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AutoUncle is dein unabhängiger Berater für die besten Auto Deals. Alle Gebrauchtwagen gesammelt aus über 800 Portalen und Händlerwebseiten Zahlen Sie nicht zu viel! Auto konfigurieren, exklusive Angebote erhalten und sparen. Konfigurieren Sie ihr Wunschauto & sichern Sie sich jetzt den besten Preis mit carwow If you have paid for the repair related to a safety recall that your vehicle is affected by and you would like your expenses to be considered for reimbursement, please contact your authorized MINI dealer. Expenses paid to repair facilities outside of the MINI dealer network will be considered; however, the repair procedure must meet MINI standards By Lucy Campbell This is a settlement for the BMW Recalls MINI lawsuit. San Francisco, CA: Preliminary approval of a defective automotive class action settlement has been granted, potentially.. December 27, 2014 — The MINI Cooper Hardtop has traveled rough roads the past few months with the announcement 1,928 model year 2014-2015 MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S Hardtop 2-door cars have transmission problems. This recall follows the December 16 recall of about 850 model year 2015 MINI Cooper 2-door Hardtops to fix problems with the seats

Older Minis were notorious for automatic transmission issues. Several years ago, a class action lawsuit was filed against BMW, who is the parent company of Mini. They were forced to replace or repair the bad transmissions, but this warranty expired in 2014. Known Mini Cooper Transmission Problem Our 2005 Mini Cooper has been exhibiting classic transmission problems recently. Only has 32K miles on the clock Car has stalled when putting it into R or D. When driving, the engine over-revs up to 30mph and particularly so when you take your foot off the accelerator pedal Mi Mini Cooper 2003 got transmission problems,need a part that they call,actuator motoris no way to find that piece,need a new transmission for 8000 $ dollars. Many Mini Coopers have the same problem nobody can do a recall to BMW. Automatic Transmission problem of the 2004 Mini Cooper 8 Failure Date: 05/12/201 Official recalls have been issued for the 2005 Mini Cooper by the NHTSA. The complete details of all recalls are listed below, along with what they cover and the recommended solutions. Recalls.. MINI Cooper Transmission Failure Problems with the automatic transmissions were a notorious problem for these cars. The 1st gen CVT (R50) was the worst of all of them and BMW and Mini were the subject of a class action lawsuit forcing Mini to cover the transmissions under warranty for 8 years or 150,000 miles whichever comes first

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  1. Automatic Transmission Failure. A big issue that has become apparent in first generation Mini Cooper cars equipped with CVT automatic transmissions is complete transmission failure. This problem is actually the result of the manufacturer stating the transmission does not require routine transmission fluid services, but in reality they do
  2. The class-action lawsuit involves 2002 through 2006 Mini Cooper or Mini Cooper S and 2005 through 2008 Mini Cooper Convertible or Mini Cooper S Convertible. Furthermore, the report states that BMW hadn't initiated a recall for the above-listed models even after knowing the issue
  3. BMW issued a recall for almost 89,000 2007 to 2011 Mini Coopers in lieu of an electronic circuit board that could overheat, and in some instances, even cause a fire. The circuit board controls the electric auxiliary water pump which cools the turbo
  4. Mini Cooper Transmission Problem. The Check Engine Light Can Come On. The Transmission May Enter Fail Safe Mode. One main symptom is the transmission lurches..
  5. The 2005 Mini Cooper has 5 problems reported for transmission failure. Average repair cost is $5,000 at 113,600 miles

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  1. Mini models, equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission, designated as TF-60, can develop several different issues with gear changes. Some of the most common symptoms range from delayed or erratic gear shifts, shift flares on accelerations, to failures to engage torque converter clutch. In most severe cases, some of the clutches may be burned
  2. Cooper - This is the hardtop MINI, and it's the most recognized model. It's considered the basic, and cheapest, model. This is the model that started the craze for the brand. Clubman - This is basically a longer version of the Cooper, allowing for more legroom. It has a different method to open the trunk
  3. On October 11, 2019, Mini recalled 683 Mini Coopers

The recall to replace these transmissions under warranty expired in 2014, so unfortunately for owner's of older Mini Coopers who are on the hook for the repair cost if they fail BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain model year 2005-2006 MINI Cooper and Cooper S vehicles manufactured January 5, 2005, to November 28, 2006, and 2005-2008 MINI Cooper Convertible.. THE RECALL BEGAN OCTOBER 13, 2004. OWNERS SHOULD CONTACT MINI CUSTOMER RELATIONS AT 1-866-275-6464. ON CERTAIN PASSENGER VEHICLES, THE FLAT TIRE MONITORING SYSTEM HAS NOT BEEN CORRECTLY PROGRAMMED.

2014 Mini Cooper A/T - TSB SI M12 07 14; 2008 Cooper / Cooper S - TSB SI M25 02 14; It has also been noted that some second-generation Minis, as well as some models of Mini Countryman, can also develop transmission problems prematurely. Common Signs of Transmission Failure The automatic transmission is the reason behind the Mini Cooper's powerful performance. If it encounters any issues, it is costly to repair. There are signs that indicate the automatic transmission is going to fail. Here are the details about automatic transmission & ways to deal with its failure Low or old transmission fluid can cause your transmission to grind or even get stuck in gears. Unlike some cars, the Mini Cooper is not equipped with a transmission dipstick; instead, you have to use the fill plug on the transmission's oil pan to check the fluid Mini Cooper Transmission Problems. The transmission is one of the most expensive things to get repaired. As such, it's important to be aware of any signs that the transmission in the Mini Cooper is failing. Adhering to the Inspection 1 and 2 schedules as outlined by Mini will ensure that your transmission lasts longer, but you should still be. Manual Transmission problem of the 2002 Mini Cooper 3 Failure Date: 02/11/2010 Sudden failure of the manual 5 speed transmission causing car to come to a sudden stop in an intersection, endangering the driver and blocking traffic

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Mini Cooper S auto transmission problems. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts. R. Rob_J_Shillito · Registered. Joined May 5, 2011 · 4 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · May 5, 2011. Hey, just bought a 3 year old cooper s with auto transmission and had a couple of strange things happen.. In this video, Ryan from WolfsburgTuning.com will show you how to install solenoids in a Mini Cooper Transmission. Remanufactured Valve Body: https://www.wol.. Hello Brian, I am tentatively thinking about buying 1 of 2 Mini Coopers; a 2004 Mini Cooper S - which has 49,000 Miles, but is an automatic - they are asking $7500; and, a 2015 MINI Cooper Countryman S with a manual transmission, and 55,000 miles for $12900

2010 MINI COOPER S Recalls (4) Campaign: 09V474000 on 12/14/2009 Component: Equipment:other:labels Manufactured: 08/18/2009 - 10/08/2009 Affected: 205 Defect: Bmw is recalling certain model year 2010 mini cooper and cooper s vehicles for failing comply with the requirements of federal motor vehicle safety standard no. 110, tire selection and. MINI Cooper Transmission Problems. The MINI 5-speed gearbox GS5-65BH found in the Cooper models (non-S) built between 2001 and July 2004 is commonly referred to as the R65 or 'Midlands 5-speed' Gearbox. The front mounted transverse configuration was a major design challenge when it came to the length of the engine/gearbox unit

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Since its creation, there have been four 2005 Mini Cooper transmissions recalls. 2005 Mini Cooper Transmission Cost If you are looking to buy an automatic transmission for your 2005 Mini, new and used parts range from $500 - $1,600. As for manual transmissions, a new transmission will cost between $400 - $1,000 Serienmäßig mit 8.8 Touchscreen, Union Jack Heckleuchten, Sportlederlenkrad uvm. Für maximales Gokart-Feeling. Entdecken Sie die Highlights des neuen MINI Cooper

I purchased my Mini Cooper in 2003 with the auto transmission and it currently has 84K miles, drove about 6000 miles a year to go to groceries!The Mini transmission started to slip and I just found out about this class action suit against Mini Cooper. I never received any recall letter or anything about the transmission class action suit MINI will notify owners, and dealers will replace the front passenger seat occupant detection mat, free of charge. The recall began on October 12, 2015. Owners may contact MINI customer service at. The MINI is one of the most popular vehicles among buyers that prefer a car that is easy to maintain. While the car may be small, it is designed to give excellent performance while remaining fuel efficient, though that is of course dependent upon maintenance.The MINI Cooper is also reasonably priced and will typically be on the road for long time, ensuring that you get a great value for your. The MINI brand is synonymous with exceptional performance, luxury, and efficiency. Drivers of various types of MINI cars, such as the Clubman, the Countryman, or the Cooper, have reported immense overall satisfaction with their cars; however, they still require ongoing care and routine maintenance, even the occasional repair, in order to maintain their function efficiently

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BMW Mini TCU / TCM Problems & Repairs. The BMW Mini from 1999 - 2006 (R50 / R52) was fitted with a Motorola TCU (Transmission Control Unit), also known as a TCM (Transmission Control Module). It is fitted to automatic models with the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). The TCU / TCM is a very common failing part and can be very. Hi all, Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. My 2005 Mini Cooper, manual transmission, has 82K miles. About a month ago, I noticed a loud sound coming from the engine when at speeds above 60mph. Over the next few weeks, the noise started happening at lower speeds as well, 30mph and up. Took it to the dealership and was informed that I needed a new transmission, which came as a great. AIR BAGS:PASSENGER SIDE FRONTAL Recall for 2014 Mini Cooper. Recall Announced OCTOBER 07 2015. NHTSA Reference #15V628000. Number Affected 6,073. Summary: BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain model year 2014-2016 MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper two-door vehicles, 2015-2016 MINI John Cooper Works and MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper. Recall no. 20V601000. BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain 2020-2021 530e, 530e xDrive, 530e iPerformance and X3 xDrive30e and MINI Cooper Countryman All4 SE, 2020 BMW i8, and 2021.

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The Cooper S arrived in 2002 with a supercharged 1.6L four-cylinder engine making 163hp and 155lb-ft of torque. Curb weight was just above 2600lbs, and a six-speed manual transmission was the only. Let's take a closer look at some of the symptoms of clutch failure in your Mini Cooper and discuss what you can do to fix the problem. Signs of Clutch Failure. The clutch is a mechanical component that engages and disengages the transmission in your car. For manual transmission users, you engag 2005 base Mini Cooper manual transmission is stuck in reverse. Problem happened all at once. I stopped at a light and then the transmission would not engage. Up on a lift, I start it, go through the gears, reverse, n, and drive. Then when don't even begin to spin. The engine respond normally through when shifting from park to any gear

Owners may contact MINI customer service at 1-866-825-1525. BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain 2021 330e and X5 xDrive45e, 2020-2021 X3 xDrive30e, and 2020 MINI Countryman SE. 1 Answer. Re: Transmission noise in 2002 Mini Cooper 5 speed'. The bearings do have problems on these vehicles, I just recently installed a rebuild kit in my 02 mini cooper 5spd and the problem seemed to be fixed for about a week and now I am having more problems than ever. I take (to some) what is considered extreme care of my vehicles and.

The Mini Cooper models listed above are outfitted with the Prince engine, the design of which may present several problems. First, both the timing chain and tensioner are located inside the engine; this design can allow for catastrophic damage to the engine should the chain fail Cooper 4-cyl. Automatic transmission. 55,937 miles. (2005 MINICooper transmission) vehicle does not move from standing position when accelerator depressed. Suddenly jumps into gear (in drive or reverse position). Needed to step on the brakes immediately to prevent accident

Noises in Neutral: If when the Mini Cooper is in neutral gear you hear banging, clunking, whining, or tapping noises this is a strong indication of a transmission problem. Usually these noises are a result of low transmission fluid which also serves as a form of system lubrication for the metal transmission parts Hi Steve.I have 2006 mini cooper, I bought it with a transmission problem. my son is studying mechanics and decided to rebuild it. He changed many inside parts like the chain, gears, and other things. He ensembled it, and put it back in the car but it does not shift

The gearbox was changed in 2005--specifically because of the transmission/clutch in the earlier models--from Midlands to Gertrag--which is the same manufacturer of the transmission in the Mini S. Gertrag is very reliable, but as its only in the 2005 and later models, I would steer away from the base Mini Cooper in any year prior to 2005 82 Posts. #4 · 6 mo ago. I have it for 2 years now, basically since it was introduced to the Mini, Mini Cooper S remapped to 280 hp and 405 Nm, the transmission is officialy rated to 320 Nm, no problems here, can be a bit jerky when cold, it takes a lot until it warms up to operating temperature (75-80 celcius deg.), then it is so smooth Despite being the least-expensive Mini, the base Mini Cooper with a manual transmission is our top-scoring variant. It outscores the faster turbocharged Cooper S and larger Clubman due to its. Mini Cooper TF60SN Transmission Problems Known for its compact size and sporty design, the Mini Cooper has become a popular model for car owners. However, it has one fatal flaw: the transmission. Aisin-Warner's TF60SN automatic transmission has been known to be a bit rough when shifting gears, and that flaw can ruin the experience of driving.

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If you are experiencing transmission problems and your oil appears unusual in color, visit a service center right away so they can perform a transmission fluid flush. Our Transmission Specialists The service center at MINI Annapolis features technicians who are highly trained on a variety of services, including transmission maintenance and repairs I'm still looking at a Mini Cooper S but I'm also looking at a Mazdaspeed 3 and a Civic Si. The problem is that the Mini dealer is very very far away about 1.5 hours so if it needs warranty work that's along haul. There aren't that may interesting cars out there any more If you are looking at a manual transmission equipped Mini Cooper, thoroughly test the clutch operation to check for any abnormal wear or slipping, regardless of vehicle mileage. Oil level The new Prince engine line also faced a suite of common oil problems that plagued the model 2012 mini cooper countryman problem with power train.2012 mini cooper countryman power train problems. on a 2012 mini countryman s all4 with manual transmission, starting at 15500 miles on the car, began noticing odd response to the throttle when accelerating on the highway. the clutch would engage and engine increase revs (200-400 rpm) to.solution is here! Not CVT 2012 MINI Cooper Countryman.

CVT Transmission Rotational Speed Sensor for Mini Cooper R50/52 24357518732. $47.30. Trending at $48.00. Free shipping. For Mini Cooper 2002-2008 ACM Automatic Transmission Heat Exchanger Oil Cooler. $134.16. Trending at $151.75. +$7.50 shipping. 3-Quarts AISIN ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF-0T4 Type T-IV The Mini Cooper ($16,950) comes with air conditioning, CD stereo with six speakers, power windows with auto-down, power locks, remote keyless entry, and a rear wiper all standard. A five-speed. The best part is, our Mini Cooper Automatic Transmission Fluid products start from as little as $8.99. When it comes to your Mini Cooper, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. Here at Advance Auto Parts, we work with only top reliable Automatic Transmission Fluid product and part brands so you can shop with complete confidence Mini Cooper Automatic Transmission. Mini Cooper Transmission Cable Shift (M/T) Mini Cooper Transmission Control Solenoid. Mini Cooper Transmission Mount. Mini Cooper Transmission Pan Gasket - (A/T) Mini Cooper Transmission Seal

Remedy. This recall began on February 1, 2015, and dealers were instructed to reprogram the transmission control module with the correct software, free of charge. Owners can contact MINI customer service at 1-866-825-1525, or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 OCT 2015-- BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain model year 2014-2016 MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper two-door vehicles, 2015-2016 MINI John Cooper Works and MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper four-door vehicles and 2014-2015 BMW i3 vehicles. Due to a manufacturing error, the passenger frontal air bag may not deploy properly in a low. The plaintiffs claim that Mini ostensibly sold cars that weren't up to snuff, especially in regard to the transmission. The models in question include 2002 to 2006 standard MiniCoopers and the 2005 to 2008 MiniCooper convertibles equipped with Mini's continuously-variable transmission A class action lawsuit against BMW of North America on a transmission defect in the 2001-2006 MINI Coopers is expected to be approved by U.S. District Judge Philip S. Gutierrez. The affected.

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Automatic Transmission Failure. One problem that has become quite apparent in pre-2008 Mini Coopers with CVT transmissions is transmission failure. Many point fingers at the manufacturer, who stated that the transmission does not require transmission fluid flushes Hello! I have been working around that Mini for some time now. Transmission goes into emergency mode from time to time, gear change not smooth before entering to limp mode. Fault code: 1) 4ee8 - egs speed sensor; 2) 4ee9 - egs speed sesnor; 3) 5df8 - dsc interface, egs signal fault; 4) a0b1 - cas input, selector level position implausble

2014 Mini Cooper TSBs 58 Cooper Technical Service Bulletins. Technical Service Bulletins, or TSBs for short, are notifications made directly by Mini to help automotive technicians diagnose and repair commonly reported Cooper problems. Interested in how this information is collected? Read more about TSBs. Recent 2014 Cooper TSB Transmission Problems/Failure: Transmission problems and possible failure may be lurking around the corner in your Mini Cooper with certain evil signs. To avoid digging a grave for your transmission, these signs include refusal to go into gear, strange burning smells, clunking/buzzing/humming sounds, gear slippage, dragging clutch, transmission. Why MINI's New 8 Speed Transmission is a Huge Step Forward by Gabriel Bridger 6 years ago Dec 8, 15 8 When BMW announced that it was sticking with the Aisin 6 speed transmission for the F56 MINI a couple of years ago, more than a few were surprised For second-gen Mini Coopers, the reliability question is a bit more complicated. Car Complaints found that 2007-2009 models were less problematic than the later ones, except for the Clubman and Countryman. As for the Cooper S and JCW models, Mini recalled the 2007-2011 models over water pump and turbocharger issues, Cars.com reports. Making things worse from a reliability standpoint, Consumer.

Mini Cooper - Transmission Differential Failure This low mileage car was towed into our workshop with the concern that it would not move. Initially it seemed that the clutch may be defective, but upon further inspection we found an internal transmission problem Figure 2 - Getrag 6-speed. Note the location of the part number sticker for reference. This is a brand new, never been used beauty! With the transmission secured, I went about gathering the rest of the parts required for the swap - a Cooper S flywheel, pressure plate and clutch, release bearing, starter, output shafts, slave cylinder, clutch line, transmission mount, shift cable tower and. problem with power train. nov 24, 2018 - wainscott, ny - power train 2004 mini cooper purchased new aprox 62 miles on it and the cvt transmission is gone & there was a class action lawsuit for the replacement of this, i was never notified and want this fixed at no cost to me. at aprox. 50 to 60 mph the car engines goes way beyond the proper rpm The recall is expected to begin December 21, 2020. Owners may contact BMW customer service at (800) 525-7417. BMW of North America is recalling 21 model year 2020-2021 M2 Coupes and model year. For the MINI R61 Cooper, Cooper S and JCW Paceman models (powered by the N12, N14, N16 and N18 'Prince' petrol engines), the plastic thermostat housing can become brittle over time and develop hairline cracks which allow coolant to leak and pool on top of the transmission - these leaks often become apparent after 80,000 kilometres, though individual experiences may vary

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Mini Cooper Transmission replacement. Maintenance/Repairs. mini, cooper. Julie_New July 4, 2016, 9:47pm #1. I have a 2002 Mini Cooper. I have been told the differential is going out and the transmission has to be replaced. Repair costs of this amount to the total value of the car (it has 196000+ miles on it) 2004 Mini Cooper Transmission Assembly Ran in Vehicle, Runs-good, PAN GOOD. Genuine Mini Part Excellent Condition 104K Miles 1-Year Warranty Located at Portland, Oregon 97211 Get it by Monday, August 02 More Details. $1,921.00 Original Price MANAGER SPECIAL: - $170.00. $1,751.0 Transmission problems Description: The transmission selector may be hard to move from park to drive or reverse, the transmission may shift harshly and the transmission warning light may blink due to chafing of the transmission wiring harness on the transmission or elsewhere. 2009 Mini Cooper: Pricing Effective: 03/24/2009: Model Pricing. BushingFix FM1Kit Manual Transmission Shift Cable Bushing Repair Kit - Fits Abarth Fiat 500, Turbo Fiat 500, Mini Cooper, Jeep Compass, Jeep Renegade Visit the BushingFix.com Store 4.8 out of 5 stars 32 rating

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I traded in my trouble plagued 2002 Mini, for what I thought was a major upgrade. I purchased my 2012 Base Model Mini with manual transmission last Aug. with 31,000 miles The Mini Cooper is the car to get if you value the unique blend of sporty handling, appearance and cargo space above all else, including reliability issues and the high cost of maintenance and. I spied this blue Mini Cooper in the used car lot and fell in love with it. The Carfax showed no problems and it had only 75, 000 + miles on the odometer which I thought was great for a 2005. The steering was stiff and creaky but the dealer promised to fix it Part # A701001. SKU # 336306. Year Warranty. Check if this fits your 2006 Mini Cooper. Application: Transmission model TF-60SN. Notes: The VIN #is required to ensure that the correct part is shipped. ***Call All Trans at 1-800-858-7269 for pricing and availability.***. PRICE: 3509.99. Part: A701001 In March 2012, a recall was issued for Mini R56 Cooper S vehicles that that were in production up to January 2011. In these vehicles, dissolved plastic additives in the coolant pump for the exhaust turbocharger may cause a short circuit. As a result, the coolant pump may overheat and present a fire hazard ( PRA 2012/13083 )

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  1. 2005 Mini Cooper Manual Transmission Convertible, 5 SPD, Runs-good. Genuine Mini Part Excellent Condition 103K Miles 1-Year Warranty Located at San Francisco, California 90670 Get it by Wednesday, August 04 More Details. $2,011.00 Original Price MANAGER SPECIAL: - $180.00. $1,831.0
  2. Mini Cooper Transmission Problems If the Mini Cooper is suffering from hard shifting, whereby it's difficult to change gears, this is likely because the clutch disc has worn. In order to shift smoothly, the clutch needs to smoothly disengage - if this isn't happening then you'll notice hard shifting, also caused by a defective pressure.
  3. i cooper s 6 speed automatic and had the transmission replaced in it. The car was running great for about two days and then when he got back up to school the issues began
  4. Description Applications : Mini Car Cooper L4 1.6L 1600cc W10B16A 2002 Manual Transmission Cooper L4 1.6L 1600cc W10B16A 2003 Manual Transmission Cooper L4 1.6L 1600cc W10B16A 2004 Manual Transmission Cooper L4 1.6L 1600cc W10B16A 2005 Manual Transmission Cooper L4 1.6L 1600cc W10B16A 2006 Manual Transmission
  5. 2013 MINI Cooper S Hatchback FWDDescription: Used 2013 MINI Cooper S Hatchback FWD for sale - $8,900 - 79,260 mi with Sport Package, Leather Seats, Power Mirror Package, Sunroof/Moonroof, Power Package, Alloy Wheels, Bluetooth, Remote Start, Trim Package, Heated SeatsCertified Pre-Owned: NoTransmission: 6-Speed ManualColor: Green. $8,900. $166.
  6. i cooper failed at 108,000 miles. A regularly serviced aut... Read more omatic transmission such as the one in the 2007 Mini Cooper, by comparable industry standards, should be good for at least 150,000 miles. This was not an inexpensive car (over 30K new, with over $15,000 in labor and parts in the.
  7. As the 2002-On BMW Mini Cooper/1.6L CVT CFT23 transmission specialists in NJ, we have the experience and expertise to provide transmission repair, transmission replacements and transmission rebuilds for any number of 2002-On BMW Mini Cooper/1.6L CVT CFT23 car models. The transmission is the heart of your car

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What is a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)? A Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) doesn't use gears like a standard automatic transmission. Instead, it uses two pulleys connected by a belt. It's a little bit like a snowmobile transmission: One pulley connects to the engine, the other pulley attaches to the transmission 2014-2020 MINI Cooper Transmission Shift Lock Release Guide If you need to shift your transmission to neutral in order to move the car when the engine won't start due to running out of gas or a dead 12V battery, you'll first need to release the shift lock mechanism

2017 MINI COOPER CLUBMAN S 2.0L 4Cyl Turbocharged - Just Serviced and Inspected, 58k Actual Miles, Runs and Drives Great, TRANSMISSION: 8-SPEED STEPTRONIC AUTOMATIC, COMFORT ACCESS KEYLESS ENTRY, MINI 6.5 Visual Boost Screen, Radio. OE-match output signal provides accurate readings and peak performance. $161.56. Beck Arnley® Manual Transmission Clutch Start Switch. 0. # mpn4722998445. Mini Cooper Standard Transmission 2007, Manual Transmission Clutch Start Switch by Beck Arnley®

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Mini pegged the Cooper S at 6.9 seconds to 60 mph, though the best time we were able to measure was 7.6 seconds. Both manual transmissions exhibit short, fairly smooth shifts and light clutch action. Fuel economy is good but not class-leading. A test manual-transmission base Cooper averaged 24.5 mpg, while a Cooper S managed 25.9 mpg in mixed. Classic British mini-car styling: check. Bulletproof German engineering: check. Fun like a go-kart? You bet! The re-birth of the Mini Cooper in 2002 was BMW's attempt to turn what was once just a cult favorite from the 60's into a solid modern legend Mini Cooper Standard Transmission with 6-Speed Getrag 285 Transmission 2005, Manual Transmission Output Shaft Seal by National®. Don't just repair a leak, prevent future problems with a National Oil Seal 1st Gen R52 Cooper Convertible Automatic Transmission Problem Discussion in ' 1st Generation: 2002-06 R50, R53 & 2004-08 R52 ' started by GeorgeCo , Jun 5, 2011 . Tags Find the best used 2005 Mini Cooper near you. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. We have 77 2005 Mini Cooper vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 19 1-Owner cars, and 97 personal use cars The 2019 Mini Cooper Countryman All4, By the Numbers 207 pound-feet of torque; six-speed manual transmission with one belonging to a problem so mystical that the Mini dealer couldn't.