and astrophotography accessories.. Celestron EdgeHD 9.25 has a long backfocus, 146mm from the 3,3 SC thread on the back of the telescope. ESATTO 2 is 67mm thick and the adapter to connect it to the telescope is 2mm then you still have 77mm that are more than enough to connect cameras also with accessories for astrophotography (like off axis guiders or. The Advanced VX 6 Refractor is a no-regrets type of purchase. It's one of the best amateur telescopes for its optical type, computerized mount, and performance.. You can make out much more detail with the high-quality lenses to explore the Great Red Spot, Cassini's Division, Mars' ice caps, Orion Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy, and so much more

The Andromeda Galaxy with a DSLR Camera (Astrophotography

Meade f/6.3 Series 4000 Focal Reducer/Field Flattener - $129.95 (Made in China) Antares f/6.3 SCT Reducer/Corrector - $99.95 (Made in Canada) Meade f/6.3 Series 4000 Focal Reducer/Field Flattener. The Meade focal reducer comes in a small box. Inside the box is a bottle style case and a two-sided instruction sheet Tele Vue 9mm Nagler Type 6 1.25 Eyepiece. $321.00 New. 24mm Tele Vue PanOptic Telescope Eyepiece. 5 out of 5 stars. (3) Total Ratings 3, $321.00 New. Tele Vue 10mm ETHOS 2 / 1.25 Eyepiece With 100 Degree Field of View. $628.00 New Add to Cart. This F6.3 Focal Reducer / Corrector design is a four-element, fully multicoated focal reducer and field flattener. It effectively reduces the focal length of an F10 telescope to F6.3. Improves edge-of-field correction and reduces exposure times by close to 50% when imaging, also delivering a much wider field of view for both.

Celestron 9.25 f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain. Newtonians can also be paired with a camera for EAA. However, because of the very limited in-focus travel of these designs, some will require modification to achieve focus. This may require a low profile focuser or moving the primary mirror closer to the secondary. Another option is the smaller form. Sky-Watcher Field Flattener for EvoGuide 50. Corrects for field curvature, allowing the Evoguide 50ED and 50DX to be used for astrophotography. Thread on metal caps. T-thread connection or 1.25 opening for camera mounting. 28mm imaging circle With the field flattener, even when using a DSLR camera with a full-frame (24mm × 36mm) sensor, star images were absolutely pinpoint corner to corner, free of any coma, astigmatism or lateral col­our dispersion. This matched or surpassed the effectiveness of other telescope/field-flattener combinations I've used Bintel Focal Reducer 0.5x (2 Inch) $ 69.00. SOLD OUT. $ 69.00. Tele Vue 0.8x Reducer Adapter to 2 Inch Focuser. $ 79.00. SOLD OUT. $ 79.00. Tele Vue Visual / Imaging System Adapter (VISA

Starguider 2″ Field Flattener (TSFlat2) on SkyWatcher Evostar 80ED February 19, 2015 // by ecuador The lowest cost field flattener / corrector that I could find for my SW 80ED refractor was the Starguider 2″ Field Flattener sold by Sky's the Limit on ebay.co.uk I am running into problems figuring out the focal length to use with my new ZWO ASIAir Pro and ZWO ASI071 MC Pro camera and AP Stowaway. I have tried inputting 0 to have the ASIAir Pro calculate it but it comes up with 648 or 649, and I'm not sure it takes into account the field flattener (or the Precise Parts Adapter) The CGE Pro 1100 EdgeHD combines Celestron's state of the art CGE Pro Computerized Equatorial mount with its new EdgeHD optical system. With an optical tube assembly weighing only 28 lbs, this telescope is still portable enough to be taken to dark skies, and has 89% more light gathering power than an 8″ telescope and 40% more than the 9.25″ The Meade 07545 LX f/6.3 Focal Reducer and Field Flattener ultimately reduces your telescope's focal ratio by 0.63, which reduces exposure times and simplifies astrophotography while improving edge-of-field resolution by flattening the telescope's field Astro-Physics 67PF562 Prime Focus Field Flattener - 2.7 Machined Aluminum Covers; Reviews. Write Your Own Review astronomy telescopes, celestron telescopes, astronomical telescopes for sale, telescope lens,telescope shopping, orion telescopes, galileo sky, telescope accessories, great telescopes, new telescopes, buying first telescope.

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The CAA 0.8x Reducer/Field Flattener is an optimal accessory for those who are interested in astrophotography- Perfect to use with any camera of your choice! The Reducer/Field Flattener offers a wider field of view through your system, working to decrease the focal length of your system Celestron C11 and SBIG ST10XME @ F10. RCOS 14 RC and FLI 6303 (without field flattener) RCOS 14 RC and FLI 6303 (with field flattener) Takahashi FSQ-106 and SBIG STL11000XM @ F Description 3-lens field corrector for BAADER APO 95/560 CaF2 Travel Companion 76.11mm backfocus, 52mm corrected field of view Telescope side M68a thread, camera side M68i thread Specifications MANUFACTURER Baader Planetarium SKU (#) 245826 OVL Field Flattener (with T-ring adaptor) Superb quality, non-focal reducing Field Flattener optimised for DSLR imaging on refractor telescopes with focal ratios of between f/5.5 to f6.0. Will also provide much improved results on refractors with focal lengths narrowly outside this optimised f/range. Integral T-Ring adaptor thread All refractor lens systems exhibit some natural field curvature which, while not relevant for visual observation, can be visible in images. This field flattener/reducer screws directly into the rear focuser rotator of your refractor, converting it into an astrograph with a flatter photographic field than the existing lens system alone

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Field flattener/reducer counters the field-angle dependence of a system's focal length. The Celestron NexStar 8Se is definitely for advanced astrophotographers since they need a long focal length for a narrow field of view. This telescope is one of the most expensive telescopes on our list. But it's also one of the best Using the Celestron Field Flattener with an SBIG ST-8300M and FW8-8300. I purchased a used Celestron 9.25 XLT SCT intending to use it primarily for planetary imaging at f/10 or greater. There was no need for a focal reducer/flattener. I did purchase a used Celestron 94175 f/6.3 flattener/reducer so I could, if I wanted to, image deep sky objects

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A field flattener is an adapter that you place between the camera sensor and the telescope, to flatten flatten the field of view. Depending on the type of telescope you use, the stars at the edges of your image frame may become elongated or football shaped Celestron's 9.25 Edge HD OTAs and SCTs of 11 and greater aperture use 3.28 threads on a 16TPI pitch. The slight difference in thread diameter between the larger Meade and Celestron scopes is a source of confusion and frustration. Some third-party vendors make focusers for one size or the other 6.3 focal reducer & field flattener SCT. Please Log In to view the details for this classified ad. Don't have an Astromart account? Click here to create one. Used and clean. Antares brand, identical to Celestron as far as I can tell. Price includes USPS Priority shipping to 48 contiguous states. No paypal fees. ** If you'd like to purchase. 1.0x Field Flattener with 2 barrel and M48 thread for refractors up to 102 mm aperture The corrector fits to the 2 receptacle of the focuser, it corrects the image field for astrophotography ♦ Suitable for refractor telescopes up to 102 mm aperture or smaller (ED, apo, achromat..

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Telescope: 80mm Equinox APO refractor with a field flattener. Mount: Nexstar 6/8SE Alt Az on a sturdy table but on rickety floor boards! Camera: Canon 650D unmodded. No light pollution filters . 420 X 4 Sec Light frames . ISO 1600. 50 Dark frames . Stacked with DSS (Deep Sky Stacker). Manually adjusted RGB levels The APO triplet optics of the Field Flattener and Reducer are made with Ohara glass and fully multi-coated to provide good illumination and a beautifully flat field across 97% of full frame sensors. The reducing factor is 0.8X. Designed with M63 threads on the telescope side, the Field Flattener and Reducer will thread directly into the telescope Celestron f6.3 focal reducer/field flattener Celestron f6.3 focal reducer/field flattener by Celestron F6.3 Reducer/Corrector. Some images (view more) M81 Galaxy tegwilym Orion M42 tegwilym NGC 7635 Bubble Nebula David Newbury Total Solar Eclipse 2017 - Collage. © 2019 The Binocular & Telescope Shop PTY LTD | ABN 39094891031 | 84 Wentworth Park Road, Glebe, Sydney 2037 | Phone (02) 9518 7255 WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT AND HOSTING B However with a low cost Sky watcher /Orion Field Flattener for Short Refractors and above collimation the images are pretty good. I tried several distances between the chip and Field Flattener T-thread in steps of 7.5 mm. Best flat field is now achieved at 72 mm distance instead of the 55 mm recommended for refractors

14-Inch Dovetail Bar (CGE) Celestron. $57.95. Dovetail for mounting a Celestron 14 SCT to a Celestron CGE-style or Losmandy D-style saddle plate or for piggybacking a guidescope or camera. $57.95 William Optics FLT 98, WO Field Flattener, AVX mount, Celestron Nightscape 8300 CCD, 10 Frames stacked @ 480 sec's (8mins) each The Hockey Stick galaxy has two NGC designation numbers. It is a pair of galaxie

Building a Deep Sky Astrophotography Kit from the Ground Up

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Flattener vaihtoehtoja Celestron 80ED -putkelle « : 26-08-2020, 22:53:33 » Eli, taloon muutti tuollainen Celestronin 80 / 600 ED putki, ja sitä kiinnostaisi kokeilla myös kuvaamiseen koska se lienee aika sopiva kuorma HEQ5 Pro:lle The iOptron field flattener reduces the normal field curvature inherent in all refractors to provide you with images that are sharply focused out to the very corners of your 35mm or large format CCD imager frame. Stars look sharp and point-like all the way across the field. This 2 iOptron field flattener is designed for iOptron's Versa 108. How to do you attach a camera to a telescope? In this tutorial, we go through different scenarios using three types of cameras (DSLR, OSC, Mono) and two types of telescopes (Reflector, Refractor) to show beginner astrophotographers how to connect their own device to their telescope Steve Ringwood reviews a dedicated 3″ field flattener designed for use with Orion's EON 115/130 EDT refractors. One side of the field flattener threads on to the 3″ focuser, whilst the other offers a wide M48 thread that enables fixture of DSLRs, etc. without the vignetting possible with smaller M42 designs — particularly when deployed with full frame sensors Series 4000TM f/3.3 CCD Focal Reducer/Field Flattener: The revolutionary Meade f/3.3 CCD Focal Reducer converts the optical systems of f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes to f/3.3 for ultrafast CCD imaging, and with increased edge of field resolution and color correction. Mounted in its threaded cell, the f/3.3 CCD Focal Reduce

How to adjust Field flatteners,Focal reducers and Coma

Celestron C9.25 and Takahashi EM-200 Astrophotography Test. I evaluated the imaging performance of my Celestron C9.25 XLT on my EM-200 on April 29 and 30, 2011. I had purchased the OTA on Astromart for visual observing. It has performed very well as a visual astronomy tube, and I thought that I should check its imaging potential The flattener is a lens that evens out the field, as this is slightly curved by the primary optics. This curvature causes stars that are imaged at the edge of the field of view to be less sharp. The flattener, also called a field flattener, corrects this effect. Astrophotographers can then enjoy images where the stars remain sharp right out to. This combination focal reducer and field corrector lens accessory works with all Celestron 5, 6, 8, 9 1/4, 11 and 14 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes Celestron Field Flattener Follow-Up. This is a follow-up of a previous post. I was able to image the other night with the short nosepiece. Recall that my goal was to get the system to match the presumed optimal f/6.3. It was f/6.0 with a long nosepiece/adapter in place, and by switching to a simpler nosepiece it allowed me to trim about 8mm off. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Celestron F/6.3 Reducer / Corrector 94175 London at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

Best of AOP: IC 59 and IC 63DeepSky snimke - CroAstro - Croatian Amateur Astronomy andTakahashi FSQ-85EDX Astrograph Refractor (No Flattener

no change in focal length or field size, an f4 Newtonian remains f4. calculated lens system - designed for an unvignetted field down to f3.5; maximum sharpness across the field - without center soft spot (as reported of other) accepts T-2(M42x0.75) and/or 2(M48x0.75) threaded photographic- or visual-adapter The above images are of the actual item you will the apm model 2 field flattener is intended specifically for refractors with focal ratios from f8 to. Details: evostar, ds-pro, refractor, mint, above, images, actual, receive, shot, optical Celestron 21035 travel scope 70 portable refractor Boost the flat-field imaging performance of your eon Refractor with this handy field flattener. Designed for use with Orion eon 115mm and eon 130mm ED triplet APO refractors, the Orion 3 field flattener minimizes field curvature distortion that can otherwise elongate stars at the edge of the field-of-view Note: the Meade and Celestron focal reducers are called f/6.3 reducers, this is because when used as designed they result in a focal ratio of approximately f/6.3 on an f/10 SCT. They are NOT 0.63x reducers. Meade FR f/3.3 focal length = 85 mm Celestron/Meade FR f/6.3 focal length = 240 m The flattener is a lens that evens out the field, as this is slightly curved by the primary optics. This curvature causes stars that are imaged at the edge of the field of view to be less sharp. The flattener, also called a field flattener, corrects this effect

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