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Question: Q: how can i transfer my contacts to another apple id? i have a problem with my contacts, because my mom and i have the same apple id. I make for her another apple id but now i dont know how to transfer her contacts that stay in my apple id. can some one help me, pleas . More Less. Mac OS X (10.5.6 If you only want to transfer some of the data like a few pictures or contacts from one Apple ID to another, you can also do this with AnyTrans. Step 1. Download and install AnyTrans if you haven't > Log in with your two Apple IDs > This time choose a file type from Contacts, Calendar, Photos, Reminders, Notes or Photo Videos If the contacts are associated with iCloud, to iCloud via your computer and then export your contact list then email it to your wife. When she taps on the attached exported file via her iPhone, she will be prompted to import the contacts. 10-20-2015 07:38 PM Like On your iPhone, go to Settings > Apple ID and log in with another iCloud account. After that, go to iCloud and turn Contacts on. If you see the sider become green, it means you successfully open Contacts and iPhone contacts will be synced with iCloud. In other words, you finish copying contacts from one iCloud contacts to another

For example, if you want to transfer contacts from one Apple ID to another: Go Settings > Tap your name > Tap iCloud > Toggle off Contacts > Choose Keep on My iPhone option. Sign out account A from iPhone > Sign in account B on iPhone and turn on the sync of Contacts > Choose Merge and contacts stored on the device will be synced to new account Transfer content from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a new device - Apple Support. If the existing Apple ID is using iCloud for Photos, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, and Messages, then when you sign the new ID into iCloud, the only one of those that you will have the option to keep (and then merge with the new iCloud account) is Contacts.

Sign out of the iCloud.com Sign in to iCloud using another Apple ID account where you want to copy the contacts. Go to Contacts, click on Settings and invoke Import vCard, point to the directory where you saved Contacts in step 1, this should import all the contacts to the second account Ensure that both iPhones are signed in with the same Apple ID and are connected to Wi-Fi. On both phones, open Settings, tap your name, then tap iCloud. Move the Contacts slider to on/green. This step will upload your contacts to iCloud if they're not already there

To migrate data from one iPhone to another using a wired connection, get a Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter and a Lightning to USB Cable, then follow these steps: Connect the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter to power through its Lightning port. Make sure to use a 12W or higher power adapter Open iTunes on your computer. You can transfer your contacts to your new iPhone from your old one using iTunes or iCloud. iTunes is the recommended route, as it is a much faster process than transferring using an iCloud backup. 2 Connect your old iPhone to your computer via USB To transfer contacts from one iPhone to another, click Phone to Phone and specify the transfer direction. Then click Next to continue. Step 2. Select Contacts and click Transfer. Step 3. When the transfer process has completed, go to open the Contacts app on your iPad/iPhone to check the transferred items Make sure that you have a backup of your device. Have your Apple ID and password ready. Transfer your SIM card. If your new device needs a different SIM card than what you have, or an eSIM, contact your carrier

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Step 1. Turn on AirDrop on both the devices and put the devices close to each other. Step 2. Select the contact which you want to share and choose the Share Contact option To do this, head over to appleid.apple.com in a web browser, click the Manage your Apple ID button, and sign in with your existing account. Select the sidebar item labeled Name, ID and Email.. If you aren't logged in on the iPhone you want to transfer the contacts to, open Settings > tap Sign In to your iPhone > enter your Apple ID & Password > Enter your iPhone Passcode > Click 'Merge' to upload and merge your contacts with iCloud: Now, wait until all the contacts are synced with your new iPhone If you create and use a wholly new (not amended) Apple ID, you won't be able to transfer anything you have purchased from the iTunes & App stores to the new ID, but you can transfer your iCloud data (calendars etc) with a little patience. iTunes & App Store The smoothest way to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another is to bring the phones into a cell phone store and ask the person behind the desk to do it for you. But that approach, while.

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The Apple ID is the center of the Apple universe, particularly for purchases and iCloud synchronization. That becomes a tricky issue whenever a single person's Apple ID is used by multiple. Method 1: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone with MobileTrans - Phone Transfer If you are looking for the simplest method to transfer your contacts from one iOS device to another, then MobileTrans - Phone Transfer should be your pick. With just a single click, you can directly move your data from one phone to another

4 Answers4. You cannot. It's not possible to share content from one Apple ID to another. Apple actually recommends everyone have their own Apple ID. You can load the content on your daughter's device and she can access them all normally. You can then log her into her own Apple ID, where she can begin to make her purchases on her own account In Contacts on iPhone, add contacts from other accounts. To keep your contact information up to date across all your devices where you're signed in with the same Apple ID, you can use iCloud.. Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud, then turn on Contacts.Alternatively, you can sync the information between iPhone and your Mac or Windows PC to keep the information up to date across iPhone and.

How can I transfer contacts from one Apple id to another

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1. How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone Using iCloud. Step 1 On your old iPhone, make sure that you are signed in your iCloud account and connected to a Wi-Fi network. If your name and Apple ID are displayed at the top of the page after you go to Settings - iCloud, then you are logged in.. Step 2 Switch Contacts on and then go to Backup - Back Up Now How can I transfer contacts from one apple id to another. Ok. So for a long time I had an apple id (last time that I had used it was on an iphone 4). My wife continue to use it, but now she wants her own. So I have created her a new apple ID, but I dont know how to transfer the contacts that she has created and backup on the icloud account. Tap your Apple ID name banner at the top of the screen; Select iCloud Toggle Contacts off; Now that you've disabled iCloud Contacts, here's how to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another using AnyTrans: Open AnyTrans on your Mac; Plug in the iPhone you want to transfer contacts from; Select the More icon at the right. If you want to transfer your contacts from one iPhone to another, start by opening the old iPhone's settings and tapping on your Apple ID. In the second section of the menu, click iCloud, then slide the Contacts slider to the On position. Next, scroll down to iCloud Backup to make sure it's on, and click Back Up Now If you have a computer at hand, the easiest way to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone with different Apple ID is using a data transfer tool. You can transfer all data in 1-click or just transfer the selected files as per your needs. AOMEI MBackupper is one free iPhone to iPhone transfer tool that can help you transfer photos, videos, music.

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When you buy the best iPhone or iPad, even a Mac, one of the things that you're going to need to create is an Apple ID. This is your ticket to all content in the Apple ecosystem, including Apple Music, apps, audiobooks, podcasts, movies, television shows, and other services.However, there are some reasons why you may want to sign out of one Apple ID and into another Transferring notes from one Apple-ID to another is quite difficult on iOS, because when you logout from one account all the notes in iCloud disappear locally, dissimilar to the contacts. so I recommend you to do this job on your Mac, it's so easy. I assume your notes sync with iCloud on your OS X machine

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  1. Transfer contacts from one iCloud account to another iCloud account: This method will work on Windows, Linux, Mac and Chrome OS. First sync contacts from your iPhone to the iCloud using the method described in the prior section. Wait till the sync process is completed and your contacts are transferred from your old phone to the iCloud
  2. Part 1. How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android with One Click One of the best ways to transfer contacts from Android to Android is to use a third-party application known as MobileTrans - Phone Transfer.It is one of the best ways to transfer data from one phone to another, but you can also use it to transfer data selectively.That means that you will be able to choose the contacts you.
  3. How to move your WhatsApp messages from one Apple ID to another. If you're moving to a new device and transferring Apple IDs, log in to iCloud with your new Apple ID, sign in to WhatsApp on.
  4. Apple introduced iCloud back in 2011 and its cloud service can be used to easily transfer contacts from one device to another. But if you don't use iCloud, don't worry, as you can always use.

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It's a free app without any ads and subscription. It did not ask for money while transfering the contacts and you can transfer unlimited contacts.Thanks for. I've searched a lot when I was contemplating creating a new Apple ID on how I could transfer all my data from one account to another. I have around 35,000 photos on my original iCloud account and found a neat way to transfer them all, as is, to a new iCloud account. First, you will need to be logged into your Mac with your original iCloud account 1-App to App transfer (needs app to be installed on both phones) simply tap pick your contacts you want to send and tap send and you will be given a reference ID, you enter the ID on the destination phone and contacts will be transferred instantly. 2-by sending contacts as email attachments, if you don't like the previous approach and have. Step 1: Initial to all, click on the Settings option on your mobile and click on iCloud. Step 2: You will see a list of different things including photos, mail, and calendars. You need to click on Contacts option to make it checked. Transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes. Step 3: After clicking on the contacts option, the iCloud. How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud. Next up is iCloud. Using iCloud is great if you don't have much space on your computer. Storing files in iCloud means they are stored by Apple, and you can access the data stored on any device which uses your Apple ID

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  1. You can move a non-Apple-provided email address from one Apple ID account to another with a little effort. Mac 911 By Glenn Fleishman, Senior Contributor Nov 11, 2018 9:00 pm PST
  2. ute - https://youtu.be/AD3lJ0Env7
  3. Part 2: Transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone XS via iTunes Another way to transfer contacts from old iPhone to iPhone XS is by using iTunes. Just like iCloud, iTunes is a native free solution provided by Apple. You can first take a backup of your contacts on the local computer using iTunes
  4. When asked, enter your current passcode on your new device. Follow the instructions to set up Face ID or Touch ID on your new device. Tap Transfer from [Device] to begin transferring your data from your previous iPhone or iPad to your new device. If you're using the wired method, the transfer icon indicates that your devices are connected
  5. Sign in with your Apple ID at privacy.apple.com. Select Transfer a copy of your data. Follow the prompts to complete your request. You'll be asked to sign in to your Google account to start the transfer. You'll receive an email notification of your transfer request and another email when your transfer is complete
  6. Transfer Data from One iPhone to Another without iCloud(iPhone 12 Supported) Transfer All Data to New iPhone 12/11 with Quick Start[Official] Method 1: Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone 12/11/SE(2nd Gen) using Mobile Trans. When you bought a new stunning iPhone 12/11/Xs/Xs Max/ XR, the next step is to transfer old Contacts, Photos, Music.
  7. This iPhone transfer tool will help you do iPhone transfer to PC or another new iPhone for storage release or fast device switching. 1-click iPhone to iPhone transfer; One Apple ID to Another. Phone contacts transferring is quite important when switching ID or device to another. How to move iPhone contacts easily? See All Articles

Immediate Contact Transfer. 1-App to App transfer (needs app to be installed on both phones) simply tap pick your contacts you want to send and tap send and you will be given a reference ID, you enter the ID on the destination phone and contacts will be transferred instantly. 2-by sending contacts as email attachments, if you don't like the. You can open the Contacts app on your new iPhone and pull down from the top of the screen to refresh the app. The contacts from your previous device will appear on the list. Transfer contacts from one iPhone to another with iTunes. If you'd like to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud, you can use iTunes instead Way 9 How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud or iTunes, Using Mail or Message. If you do not want to install any file transfer app, maybe the easiest way is to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud via Mail or Message. Let's see how to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another without iCloud via Mail. 1 Step 2: Transfer Photos from Computer to iCloud Account B. 1. On you iPhone, navigate to Settings > Name/Apple ID > iCloud to sign into iCloud account B. Then tap Photos to turn on iCloud Photo Library. With the connection of Wi-Fi, the photos on your iPhone will be synced to your iCloud account B automatically. 2

The four ways above will transfer all your WhatsApp data from one device to another. If you want to transfer WhatsApp messages selectively, you can export your WhatsApp chats via an email. To transfer WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to iPhone: Step 1. Open WhatsApp and tap on Chats. Step 2. Find the conversation you want to transfer to the. 2. You can transfer selected files from one iOS device to another using it. 3. The transfer rate is very fast. 128GB of data can be transferred in 5 minutes only. 4. The user interface is easy to understand and use. 5. With it, you can share and sync the purchased music files with different Apple IDs. 6 How To Transfer Your App From One Apple Developer Account To Another. In this article we'll go over what you will need to do in order to transfer an app from one Apple developer account to another. The reason for doing so can vary from a change in ownership of an app, to making an app more compliant with Apple's latest app store guidelines

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Transfer all your Contacts from your old mobile phone to your new Android device in just a few seconds. Works with iPhone, BlackBerry and most of Bluetooth enabled phones. If you have less than 75 Contacts, operation is 100% free. For more than 75 Contacts, fee is about 1$, depending on your region and currency After this, you'll be able to create an Apple ID. Once you have, your iPhone will ask if you'd like to download the iOS version of apps you had on your Android - if they're available. Transfer Android to Android. Last but not least, transferring data from one Android to another

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  1. Transfer Options. The transfer options allow you to customize what data and apps you want to transfer. Tip: If you are transferring your device to another device which has already some data on it, we advise to check the option Erase target device(s). This will prevent potential conflicts with the Apple ID already configured on your target device
  2. The first method involves using iCloud to transfer your messages from one iPhone to another. First, you'll backup your WhatsApp on iCloud using your old iPhone and then restore them on your new iPhone. Here's how to do it. Step 1: On your old iPhone, open Settings and tap on your name at the top. Step 2: Tap on iCloud. Step 3: Toggle on.
  3. Part 3: Transfer Notes from iPhone to iPhone without Restore I tried using iCloud account. But it did not seem to work. basically, I signed into iCloud on both iDevices with same Apple ID. And making sure Notes was set to on. Newly created notes will show up on both devices. But I also need the current local previously created notes to sync as.
  4. 3. Transfer Contacts from One iPhone to Another via iTunes. There are 2 ways to use iTunes to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another. 3.1. Using iTunes Syncing Contacts. Just like the iCloud.com method, the iTunes Syncing method requires the use of PC to transfer the contacts data
  5. Transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, messages, etc from one smartphone to another. Transfer media files between iOS devices and iTunes. Fully compatible with iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11 and iPod
  6. Trying to figure out the best way to transfer all of your contacts from your old iPhone to a new iPhone?In this video I show you the 3 best ways how to trans..
  7. Wait, there is a problem, what if you get a new Apple id? Don't worry, you can easily transfer contacts from one Apple account to another. Part 2: How to Share All Contacts on iPhone via Gmail . If you have to share the whole list of contacts, you can sync to Gmail so as to share contacts iPhone

Transfer Contacts, Music, Pictures from Dead iPhone to a New iPhone. What to do if you're facing an iPhone that won't turn on and you want to transfer contacts, music, pictures or any other content from it to your new iPhone? Usually, this can be resolved easily. There are a lot of things you can try to fix your iPhone before you decide it's completely dead Tap on your name banner at the top, select iCloud, and turn off the Contacts option. That should fix the issue for you. Method 2. Delete the iCloud Account on the iPhone You Want to Unlink. Another way for how to unlink contacts on iPhone is to delete the iCloud account from your iOS device Step 2 Click on Contacts and check to see if all the contacts are synced. Step 3 Scroll down to note the number of contacts. Step 4 Cross-check with your iPhone contacts (scroll-down in Contacts app). 3. Export Contacts as vCard File and Transfer to Gmail. Step 1 Click on Contacts

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Apple doesn't let you combine IDs, but if one is new, you could just give it up. As I've written before, it sometimes seems like the Apple ID back-end systems run on ancient mainframes, given. Recover Contacts from Broken iPhone via iCloud Backup - Step 1. Step 2. Log in to your iCloud account > Choose the contacts to restore. Recover Contacts from Broken iPhone via iCloud Backup - Step 2. Step 3. Preview and select the contacts you want to retrieve > Click on To Computer button to download them to computer contacts (in your new service using your new email program or your new online. service), simply refer to your previous list and type them in again from scratch. by hand. Unfortunately, that's about the only solution I can come up with in a. situation like this. Like I said, contact management is still the big bug -a-boo

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  1. There was once a time when transferring contacts from one mobile platform to another meant manually typing in an endless amount of names, phone numbers and other information. your Apple ID.
  2. Open it on a new computer, run the program, click Contacts → Add contacts → Upload from it. Contact Export for 2010 Version . It is a bit more complicated to transfer Outlook from one computer to another if you use an outdated version. However, following this step-by-step list will lead you right there
  3. As you can see, learning how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes can be a little complicated. Therefore, we recommend using trying Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer. It provides a one-click solution to transfer the data of your choice from one device to another. The tool comes with an intuitive process and has a free trial as well
  4. It doesn't matter whether the contacts are iCloud contacts, Google contacts, Yahoo! contacts, Outlook.com contacts, or whatever else. They'll all be exported to a single file you can import to another phone or service. Unfortunately, neither the Contacts app nor any of Apple's other included apps offer a built-in way to export your contacts

How to Get Contacts Off a Broken iPhone Using iTunes Backup. Step 1: Open iOS Data Recovery program, choose Recover from iTunes Backup Files mode, and the program will search for all iTunes backups made in the computer and display on the list. Choose a backup that contains contacts you want, then press Start Scan button Open the Settings tab on your first iPhone. Log in iCloud via Apple ID and then enter the first column that includes your name, Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store. Go to the iCloud tab and open it. Toggle on Contacts to back up contacts onto iCloud.com. When the iPhone asks you to merge with the existing local contacts, choose Merge Be sure to use the Apple ID used on your previous iPhone and connect to Wi-Fi to allow your new iPhone to download the app content and other Cloud-based services linked to your previous phone. Step 12: IMPORTANT — If you are returning your previous iPhone phone to Sprint, make sure to erase all content and reset the phone before you return it Effortlessly set up and manage all of your Apple devices with Jamf Now!This cloud-based device management software allows you to remotely configure the devices your team uses on a daily basis (such as iPads, iPhones, Mac computers, and others), giving you the ability to set up new equipment, add apps, manage the security of important devices, and much more The easiest way to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another is to bring the phones into a cell phone store and ask the person behind the desk to do it for you.. But that approach, while reliable, is time consuming and costs money, and besides, you're more than capable of transferring iPhone contacts yourself. It just takes a few steps, and in fact you don't even need to have the older.

Quick Start provides one of the best ways to set up and transfer your data from one iPhone to another without using iCloud. If both the source and the destination iPhone are using iOS 12.4 or later versions, Quick Start will allow you to transfer your data using the iPhone Migration option Getting a new phone can be a daunting process, and not just in a financial sense; having to transfer all of the data from your old device to a new one sounds like it could take forever. All of those photos, apps, contacts, songs, and films that you downloaded throughout your old phone's life now have to magically make their way over to your newest purchase. Luckily there are easier ways of. CopyTrans Contacts allows you to transfer contacts between your iPhone, iCloud and Gmail and even edit cloud contacts.So, your choice: copy local iPhone contacts to a cloud account (e.g. iPhone to Gmail) or transfer contacts from one cloud account to another (e.g. Gmail to iCloud)

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  1. How to transfer apps from one iPhone to anotherThis video also answers some of the queries below:Can you transfer apps from one iPhone to anotherHow to trans..
  2. Apple IDs can be a problem, especially if you have legacy accounts from pre-iCloud Apple cloud services. Apple has made it easier over the years to use one Apple ID for purchases and another for.
  3. If you need to transfer your Skype contacts between two accounts, you can simply send them from one account to another from any platform or device using Skype version 8 for mobile or desktop, or Skype for Windows 10 (version 15). First, you'll need to sign in to the account you want to send contacts from
  4. Switch to the direction you wish to transfer data, and click Next. Step 2. MobiMover enables you to transfer the whole or specific iPhone data files directly without using iTunes. You can check the boxes to sync whatever data you need with ease. Click Transfer to initiate the process. Step 3. Now it begins to transfer data from iPhone A to.

A new feature Apple has introduced to make it easy for people to switch from one iPhone to another is the ability to transfer data between iOS devices during the setup process when they're in close proximity to each other. It guides you through relocating content to your new device while you're setting it up After that you can go to Settings > your Apple ID > iCloud, now you can turn on Photos option to sync photos from one iPad to another within the same Apple ID. Part 3: How to transfer photos from iPad to iPad via iTunes. In order to transfer a large amount of photos from iPad to iPad, you can take advantage of USB cable Here's how to transfer WhatsApp data from one iPhone to another: Extract WhatsApp data from the source device: Download and install iMazing. Launch the app, and connect your device to your Mac or PC.; Select your device in iMazing's sidebar, then click Manage Apps.; Click on the Device tab to see the apps installed on this device. Scroll to find WhatsApp, select it and click the Back Up button Tenorshare iCareFone is one of the best iTunes alternatives to transfer, backup & restore iPhone files. With it you can selectively backup all information from iOS devices, and either import or export 9 files between iPhone/iPad and PC/Mac, including contacts, notes, calendars, apps, bookmarks, music, iBooks, photos, videos. If you are. Here is how to transfer your iMessages to a new iPhone using iTransor. It will be a two-part process where you back up your data first, and then restore your messages: (1) Plug your old iPhone into your computer and launch D-Port Pro. (2) Click where it says Acquire Backup from Device & iCloud on the sidebar of the main screen

For those using IOS 10.2 or earlier, go to settings, tap icloud>sign out, and then tap again to access Delete from my device. It will help if you enter the Apple ID passcode to complete the process. Finally, go to settings and select iTunes and App Store> Apple ID, then sign out My Contacts App helps you to backup, restore and save all your precious contacts! Also, you can easily transfer all your contacts from one phone (Android / iPhone / feature phones) to another phone with just one tap! My Contacts can also backup your SMS so that they are safe and accessible from any of your devices. It's an easy app that keeps your contacts and SMS safe and secure

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With this tool, you are able to transfer all of your photos and albums from one iPhone to another all together or selectively copy some of the files from one device to another, regardless of the Apple ID you use on the devices. It's also helpful when you attempt to transfer photos from iPhone to computer, transfer files from PC to iPhone, and more And for the security consideration, iPhone doesn't allows users to export data from the device to another with a simple USB cable, so if you're going to transfer call logs from an old iPhone to a new one like iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 11 and etc., you may need to backup your iPhone call logs with iTunes, and sync the backed up files to the. Click the 'Export' button and choose the location on your PC where you want to save the file. After exporting the CSV file, logout from the source Gmail account and Login using the account credentials of the new account. Here's instead of 'Export' choose the 'Import' option, select the CSV file and click Import

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Apple Pay Cash can be used to make quick and secure purchases in stores, apps and on the web. iOS 11.2 is available now as a free update and is required to make person to person payments and use Apple Pay Cash on iPhone and iPad. Customers who have already updated to iOS 11.2 can simply restart their devices to begin sending and receiving money. One Apple ID can be used on up to 10 devices and computers (devices here refers to iOS devices). It is very important to note that [o]nce a device or computer is associated with your Apple ID. Open the Gmail app. Tap on the three vertical lines. Choose Contacts, or you can directly open the Contacts app (if you don't have the contacts app installed, you'll be prompted to do so) Long-press on the contacts you want to transfer or tap on the three dots at the top right and choose Select All. Choose Move to another account Contact Transfer is a powerful Contact Manager app which allows you to quickly and easily copy contacts from your Android device to your other devices - another phone or to your PC. You can copy contacts from Android to Android, and between your Android and iOS devices via your PC. With Contact Transfer you can also create new contacts, edit.

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