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Denis Doyle / Getty Images Spain has caught the attention of euro crisis observers recently, with borrowing costs rising and the IBEX 35 hitting a three-year low. And for good reason: a housing.. Jan 2015 (3. Jul 2018) 1. Liquid Gold. Spain produces 43.8% of all of the world's Olive Oil. That's quite a claim. The largest Olive Oil producing region is Andalucia, with Jaen at the epicentre of production. Liquid gold is a common term, and indeed it is

FORGET THE RALLY: 10 Terrible Facts About Spain. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email. A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. Twitter. The word in. LinkedIn. An image of. In reality, Spain produces 45% of all olive oil in the world. It also accounts for 20% of the world's olive oil consumption (Italy, of course, comes in first with 30%). In fact, the average Spaniard consumes nearly 14 liters of olive oil each year

84 Interesting Facts About Spain That You Should Know. Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is a country mostly located in Europe. It has a total area of 505,370 square km. Madrid is its capital and largest city. Spanish is the official language of Spain. Euro (€) (EUR) is its official currency. Its four land bordering countries are. Spain is the second oldest nation in the world. Only the Japanese have a longer life expectancy. Spanish women approximately live 85 years, and men 79 years. In 30 years from now, Spain will be one of the oldest populations in the world with more than 30% of the population aged 60 One of the most peculiar Spanish facts is about a village where 700 people have the otherwise rare surname of Japon. In 1617 six samurai of the Hasekura Tsunenaga's delegation were dedicated to establish the first Japanese embassy and make Spain their new home

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Here are a few strange laws that exist in Spain. 1. Don't walk too many dogs at the same time. There is a limit to how many dogs you can walk at the same time in Spain. You should avoid hitting. Spain is home to 47 million people, and while you might think that sounds crowded, in reality, three-quarters of the population live in urban areas. Around 6.5 million, for instance, live in the greater Madrid area, while 5.5 million reside in the greater Barcelona area. This means both cities have larger populations than New Zealand. 6 One of the weird facts about Spain is that before 2015, the age you had to be to marry someone legally was fourteen. This was the youngest marriage age in all of Europe. Hearing this will come as a bit of culture shock to many people as that would be considered completely inappropriate by the standards of many cultures

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50 Fascinating Facts about Spain. Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain, is located on the Iberian Peninsula and is part of Southwestern Europe. Spain is a sovereign state and is almost completely surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. To its northeast are France, Andorra and the Bay of Biscay, while to is northwest is Portugal Not only is it one of the countries I'm most excited to visit this year, but let's face it - if any country deserves 69 fun facts, it would be Spain. 1. the name Spain diverged from the word Ispania, which means the land of rabbits. 2. Spain has over 8000 km of beaches Other amazing facts about Spain include the Spanish language is the second-most spoken mother tongue in the world, next to Chinese and English. More than 406 million people speak Spanish, not only those living in Spain, but also individuals in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. 3. A Child Receives Two Surnames from Parent This is one of the most interesting facts about Spanish culture as it is so strange, yet, we can see parts of it in a famous fairy tale. Sleeping Beauty. 5. Don and Dona. In a formal environment, you are probably referred to as something like Mr, Mrs, Ms or something similar Spain is the world largest producer of olive oil. It is producing almost 45 percent of the total amount of olive oil world wide. 11. Spain and Morocco are only separated by nine miles (15 km). Find here even more facts about Africa. 12. The Spanish equivalent to the tooth fairy is a mouse known as Ratoncito Pérez

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  1. The following section breaks down some of the most fascinating and surprising facts about Spain. Spain has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe, at 13.7%. In the European Union, only Greece has a higher rate of unemployment. Spanish people tend to live long lives
  2. Here are 50 fantastic facts that will leave you fascinated by Spain! Spain is 195,364 square miles (505990.437 square kilometers) which is just a little bit bigger than the state of California. The name of Spain in Spanish is España. It is believed that the name España, came from the word Ispania, which means rabbit
  3. 49 Interesting Facts About Spain For Visitors Did you know that..? 1 - It rains... Spain may have a sunny reputation but the truth is that it rains - a lot
  4. General Facts about Spain. Below is some general information such as total population, land area, biggest lake, highest mountain and other facts about Spain that might be interesting to know. Total Population: 46,5 million; Capital: Madrid; Life expectancy: 83.2 years. Highest Mountain: Mount Teide - 3 718 meters above the se
  5. Eight surprising facts about Easter in Spain From the Catalan town where residents dress up as skeletons to the practice of freeing two dozen inmates from prison every Easter, Spain has its share of surprisingly strange Holy Week facts. Jew-killers. One of Spain's most unusual Easter celebrations is held in the town of Bierzo in León
  6. I will try to add some more facts. 1. Spain has one hour less that it should. Until 1940 Spain was in the same time zone as UK. Both countries and Portugal changed their timezone to be the same as Germany, but at the end of the war UK and Portugal..

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There are many weird but interesting facts that you might not know about France. Some are cool, some are disgusting, and others are just downright unbelievable. Then there are the facts that will make you cringe. Whatever the case, one thing they all have in common is that they are just plain weird—every one of them. Some of these facts might. Not Spain, but the Kingdom of Spain. The Kingdom of Spain, as it is known officially, is the second biggest country in the EU with an area of 505,955 square kilometres and it covers about 85% of the Iberian Peninsula, with the rest taken up by Portugal. Another of Spain's oddities is its political situation as Spain has a constitutional monarchy There are always some interesting laws in every country which are weird and makes no sense sometimes. Let me share a few strange laws that exist in Spain . 1. Love walking your dogs? When in Madrid, be aware that you cannot hit the streets with more than 8 of your besties at a time

We take a look at the man behind the image, and discover some little-known facts about Spain's infamous dictator. 1. He Came From a Naval Family. Francisco Franco Bahamonde was born on December 4, 1892 in Ferrol, Galicia, to a seafaring family. His family had been naval officers for six generations, ending in Franco's father, Nicolás. The tooth fairy is a mere rodent in Spain, referred to as Ratoncito Pérez. Our favorite of all the interesting facts about Spain - Breaks, free time, and siestas are a huge part of everyday Spanish culture. Spain was the world's third most popular tourist destination in 2013 (after France and the US). Don Quixote, the famous book written. Keep scrolling to learn historical, gastronomical and more of the greatest facts about Madrid. 1. Today, Madrid is the capital of Spain. But it wasn't always that way. The southwest city, Toledo, was the original capital of Spain until the 1500s when Madrid earned the title Cordoba is the largest city and the capital of the Province of Cordoba. Córdoba24 listed several interesting facts and figures of one of the most remarkable metropolises throughout the Iberian peninsula. Whether or not you know all of these facts, you will be surprised. Cordoba looks back at more than two thousand years of history. The city.

18 Weird and Crazy Facts About Germany. Germany has a reputation for being a straight-laced, by-the-books country -- but plenty of weirdness bubbles just below the surface. Honestly, Sprockets isn't that far-fetched. As it turns out, there's more than enough weird and wacky going down between the Vaterland's borders. Here are 18 eye-opening. 45 Strange Facts That Prove History Is Completely Bizarre. 45 Strange Facts That Prove History Is Completely Bizarre. Like history? Well you're in luck, because there's a whole lot of it to discover. Close your eyes and dip into this grab bag of historical facts. Well, actually, don't close your eyes—you're going to need them to read. The world's worst flu was the Spanish Flu of 1918 and 1919 and claimed as many as 100 million lives. Here are 8 shcoking facts all about the Spanish Flu

Spain is a country full of interesting history, colorful traditions, and intriguing cultural facts. Many aspects of Spanish culture and tradition help Spain stand apart from the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries. Let's see 10 facts about Spanish culture and traditions that will amuse and may even shock you! 1 Find out why the Queen has not one, but TWO birthdays, how she created a new breed of dog and other weird and wonderful facts about the royal family. 1. The Queen Has TWO Birthdays. Of course, even monarchs can only be born once. But that doesn't stop the Queen from celebrating two birthdays

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Nearly a hundred years ago, a pandemic hit the world and took a great toll on human life. The pandemic was called The Spanish Flu and was around the world from 1918-1919. Influenza or in short. Unfortunately, Spain rejected the architect's project, deciding that it was too radical and did not fit the city's aesthetics. plays host to the biggest and busiest cruise port in Europe There are nearly 3 million cruisers passing through the 7-terminal cruise port of Barcelona each year, making it the 6th busiest in the world and.

Interesting facts about Madrid Spain: the size of the city Another cool fact about Madrid is that as it stands, Madrid is one of the largest cities in the European Union. Depending on whether you count London as being in the European Union at this point, due to the Brexit initiative, Madrid is either the second or third most populous city Interesting facts about food in Spain . Spain makes 44 percent of the world's olive oil, more than twice that of Italy and four times that of Greece. As a result, it's the top olive oil producing country in the world. More than a quarter of Spain's oil (10 percent of the total world production) comes from the province of Jaén in Andalusia 12 Irresistibly Interesting Facts About the Spanish Language. 1. Over 400 million people speak Spanish. Spanish is the mother tongue of an estimated 400-450 million people, making it the world's second most spoken language I will try to add some more facts. 1. Spain has one hour less that it should. Until 1940 Spain was in the same time zone as UK. Both countries and Portugal changed their timezone to be the same as Germany, but at the end of the war UK and Portugal.. Here are 40 Interesting Spain facts. 1-5 Spain Facts 1. The 1918 flu pandemic is often called the Spanish flu because Spain didn't fake and minimize the data about the dead like Germany, Britain, France and the USA. - Source 2. Fascist dictator Francisco Franco brought back the Spanish Monarchy, but the King of Spain

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Amazing, Fun & Interesting Facts About Spain. Officially called the Kingdom of Spain, Spain is only second to France in its size in Western Europe. Being the largest producer of olive oil, the country is also nearly as mountainous as Switzerland. Now let us know some amazing & very interesting facts about Spain The Easter period in Spain is known as Semana Santa, or Holy Week, and events in many cities around the country really do last a whole week.Here it's not just about Easter Sunday - there are many other traditions leading up to the day, which are perhaps even more important 15. Spain was one of the first European countries to ban smoking in workplaces and bars. 16. 90% of prostitutes in Spain are illegal immigrants. 17. Same sex marriage has been legal in Spain since 2005. 18. Soccer is the most important sport. It's also pretty much like a religion. 19 Alvin Francis Karpis (born Albin Francis Karpavičius; August 10, 1907 - August 26, 1979), a Depression-era gangster nicknamed Creepy for his sinister smile and called Ray by his gang members, was a Canadian-born (naturalized American) criminal of Lithuanian descent known for being a leader of the Barker-Karpis gang in the 1930s. Karpis led the gang along with Fred Barker and Arthur. 15 Interesting Facts About Malaga, Spain. 1. Located just 80 miles north of Africa, Malaga is the southernmost large city in Europe. 2. Malaga is one of the world's oldest cities. When the city was founded by the Phoenicians in 770 BC, it was known as Malaka.. 3

Terrain of Spain Spain has a bit of everything. Mediterranean beaches, snow capped Mountains, dry plains coastal rice paddies, volcanic islands, and rolling hills. Climate of Spain The climate varies tremendous in Spain, due to lts la rge size. Generally there is plenty of hot weather and sunshine with mild rainy winters Partnership requests with gus1thego: https://bigtravellers.com/Travel Blog: www.gus1thego.comInstagram: @gustavrostedFacebook: Gustav Roste

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12) Cape Farewell in Greenland is the windiest place on the planet. 13) Hurricanes can push more than 6m of water ashore. 14) In July 2001 the rainfall in Kerala, India, was blood red! 15) Blizzards can make snowflakes feel like pellets hitting your face Spain is a country that has some interesting and original aspects. Enjoy these Amazing Facts About Spain.Subscribe to FTD Facts: http://bit.ly/SubscribeFtdFa..

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  2. by Mark Oliver. fact checked by Jamie Frater. When nights falls on December 5, Sinterklaas comes to the Netherlands. While every good boy and girl is sleeping, the Dutch Santa Claus sneaks into their house and leaves treats and presents for the children to find when they wake up in the morning. But Sinterklaas Day isn't just an early Christmas
  3. 6 interesting facts about Toledo that you might not know Other Toledos around the world There are many cities that share the name Toledo. Among our international namesakes we can find six cities in the United States, in the states of Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Oregon and Washington, in addition to another seven distributed all over the world, in Belize, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, the.
  4. We even found a community of people who live in the trees. Santa Cruz, although very peaceful has a reputation of being weird in many ways. Here are 5 of the most bizarre facts about Santa Cruz California. Enjoy. 1. The Mystery Spot. The Mystery Spot is a tourist attraction deep in the Redwood Forest of Santa Cruz

40+ Weird and Wonderful Facts about Portugal By Mel Candea on December 18, 2015 Portugal is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world, topped with a fascinating history and a vibrant culture 3. Home to some of Spain's best Fiestas! Home to some of Europe's most colourful festivals and Feria de Abril fall within two weeks of each other. Festival Semana Santa is a hugely holy festival in Seville, the streets come alive with processions to commemorate the passion of Christ. Usually taking place a week before Easter it is a major celebration in Spain Charles V was ruler of both the Holy Roman Empire from 1519 and the Spanish Empire from 1516, as well as of the lands of the former Duchy of Burgundy from 1506. He stepped down from these and other positions by a series of abdications between 1554 and 1556. Take a look below for 30 more strange and interesting facts about Charles V. 1 The Great Book of Spain: Interesting Stories, Spanish History & Random Facts About Spain (History & Fun Facts) [O'Neill, Bill] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Great Book of Spain: Interesting Stories, Spanish History & Random Facts About Spain (History & Fun Facts Oct 28, 2016 - 8,453 points • 1,325 comments - Fun Facts about Spain - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay, sport.

Spain, Barcelona, Porta de l'Angel. Portal de l'Angel is the shopping heaven of Barcelona. It is the most crowded street in Spain with more than 3500 pedestrians crossing the street every hour. Portal de l'ngel is also the most expensive place in Spain with an average rental price 265 Euros per square meter. Source: Wikipedia, image. 15 Weird And Crazy Facts About China. By Yuhan Xu. Published on 3/19/2015 at 9:00 PM. FLICKR/LENINERS Here are 11 astounding facts about Madrid. 1. Madrid was created around the year of 860 A.C. 2. It has been the capital of Spain since the 17th century. 3. According to FIFA, Real Madrid FC is the world's most successful football club of the 20th Century. 4 It's fair to say that most people don't know too much about Romania, let alone what Romania is known for.Ceausescu's communism, Dracula's legend, and that's about the whole extent of some people's knowledge of Romania. But there is more than meets the inexperienced eye to this amazing country.Here are no fewer than 44 interesting facts about Romania that make it a surprising and. Interesting facts about the Alhambra. 1. It was built on Roman ruins. Long before it became a palace, the Romans already constructed fortifications on its locations during their occupation of Spain. With the fall of the Roman empire, the Roman fortifications that were there became a ruin

It is one of the oldest countries in Europe. Hungary was founded back in 895, which means it's older than countries like France and Germany. 6. There are cowboys (csikos) in Hungary. Hungarians rode into Europe on horseback, and still today, you can see the cowboys in the plains of Puszta. Definitely one of the more unique facts about Hungary Valencia is a charming old city and the capital of the Old Kingdom of Valencia province of Spain. It is located on the Mediterranean coast at the mouth of the Turia River in a region surrounded by orchards. As of January 2020, the population of Valencia is about 850,000 people. It is the 3rd-largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. The city covers a total area of 135 square kilometers. The Running of the Bulls, held in the small basque city of Pamplona, Spain, is one of the world's longest standing traditions. The festival, which may date back to the Middle Ages, has been.

Weird But True! Shorts. Bobbing for Apples. Apples and pears party from top to bottom in this Weird But True! video at the pool. Now Playing. 0:45 Here are 43 weird facts about Japan. Japan Facts 43. No-Pants Party. A Hakada Matsuri, or naked festival, is more or less exactly what it sounds like. In dozens of places throughout Japan, thousands of men and boys strip down to loincloths in hope of gaining luck for the year Facts About Madrid Culture. The vibrant culture in Madrid is undeniable. It made a historic rise from being a small village to becoming a city with one of the world's best art-scenes. In fact, the city is known as one of the cultural hubs in Europe. Madrid has made a mark on Spain, Europe and the world as a whole

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Spain is an incredibly interesting holiday destination that caters to anything a tourist could look for, from warm beaches and leisure to historical monuments and art. These 18 Facts will give you a snippet of what this lovely country has to offer. 1.Spain is a constitutional monarchy, similar to the UK Spain is an ancient [ Fun Facts About Spain! 1. Spain is the only European country to have a physical border with an African country. We begin with one of the most fun geography-based facts about Spain; it has a land border, not sea, with an African country. That country is Morocco

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  1. Cultural facts about Spain. So you're going to Spain. While Spain is a Western country, so it's not such a radical difference as going to Africa or something, there are some quirks that can trip you up. If you know a few of these cultural facts about Spain, you can hopefully ease your way into the Spanish lifestyle
  2. Another autonomous community in Spain in explained in Facts about Catalonia. It also earns Statute of Autonomy. There are four provinces of Catalonia. Those are Tarragona, Lleida, Girona and Barcelona. The largest city is Barcelona which also serves as the capital of Catalonia. In Spain, it is considered as the 2nd largest city
  3. Spain owns around 44% of the olive oil in the world, it´s by far the most important producer in this subject.For the same reason, locals can´t argue that olive oil is the most necessary ingredient in their cuisine. Paella, croquettes, Spanish Omeletteall these famous dishes are always made with olive oil, it may not be needed but Spanish people prefer to cook with it
  4. 10 Facts About Clothing in Spain. Fashion in Spain is an eclectic blend of traditional Spanish and contemporary Western style. Traditional Spanish attire was known its elegance and multicolored decoration. The fabrics were rich and embellished with metallic thread and jewels. Today's Spanish clothes are still colorful but with more of a Western.

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Football facts: 7 things you must know about Spain. Spain, the country where football is a religion. The Spanish team is among the best in the world and comes with big stars and lots of potential, no matter the tournament. Here's a quick recap of the players, vocab and traditions that make the team (and country!) tick. 1 I hate space. Space is scary. You can't breathe in space. Time works differently there. It's vast, much more vast than we even know. It's cold. Full of danger. Here are 13 nightmarish facts about space that will haunt you every time you look up at the sky. You're welcome

Over 3.7 million people in the United States have the disease, though only 30% have symptoms. [8] Bacterial vaginosis (BV) causes the classic fishy smell in a vagina and is sometimes associated with discharge, odor, pain, itching and burning. It is the most common vaginal infection in women of childbearing age Here's the Real Reason for the 'Lisp' One of the basic differences in pronunciation between most of Spain and most of Latin America is that the z is pronounced something like the English s in the West but like the unvoiced th of thin in Europe. The same is true of the c when it comes before an e or i.But the reason for difference has nothing to do with a long-ago king; the basic. Interesting facts about Catalonia. 1. Catalonia has a total population of around 7.5 million people, accounting for over 16% of Spain's total population. It occupies 6.3% (32,114sq km) of Spain's territory. (Source: The Guardian) Dreamstime Catalonia plays a greater role in Spain's economy than its size would suggest. 2 Facts about Aragon Spain 8: Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. Don't forget to check out Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. It is located near the border of France. You can enjoy the view of impressive waterfalls, lake caverns, canyons and diverse animals and plants Since peacocks are ground-dwelling birds, they prefer running to flying. Peacocks can also run at a speed of 16 km/hr, which is pretty fast than other terrestrial birds. These birds weigh between 8-13 pounds and are almost five feet long. Only the tail makes up 60% of the peacock's total body length. 3

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Flamenco in its strictest sense an art form. Flamenco is based on the various folkloric music traditions of southern Spain in the autonomous community of Andalusia and Murcia. In a wider sense, the term is used to refer to a variety of Spanish musical styles. The oldest record of flamenco music dates to 1774 Fun and interesting facts about Salamanca, the oldest university in Spain is located in Salamanca and the third oldest university in Europe, Salamanca Facts, UNESCO declared the old city of Salamanca is a World Heritage Site in 1988, Salamanca has two cathedrals, Salamanca facts Animals Native to Spain. The Spanish ibex is found across the plains and the rocky mountains of both Spain and Portugal. Amid the picturesque mountainous scenery that the Spanish terrain offers is a vast array of flora and fauna. This country hosts some rare species of animals including the golden eagle, Eurasian brown bear, Iberian wolf. Another of the Interesting facts about Portugal is that Portugal owned half of the New World. That's right folks. In 1494, Portugal and Spain divided the world in two by signing the Treaty of Tordesillas which essentially gave Portugal the eastern half of the New World, including countries like Brazil, Africa and Asia Spain is one of the most attractive destinations for a number of reasons - from the climate to the delicious food. The historic heritage is unique and everybody likes the southern mentality of the locals, but Spain is more than that - it s a land of many interesting facts, a big part of which remain hidden for the tourists, because of the overwhelming amount of information, which goes hand.

Published on 30/03/2009 in Facts About Spain. Spain is a country located in South Western Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. The capital (and largest city) is Madrid. The official name of Spain is the Kingdom of Spain (Reino de Espana). The Population of Spain is estimated to be just over 46 million. At 504,782 km², Spain is the world's 51st. The Main Sicily Facts. 1. Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea. With a land area of 25,711 km² (9,927 square miles), Sicily is definitely the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The second biggest is also in Italy: it's Sardinia, with 24,100 km² (9,305 square miles). Sicily is also a region of Italy, and it's the. People in Spain throw ripe tomatoes at each other. Sounds quite interesting and weird but the festival has some notable facts behind its happening. The question is, why people are participating in large numbers in this wacky festival. Not only in Spain but this messy, colorful and juicy festival is popular all over the world and won many hearts The interior of Spain is a high, dry plateau surrounded and crisscrossed by mountain ranges. Rivers run to the coasts, creating rich soils that are good for farming. Still, the interior of the country gets very cold in winter, and very hot and dry in summer. The north coast of this amazing country is called Green Spain

5 weird habits of royals through history. Try 6 issues of BBC History Magazine or BBC History Revealed for only £9.99. From sharing their beds with the bodies of saints to kissing their bed linen to test for poison, monarchs of the past maintained some truly bizarre habits. Here, in extracts taken from her latest book, The Royal Art of Poison. 13 Cool and Interesting Facts About the Spanish Language: Full text and sources. 1. Spanish is spoken by 500 million people with a growing trend that will reach 600 million speakers by 2050.-Source: Instituto Cervantes 2. Spanish was the diplomatic language up to the 18th century.-Source: BBC 3

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  1. d. Read on to learn weird facts about animals, nature, travel, and more
  2. Crispy, creamy and sweet - there's nothing like the original Pastéis de Nata (custard tart) from its home in Lisbon's Belém district. Among the most fun facts about Portugal is that the family has kept the original recipe a secret since the 19 th century. So, make a point of visiting this well-known bakery in Belém.. There's always time for coffe
  3. The Netherlands is known as the land of tulips, windmills, canals, clogs and coffee shops, but there's also much more to this wonderful country than meets the eye. We've dug deeper to find 13 fun facts about the Netherlands you might not know. Impress your friends and family or use them at your next trivia night - the Netherlands is a fascinating place
  4. The Port of Valencia is the busiest cargo port in Spain and on the Mediterranean, the number five in Europe and 30 worldwide. It generates 51% of Spain's GDP due to the fact that half of Spain's entire working population is connected to it in one way or another. 5. Valencia is the home of the Holy Grail

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  1. Typhoid Mary: 20 Creepy Facts About The Irish Cook Who Infected Dozens And Killed At Least Three By Jerome London Updated February 3, 2021. Mary Mallon was an Irish cook who emigrated to the USA and began cooking for wealthy families. Over the course of her employment, despite the fact that she appeared perfectly healthy, she would spread the.
  2. A scientific look at strange news from around the world. Featuring articles about unexplained mysteries, oddities and weird discoveries
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  4. These unusual facts about the Eiffel Tower all contribute to its significance in the world today. 1. 400 billion euros worth of mistakes were made by the Spanish. The Eiffel Tower was originally intended for Barcelona, but Spain rejected the project. This proved to be a costly mistake for Spain who missed out on being the home of this iconic.
  5. 9 Fun Facts About Barcelona Fun and Quirky Facts about the Spain's Second City. Content. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and is located on the Mediterranean coast. The city's name has become all the more famous since the football team FC Barcelona won the Champion's League trophy in May 2009,.
  6. Spanish Ranks as World's Number 2 Language. With 329 million native speakers, Spanish ranks as the world's No. 2 language in terms of how many people speak it as their first language, according to Ethnologue. It is slightly ahead of English (328 million) but far behind Chinese (1.2 billion). 02
  7. So prepare to put your French knowledge to the test as we share 30 facts about France that might just surprise you. 1. France is the largest country in the EU and sometimes called 'the hexagon'. France is the largest country in the European Union, covering a total area of 551,695 square kilometers. However, it is only the third-largest.
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Feb 11, 2016 - Post with 1734 views. Interesting facts about Spain - Infographi Strange Facts About Canada. The Sour Toe Cocktail in Dawson City, Yukon. 1. Canada is the number 1 donut consumer in the world. We only have 30-million people in Canada, but we eat 1-billion donuts annually. We can thank Tim Horton's for this title. It is Canada's most popular coffee and donut chain. 2 The Moroccan environment is just as varied as that of California, too, with deserts, mountains, lush forests, and beautiful coastlines. Elevation extremes in Morocco cover a wide range. The highest spot in the country is Jebel Toubkal at 13,665 feet above sea level. The lowest point is Sebkha Tah which is 180 feet below sea level 25 Strange Facts About The Pyramids Of Egypt Very Few Know. There are seven documented wonders known to the world today, and the first one is the mysterious pyramids of Giza. By Mary Eunice Published Jan 14, 2019. Share Share Tweet Email Comment Fun Fact #2 - 31 Countries have Spanish as their official language. Spanish, which can also be called Castellano makes up almost 1/5 of the world's official languages. That's means that 15.8% of countries today have Spanish as the official language. That's a lot of countries. If you like to travel like I do, learning Spanish means you.

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It is featured on the front of Irish passports. 15. Ireland has the third-largest consumption of tea per capita. 16. Another of the top Irish facts is that a form of the Irish sport hurling is over 3,000 years old. 17. The White House, where the president of America lives, was designed by an Irishman 40 Facts About Japan. facts about Japan and facts about the Japanese. 1. Japan consists of over 6,800 islands. 2. Japan has a 'suicide forest'. Called 'the perfect place to die', the Aokigahara forest has the unfortunate distinction of the world's second most popular place to take one's life. (The first is the Golden Gate Bridge 10 Amazing Facts About Romania. 1. AGE AND POSITION MATTER. Romania is basically a hierarchical society. Age and position are highly respected. Older people are viewed as wise, and their opinions are highly revered. This is because old people are seen as having earned life experience, and can therefore use their wealth of experience to make the.